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Parents of woman killed by Israeli bulldozer join anti-Caterpillar rally:

Rachel Corrie’s parents spoke at a rally to gain support for two protests against Caterpillar, the manufacturer of bulldozers and other construction equipment. For those of you who may not know Rachel Corrie was a supposed peace protester who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer that was demolishing Palestinian houses in Gaza. The thing is those Palestinian houses had tunnels that were used to smuggle arms in and out of Palestine. As far as Rachel Corrie being a peace protester I refer to this infamous picture…


Doesn’t look all that peaceful to me. Anyway, her parents are going to protest Caterpillar because their dumbass daughter sat down in front of a moving Israeli bulldozer made by Caterpillar that crushed and killed her. That’s as asinine as suing gun manufacturers. I don’t think the CEO of CAT was driving the bulldozer when she got squashed. The thing they should be protesting is their daughter’s common sense. One for standing up for a group of terrorists. Secondly for not knowing that sitting in front of a moving bulldozer will get you killed. Then again I guess her parents aren’t known for common sense either. I mean look who they hang around with…


But you know how the old saying goes. You lay down with dogs, you get crushed by a bulldozer. Or something.

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