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This e-mail is from a celebrity of sorts. It was an e-mail I received in response to the stoner loser who killed two Philly firemen with his faulty wiring in his basement pot-growing operation. It’s from the Cultivation editor of High Times Magazine, Dan Vinkovetsky…

I think your attack on me on your website was a bit over the top. I called the firefighter’s deaths tragic. If the fire was caused by a reading lamp, would you ban books? I’m not a legalization freak: I believe that the current policy of arresting responsible marijuana users is rediculous and reminiscent of alcohol prohibition which we both know failed and we both know created needless death and destruction. On a personal note, some of my best friends are firefighters and I’m well aware of what they do for all of us. As a matter of fact, many firefighters smoke marijuana and one, Vincent Kane, who died in the 9/11 tragedy in NYC (where I live), was an ardent supporter of marijuana law reform. So before you start calling people ass-clowns, do some real research and reporting instead of just being a loud-mouth reactionary blow hard.
Kindest regards, Dan

While we agree that the firefighters’ deaths were tragic, I’m afraid that’s all we agree on. Of course, I wouldn’t ban books if the fire was caused by a reading lamp. But your argument is faulty because pot is illegal to begin with reading isn’t. Due to the fact that Daniel Brough was committing an illegal act that led to the death of two firemen, he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If marijuana was legal there is a good chance that these firefighters would still have died as the neighborhood where the fire took place has faulty wiring in most of the houses and most if not all the houses have little to no property to grow it outdoors. Not to mention the high crime rate in the area would be cause for theft of outdoor plants. And yes the prohibition of alcohol in this country was a mistake but the majority of Americans were opposed to it. When marijuana was outlawed it was being used by a minute percentage of the country. And where do you draw the line? If marijuana is legalized then coke users will want that legalized, then crack, then heroin. Where does it end? I think it’s a shame really that as you say some of our nation’s firemen smoke pot. How many of them are willing to die for it?

2 thoughts on “9/5/04: From The Mail Sack

  1. pete says:

    Legalize it all. Then tax it. Then annex Mexico. And Central America. Canada Schmanada.


  2. darcie says:

    firstly, i think that kerek’s one small thing is his: well you know, and secondly, dan needs to simma donna, and trench is NOT a blow hard, he does SOOOOOOO much research its scary and i dont even know the guy and i KNOW that he knows what he is talking about, if he didnt he wouldnt have this site, or anything, etc. so put up or shut up and stop hiding behind your stupid email to make your point…


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