Nazi Recruiters


I really hate to steal ideas from other bloggers but Zombyboy from Resurrection Song presents a really good point.

Panzerfaust Records is a neo-Nazi record label whose bands promote the usual Nazi rhetoric. What really sickens me is what they call Project Schoolyard. I’ll let them use their own words to hang themselves…

In the spring of 2004, German patriots announced their plan to produce 100,000 sampler CDs containing German nationalist rock and roll and distribute them to youth in their country. This effort, Project Schoolyard, was examined by lawyers to make sure that none of the music violated Germany’s oppressive laws against free speech. Although everything was approved, the project received much hysterical media attention, and the CD was outlawed by the German government. Every CD factory in the country was contacted by the government and warned not to produce the now “illegal music.” Every school in Germany was contacted by police and told to be on the alert for anyone distributing the forbidden CDs. It looked like Project Schoolyard had been shut down, but on Friday, September 3, 2004, the increasingly popular far-right political party, NPD, put out a press release that a new CD had been arranged, a factory had agreed to produce it, and that 25,000 of the discs would be handed out all over Germany by volunteers on the weekend of September 4th and 5th. Since the government does not operate on weekends, the soonest that they could outlaw that CD is first thing Monday morning, but of course, they will all have been distributed by then.

As an expression of the increasing level of international solidarity and cooperation between White nationalists, Project Schoolyard has crossed the Atlantic and is being continued here in the U.S. Panzerfaust Records is pressing 100,000 copies of a pro-White sampler CD to be handed out to White youth from coast to coast in every state, including Hawaii. Volunteers from every pro-White group and organization in the U.S. have signed up to assist us in this project, as well as numerous unaffiliated individuals, consisting mostly of our customers/supporters who are high school students themselves. These CDs will be handed out in middle schools, high schools, university campuses, shopping malls, sporting events, mainstream concerts, parties, etc…

They want to recruit kids, your kids. Want to do something about it? Here’s their web host Write them here. The host is based out of Houston TX. The local paper is the Houston Chronicle. Write the Chronicle about it here. Let them know that white supremacists and their sympathizers are not welcome near our schools. Don’t just sit back and do nothing.

(UPDATE: EV1Servers has since dropped that site)

More on the Osantowskis

Quiet teen’s terror plot stuns school:

Just some more tidbits about the Osantowski case that I missed.

Osantowski enrolled at Chippewa Valley High only 10 days before his arrest. How can you hate your school that fast especially when he requested to go to that school because all his friends were there? Obviously there’s something mentally wrong with that kid.

Check out this quote from his arraignment…

Andrew Osantowski’s only public comments Friday came during his video arraignment. Osantowski, his pale skin and blond hair a stark contrast to his black T-shirt, was polite and composed when asked for his thoughts on bond by Magistrate John Russi.

“I’d like to participate in, like, anti-drug programs or antiviolence programs. Anything I can do to help the community,” Osantowski said, just after requesting a court-appointed attorney.

Oh no. No community service for you. Don’t you realize the severity of the charges you’re facing? I guess he thinks in his mind that he really didn’t do anything wrong.

Conflicting accounts of the father Marvin Osantowski…

His father came on-screen a short time later to face charges of concealing stolen firearms and conspiring to conceal. He told the magistrate, “I’m a good citizen,” before his bond was set at $600,000.


Marvin Osantowski is an autoworker on disability with a penchant for neighborhood causes. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus and a founding member of a local Catholic church. In 2000, he was appointed to the township committee after protesting a road expansion in his neighborhood. Fellow members didn’t notice anything unusual. In fact, he seemed like a nice man, said Jason Davidson, who is the vice president of the Clintondale Community Schools Board of Education.


The teen apparently targeted the liaison officer because she handled a case in which he and his father were accused of stealing three golf carts from Fern Hill in May. Both were charged with receiving and concealing stolen property and were arraigned Thursday morning, only hours before their home was raided on the terrorism tip.

And according to the chat transcript Andrew Osantowski claims his dad beat him.

Maybe he’s one of those guys that keeps up public appearances but is a real jerk at home.

Curiouser and curiouser.

You make me sick

1 million Web users click to see beheading:

What’s wrong with you people?

