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Without truth there is no justice

Ok, it’s what you’ve been waiting for so let’s get on with this week’s mail. We have a semi-intelligent one and a not so intelligent one. First the not so intelligent one.

From my entry on the Columbine lockdown

Maybe if they weren’t treated like shit they would not of lashed out.

Comment by fuck you — Sunday Sep 19, 2004 @ 7:27 pm

Hard to argue with that logic, isn’t it? The intelligence of this response is just mind-boggling. The comprehension skills of the mutants just never ceases to amaze me. Anyway, we’ve been through this before. I have yet to see any real evidence that Harris and Klebold were bullied. You should let go of that myth right now. Harris was a psychopath bent on violent behavior and Klebold was his boot licking lackey. And more than likely if their parents gave them the discipline they needed instead of being sufferers of the “not my kid” syndrome at least 13 other people would be alive today.

The semi-intelligent one is from an entry I did about the beheading videos of Nick Berg, Kim-Sun Il, etc. The quote in question that the commenter takes me to task for is this…

I find it disturbing that some people are so spoiled with the freedoms that we are afforded that they think if someone is restricting them from seeing anything it’s a violation of their rights.

The commenters response…

Actually… if someone is restricting me from seeing something, then they ARE violating my freedom to view a particular image.

Okay, let’s say for an instance that it becomes illegal to download or view Nick Berg’s beheading… where does it stop? If we allow the government and people like you to decide FOR US what is appropriate and what is not appropriate for OUR own personal consuption, then we have lost a very basic, very important freedom. In fact, we’ve not only lost a freedom, but we’ve relinquished control. We’ve given our government and people such as yourself the ability to control what we see and hear… to shape the news and indeed REALITY to their own liking.

Suddenly, in this restricted world, the news and photographs we are “allowed” to see show that everything’s “decent” and “sunshiney” and “happy” all the time.

I say bullshit. You don’t like beheading videos? Don’t watch them then. You think they’re sick and disgusting? Great, that’s your opinion. You think people who actively seek these things are sick? Fine, don’t associate with those people.

But don’t try to tell me that I CANNOT look at those things if I so choose. You don’t have that right and neither should the American government. They hide enough stuff from us already.

This is not about some perverse desire to view headless corpses or whatever… it is about how we all should have easy access to the truth and the facts about a situation, as grisly, violent and disturbing as that situation may be.

Comment by Matt — Friday Sep 17, 2004 @ 11:30 am

It almost sounds like you feel you have an obligation to watch someone getting their head cut off. Should we be informed? Yes of course. We should be horrified at just the mere notion that our country’s enemies are this ruthless. Do we really need to watch a man be slowly beheaded to drive the point home? You say we should have easy access to the facts no matter how disturbing it may be. Child pornography is a fact and its more than disturbing. Does that mean we should have it readily available to see exactly how disturbing it is? Not to mention that every person you watch executed or die had a family. I’m sure that they don’t care that you think you need to see their family member die a horrible and brutal death. When does your right to gawk at someone’s death supersede the rights to the victim’s family’s privacy?

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