Internet Explorer: Tool of The Devil

Why do people still use Internet Explorer? I mean I checked the logs on my site and 86% of people who read my site use IE. Why when Firefox is the superior browser. If you were to look at my site using Firefox it would look so much better. Firefox can do everything that IE can do and more. The only thing Firefox can’t do is download Windows updates. Hmm, I wonder why that is? The main thing that makes it so much better than IE is plug-ins. Ever go to a news site that requires registration but you really don’t feel like registering with that site? Then just add the BugMeNot plugin. (4th from Top). Tired of ad-laden sites? Use the Adblock plugin. Want to surf the web without leaving your IP address behind? Use the SwitchProxy plugin. And for those sites that look great in IE but refuse to use true HTML like those that look good in Firefox you can use the IE View plugin. Not only that Firefox comes with its own built-in pop-up blocker that works much better than IE’s Service Pack 2 alleged upgrade. It also helps keep your system free of adware and spyware better than IE ever will.

Just download it and try it out. It won’t kill you. Or you can just keep drinking Microsoft’s Kool-Aid.

Osantowski Case Delayed

Case delayed for teen accused of making threats against Detroit-area school:

Judge Linda Davis denied a motion by defense lawyer Brian Legghio to remove herself from the Andrew Osantowski case following a claim by Legghio that Judge Davis is being swayed by a community outcry. Legghio is going to appeal the decision which could take 6 to 10 weeks.

Assistant prosecutor Steven Kaplan claims…

“It’s a desperate ploy by a guilty defendant to seek to delay the proceedings in an attempt to motivate the witnesses not to return,”

Legghio defends his decision to appeal…

“The motion was filed to ensure fairness and judicial integrity,” Legghio said. “It was not a stalling tactic.”

This has got all the earmarks of a long drawn out court case.

Kerns charged as adult

2 teenagers indicted in Marshfield school plot:

Both Tobin Kerns and Joseph Nee have been indicted by a grand jury. What’s surprising here is that the 16-year-old Kerns is being charged as an adult. Usually in these cases, if no one was hurt and no weapons were found the kids are tried as juveniles. Locally we had a situation about a year ago where a kid was drawing up plans to shoot up his school and even had homemade napalm. He only got 12 months probation. While I’m all for trying juveniles as adults when the situation warrants it there are too many unanswered questions swirling around this case to make such a decisive stand as trying Kerns as an adult. Either there are facts that I am missing or there is something shady going on. Nee was the one who allegedly brought a gun to school but Kerns has more charges against him. Again I’m not saying Tobin Kerns is completely innocent but the prosecution seems to be going harder on him than on Nee.

Nee’s lawyer is becoming my favorite comedian…

Nee’s lawyer, Thomas Drechsler of Boston, said after the indictment was announced that his client is being used as a scapegoat by the Marshfield police.

”Joe was promised confidentiality, that he was a witness and not subject of the investigation,” Drechsler said in a telephone interview. ”They used him and got the information, which they were too incompetent to get on their own. They seek to use his own information against him and hold him without bail.”

Like I said yesterday if you come forward to the police about a murder plot that doesn’t make you automatically innocent, especially when it’s your plot. It sounds like Nee was trying to cover his own ass before the shit hit the fan. Unfortunately for Nee shit splatters.

Swastikas in schools

Still blind to swastikas in school:

I’m going to commit an act of lazy blogging here because I really don’t have anything else to add. Anyway, this is from an op-ed piece from The Boston Globe…

As happy as everyone should be that the plot at Marshfield was stopped, the Globe’s profile of one of the two accused youths was deeply troubling. “This was a boy unafraid of a fight, a boy who once smirked as he wore a swastika-adorned shirt through the halls of Marshfield High School,” the Globe wrote. The boy was also known to have worn a T-shirt that had the date of Columbine and “Remember the Heroes” in German.

Other students, the Globe wrote, thought the youth was “just posturing.” There was no further information about the wearing of the swastika, which leads to obvious questions. Did his parents know about the swastika, and did it not make them wonder what was in their kid’s head? Did teachers see the swastika and ignore it as a passing adolescent stupidity? Did the students who saw it feel so intimidated that they shrank into a self-defeating code of silence?

In schools across the nation, principals and superintendents are banning gang colors, which are usually associated with violent African-American and Latino boys. Yet somehow, glorification of Columbine is “just posturing.” Though Columbine and Oklahoma City demonstrated how antiblack and Jewish hate can take out lots of white, non-Jewish folks, perhaps white Americans are still tempted to look the other way at such garb because deep down, they feel the swastika is not meant for them.

If that double standard is true, then no lesson has been learned. Columbine was scary enough to result in stopping actual violence. It was not scary enough for America to make the fight against racism and anti-Semitism as mandatory as mandatory tests. With so many incidents that echo Klebold and Harris and so little done to stop the reverberation, we dare kids to go from posturing in swastikas to cooking up a massacre.

Emphasis mine.

Now here is where I insert the lazy blogger’s credo…Indeed

Marshfield Suspect Held For 90 Days

Cops detail Marshfield school plot at hearing:

This is real responsible journalism by the Boston Herald, isn’t it? I can imagine that editorial meeting. “Hey, I got an idea. Let’s print their plans to blow up and shoot up the school in great detail so someone else can come along and improve on their plans.”