Dan Klinker operates a Web site carrying Monday’s video of a hooded man cutting off the head of U.S. contract worker Eugene “Jack” Armstrong. More than 1 million users had clicked those images into their personal computers, he said.

Six Internet servers, according to Klinker, are “barely able to handle the traffic” of 50,000 visitors per hour who are angling for a peek at the grisly death of Armstrong.

The site Mr. Klinker runs specializes in these kinds of videos and images. Apparently, he has no regard for the families of the victims and only cares about his bottom line and catering to his mutant clientele.

It’s worth noting that there’s more than legal and political activism at work here: the shock sites also profit from posting these videos. They sell ad space to other lurid entertainers on the Net, and, perversely, the beheadings seem to enlarge their audiences.

And from the head mutant himself

Dan Klinker, a Dutchman who founded the “shock” site (no link for you), said in an e-mail interview that he deploys “spider” technologies to crawl the Internet looking for grisly footage to post on his site the moment it appears online.

Klinker defends his editorial decision to show the gruesome videos on his site. “Without sites like we wouldn’t be able to see the full picture of war,” he said. “We put on everything that is legal and could have news value.”

So it’s not like these videos find him. He actively scours the web looking for that crap.

At least someone agrees with me

Experts in post-traumatic stress disorder are familiar with the morbid curiosity of the human mind. At the Palo Alto VA hospital, Fred Gusman helps combat veterans deal with the visceral horrors of war. It is a natural thing to be curious about the grotesque and awful — but the value of satisfying that curiosity is another matter.

“There is absolutely zero benefit to seeing it,” said Gusman.

The closest parallel to this dark quirk of human behavior is the tendency of people to slow down on the highway when a gruesome accident comes into view.

“It is this feeling of wanting to look, when part of you says ‘I really shouldn’t be looking at this,’ ” Gusman said.

See, if you actively search for these videos you’re nothing more than a rubbernecking freak. You don’t want to be outraged. You’re not exercising your “right” to have access to information. You’re doing nothing more than to satisfy an internal lust for these grotesque images.

What galls me, even more, is that these mutant assclowns that run these sites wrap themselves in the mantle of free speech. Yeah, I’m sure this is exactly what the founding fathers had in mind when determining the basic tenets of freedom of expression. They don’t care about bringing information to the people or exercising their right to free speech. They only care about the money and they decided the best way to get it was to appeal to even lower than the lowest common denominator. I’m sure they get giddy with excitement when another gruesome execution killing has been announced by terrorists. It means more money in their wallet. All the money they make is made from the blood of innocents. When you go to these sites and view these videos whether you know it or not you’re putting blood money into these death dealers pockets. Do you think the families of the victims see any of this money? Where is their right to privacy? Where is their right to not have the grisly death of a loved one splashed across the internet? All obliterated so that these “heroes” of free speech can collect their bloody paychecks.

You make me sick.

The Bullying Myth

Violence ensues when teenagers are bullied:

This is an opinion piece from Eastern Michigan University’s magazine by Lindsay Buhagiar. She takes the stance that if people like Eric Harris and Andrew Osantowski were not bullied they would not have planned or committed acts of violence. While I respect Miss Buhagir’s right to her opinion it’s a load of crap. Yes, bullying is a severe problem in our schools that needs to be corrected. However, I don’t think in either case that bullying was a major factor. Both Harris and Osantowski were racists and anti-Semitic. Both had past criminal histories of break-ins. Most importantly both had parents that that didn’t care enough to get them the help they needed. Now your novel approach to be nice to those that are different than us is fine, but the subjects involved didn’t exactly make it easy for themselves by having beliefs that are shunned by most reasonable people. It’s hard to get attached to “Hug a Nazi” day. What do you think would have happened if a cheerleader or jock or whatever tried being nice to Harris or Osantowski? They would have been met with a nice “fuck you” for their troubles. The alleged bullying was just an excuse. In reality, they’re nothing more than psychopaths.

Andrew Osantowski’s Website

Here’s a Trench Exclusive. I have reported it to their local law enforcement and media. I told you a few days ago that I had what I believe to be one of Andrew Osantowski’s websites blacklisted but that I had a partial mirror site. That site can be found here. It has no details whatsoever about his alleged bombing plot. It does go into detail about various break-ins, theft, and vandalism. I have no proof that this site actually belonged to Andrew Osantowski but the details on the site and details that I’ve picked up in the media make me convinced that it is his site.

