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C-Section Mom Gets Probation:

Melissa Ann Rowland, the woman who refused to have a Cesarean killing one of her unborn twins, was only given 18 months probation. Basically, because she’s a nut job. Now to me, that’s even more reason to keep her locked up. It seems that the Salt Lake City courts fawned all over her…

District Judge Dennis Fuchs called it a travesty that the system “can’t adequately deal with individuals like Miss Rowland.” He described her as someone who has repeatedly fallen through the cracks.

Fuchs denied a request by the prosecution that Rowland be barred from contacting the surviving twin, a girl who was adopted shortly after birth. The child was found with cocaine and alcohol in her system, and Rowland’s drug use while pregnant was the basis for the child endangerment charges.

So not only is this aberration of human existence escaping any jail time she’ll be allowed to visit the surviving twin that she poisoned with cocaine.

To make things even worse NOW, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU rallied around her saying that the prosecutors attempt to charge her with murder was somehow a conspiracy against abortion rights. How credible is an organization that has this…


…as their martyr?

Remember kids kill all you want. You’re not responsible, someone else is. The sick thing is some people actually believe that.

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