Another Plea

I hate having to do this every time it happens. One is too many times. But again I have to make my plea to my fellow bloggers to please not post links, pictures or videos of the beheadings of Eugene Armstrong or Jack Hensley. Please have respect for their families. Do we really need to see them being beheaded in order to be outraged? Just on the fact alone that they were beheaded is reason enough to be outraged. Instead, how about at least posting a link to where a fund is being established for his daughter Sara.

Not to mention that spreading these videos is exactly what the gutless bastards want you to do. Don’t help them. Please do not post the video.

And if you’re one of the mutants looking for these videos just to get your rocks off by watching someone get beheaded then I hope you rot in hell.

UPDATE: Zombyboy put’s it better than I ever could.

More News From Michigan

Teen may face life in prison:

More news on the Michigan school bombing plot. Andrew Osantowski may face life in prison under attempted murder charges if prosecutors can determine a specific date of the attack. I can theorize about the obvious date it might have been but I won’t. Without the attempted murder charge he is facing 20 years in prison. And guess what. He’s a mutant. A quote from prosecuting attorney Steven Kaplan…

“He’s a psychopath. He lacks a conscience,” said Kaplan. “He’s a publicity-monger who wanted to leave this planet in a blaze of glory, and he was inspired by the Columbine killers.”

I kind of figured as much when the site that I believe he had something to do with him linked directly to my Columbine category.

Of course one of the possible court-appointed attorneys for Osantowski is already crying foul…

Mount Clemens attorney Brian Legghio, who is among the defense attorneys who could be asked to represent Osantowski, said police and prosecutors have “recklessly damaged the teen’s rights to a fair trial” by releasing evidence seized in the case.

“This kid’s already convicted in the court of public opinion,” Legghio said. “It’s outrageous what they did. He’s 17 years old.”

First off doesn’t the public have a right to know if their lives were endangered especially when it comes to kids? Secondly, the fact that he’s 17 doesn’t mean anything. Killers come in all ages.

Also according to the chat transcript it sounds like the father wasn’t a neo-nazi but just white trash who didn’t mind his kids having guns.

It sounds like the mom is completely clueless, however. This quote from an opinion piece by Laura Berman…

Osantowski’s mother told reporters, “I think he was brainwashed by all this Nazi stuff he had.”

There were guns, explosives, and pictures of Adolf Hitler in the house — the sort of lifestyle accoutrements you’d expect a good mom to notice.

So I guess my original assessment of the parents was incorrect and that in fact, as usual, we have parents who just didn’t care.

It also turns out that Andrew Osantowski was kicked out of one Catholic school and asked not to return to another. The Catholic schools didn’t share that info with the public school district because they’re not required by law. The Catholic Church keeping secrets, who would have guessed?

So between the parents, the Catholic Schools, and whoever else Andrew Osantowski might have told, someone could have put a stop to this long before it happened. Could you imagine if none of them did and his plan actually went through?

Thank God that Celia McGinty had the sense and the courage to do something about it since no one else did.

Michigan Bomb Plot Follow Up

Domestic terrorists still live among us:

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s news about the Michigan school bombing plot. The article really doesn’t say anything new except that we still have domestic terrorists to deal with along with foreign terrorists which is in fact very true. However, it does include one tidbit of information the Fox News article left out. The main suspect, Andrew Osantowski, used the screen name “nazi_bot_sadistic”. Now I’m 100% convinced that he had something to do with the Geocities site that I had blacklisted. I found a mirror site using the screen name “nazi_bot_brutality” that I never got around to reporting to the host for violating TOS. The screen names are too similar not to be connected. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on any further steps I’ve taken.

Anyway the article makes a very valid point…

The best defense against domestic terror are the friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances of those who are planning violence. They’re the ones most likely to notice strange behavior, violent utterances, fascination with weapons and other warning signs that indicate a person may be moving past thinking about slaughtering people to actually planning to carry it out.

That’s the best way to improve our domestic security.


I couldn’t agree more. So when someone says that a school or parent is overreacting when it comes to these types of threats you just remind them of this story.

Michigan Bomb Plot Foiled

Cop’s Daughter Foils Teen Bomb Plot:

This is the coolest story I think I’ve done ever. 16-year-old Celia McGinty of Idaho brought down a school bombing plot that was going to happen in Michigan. The “alleged” suspect, 17-year-old Andrew Osantowski, had shared the plot with McGinty. He planned on bombing Chippewa Valley High School. Turns out that McGinty’s dad, George, heads the cybercrime unit for the Washington State University police. D’oh! What police found at Osantowski’s home was instructions for making a bomb, videotapes of him with assault weapons, weapons and ammunition, Nazi flags, and books about white supremacy and Adolf Hitler. Where were the parents you say?

Marvin Osantowski, 52, the boy’s father, was charged with concealing stolen firearms and pleaded not guilty. Bond was set at $500,000.

So it seems like we have a family of neo-Nazis that plotted on blowing up the school. But it gets even better.

I noticed the byline of the article said Clinton Township, MI. I was wondering why that should sound familiar to me since I’ve never been to Michigan. Then I remembered. I am 99% positive that these are the same assclowns that ran a site on Geocities called Cemetery Party of National Socialists that I helped get blacklisted.

So anyway cheers to Celia McGinty for saving a lot of lives and having the courage to do what others might not have done and putting these mutants behind bars.

9/19/04: From The Mail Sack

Ok, it’s what you’ve been waiting for so let’s get on with this week’s mail. We have a semi-intelligent one and a not so intelligent one. First the not so intelligent one.

From my entry on the Columbine lockdown

Maybe if they weren’t treated like shit they would not of lashed out.

Comment by fuck you — Sunday Sep 19, 2004 @ 7:27 pm

Hard to argue with that logic, isn’t it? The intelligence of this response is just mind-boggling. The comprehension skills of the mutants just never ceases to amaze me. Anyway, we’ve been through this before. I have yet to see any real evidence that Harris and Klebold were bullied. You should let go of that myth right now. Harris was a psychopath bent on violent behavior and Klebold was his boot licking lackey. And more than likely if their parents gave them the discipline they needed instead of being sufferers of the “not my kid” syndrome at least 13 other people would be alive today.

The semi-intelligent one is from an entry I did about the beheading videos of Nick Berg, Kim-Sun Il, etc. The quote in question that the commenter takes me to task for is this…

I find it disturbing that some people are so spoiled with the freedoms that we are afforded that they think if someone is restricting them from seeing anything it’s a violation of their rights.

The commenters response…

Actually… if someone is restricting me from seeing something, then they ARE violating my freedom to view a particular image.

Okay, let’s say for an instance that it becomes illegal to download or view Nick Berg’s beheading… where does it stop? If we allow the government and people like you to decide FOR US what is appropriate and what is not appropriate for OUR own personal consuption, then we have lost a very basic, very important freedom. In fact, we’ve not only lost a freedom, but we’ve relinquished control. We’ve given our government and people such as yourself the ability to control what we see and hear… to shape the news and indeed REALITY to their own liking.

Suddenly, in this restricted world, the news and photographs we are “allowed” to see show that everything’s “decent” and “sunshiney” and “happy” all the time.

I say bullshit. You don’t like beheading videos? Don’t watch them then. You think they’re sick and disgusting? Great, that’s your opinion. You think people who actively seek these things are sick? Fine, don’t associate with those people.

But don’t try to tell me that I CANNOT look at those things if I so choose. You don’t have that right and neither should the American government. They hide enough stuff from us already.

This is not about some perverse desire to view headless corpses or whatever… it is about how we all should have easy access to the truth and the facts about a situation, as grisly, violent and disturbing as that situation may be.

Comment by Matt — Friday Sep 17, 2004 @ 11:30 am

It almost sounds like you feel you have an obligation to watch someone getting their head cut off. Should we be informed? Yes of course. We should be horrified at just the mere notion that our country’s enemies are this ruthless. Do we really need to watch a man be slowly beheaded to drive the point home? You say we should have easy access to the facts no matter how disturbing it may be. Child pornography is a fact and its more than disturbing. Does that mean we should have it readily available to see exactly how disturbing it is? Not to mention that every person you watch executed or die had a family. I’m sure that they don’t care that you think you need to see their family member die a horrible and brutal death. When does your right to gawk at someone’s death supersede the rights to the victim’s family’s privacy?