Another thing that’s bothering me, Tobin Kerns is being held without bail but Joseph Nee, son of a Boston cop, is being held for 90 days. Is there some legal argument that I’m missing here? What happens after 90 days? Will Nee be released into his father’s custody?

Speaking of Nee’s father and his attorney…

Nee’s attorney, Tom Dreschler, punched holes in the prosecution’s argument, calling Nee the hero for revealing the plot to unsuspecting police. “A young man comes forward and the thanks he gets is the government using his words against him,” Dreschler said, adding, “They say thanks for the memories. ‘We want to lock you up.'”

Nee’s father, Tom Nee, said he was appalled.

“I don’t even want to hold a shield given what I saw today,” said the 25-year veteran.

If you come forward to the police about a murder plot that doesn’t make you automatically innocent, especially when you’re involved in the plot. Why don’t you want to hold a shield anymore? Is it because the Marshfield police are actually doing their job? Or is it because they won’t turn a blind eye for a fellow police officer? I have the utmost respect for law enforcement but when they start demanding special treatment for family members who are suspects then the shield becomes a little more tarnished.

As always it was your pleasure.

UPDATE: The Boston Globe is saying that Nee is also being held without bail.

UPDATE 2.0: From the Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Nee has pleaded innocent to one count of conspiracy to commit mass murder and one count of promoting anarchy.

Kerns is being held without bail on eight counts of threatening to commit a crime, two counts of promoting anarchy and one count of attempt to commit a murder.

If they’re equally culpable why are the charges so disproportional?

More Marshfield News and Views

Second arrest was warranted:

Just a couple of more items out of Marshfield…

During Monday’s arraignment prosecutor John McLaughlin said Nee and Kerns developed a fascination about the incident at Columbine High School and Nee even did a school report on the tragedy. The two formed the group known as NBK – natural born killers in December 2003 to protect those at the high school picked on by popular kids, he said. They later came up with the plot to kill teachers and students, McLaughlin said, noting that a female student told police Nee showed a 40-caliber gun at school and said the school was going to be “shot up.”

Another student said during a meeting under a bridge in Humarock, Nee tried to recruit him to help lock doors during the planned attack to keep students and staff from escaping and showed the hit list, McLaughlin said. He also said Nee spoke of plans to have people on the roofs with rifles to keep police and fire department responders from getting into the building.

“The defendant (Nee) is just as dangerous as the individual already arrested,” McLaughlin said.

According to Kerns, Nee lived in a spare bedroom at his house for about three weeks last May after telling Toby he’d been kicked out of his house and had nowhere to go. Ben Kerns became troubled by the apparent influence Nee had over his own son, convincing him to shave his head, and putting a swastika on the spare bedroom wall. Kerns said that most of the evidence police found against Toby was discovered in the spare bedroom where Nee stayed and likely developed the plot last May.

Emphasis mine. Let me speculate here for a second. From what I’ve read so far it sounds like that the Marshfield police went strictly on the word of a policeman’s son. By doing that they may have possibly put the student’s lives in danger. The school and the police deny the students were ever in danger.

It’s also starting to sound like to me that Nee was the Eric Harris of the two and Kerns was a reluctant Klebold. Then when Kerns started to turn his life around Nee may have been afraid that Kerns would turn him in so Nee went to the police first. Again this is all speculation.

I’ll bring you more as it develops.

Sixteen Bat-Candles

Little Jay was doing some web surfing the other day when he told me some information about the next Batman movie. We were pretty excited when we found out that the villain in the movie will be the coolest Batman villain ever Raas Al Ghul. Raas is going to be played by Ken Watanabe from The Last Samurai. We thought how funny it would be if Raas Al Ghul was played by Gedde Watanabe who played Long Duk Dong in Sixteen Candles. We came up with this conversation…

Batman: Raas, where is my automobile?
Raas: Batman, no yankie my wankie.

Well, we thought it was funny.

Second Arrest in Marshfield

Second Teen Arrested In H.S. Massacre Case:

After receiving comments and e-mails from people close to the Kerns family I asked the other day why aren’t police looking at Tobin Kerns’ friend who is the son of the president of the Boston police union. I told my readers to draw their own collusion…I mean conclusions.

That all changed today. Local police arrested Joseph Nee in his homeroom at 7:30 this morning. How does this bode for Kerns? Right now, not too good…

During the course of their investigation, officials said, they discovered that Nee, despite his status as informant was “just as dangerous” as Toby Kerns, 16, who was arrested last month in connection with the alleged massacre scheme.

So it looks like they’re holding Kerns and Nee equally responsible.

Nee’s father, Boston Police Patrolmen Association union president Thomas Nee, says that his son was the original “confidential informant” who went to police with information about the alleged plot.

As far as Nee’s status goes…

Assistant District Attorney John McLoughlin asked the court Monday to have Nee held for at least three days while prosecutors assemble their witness list and come up with a proposed bail or recommendation for a longer jail stay.

I guess we’ll know more in three days. It looks like this one won’t be over for a while.

Police union boss’s son arrested in Marshfield school plot:

Just some more pieces of information and quotes from another article…

Nee was arrested at Marshfield High around 7 a.m. and led away from the school in handcuffs.

He was ordered to return to court for a dangerousness hearing later this week. His attorney, Eric Goldman, said there is no evidence linking him to the plot.

“Mr. Nee is certainly guilty of being a distraught teenager … but he was the informant,” Goldman said.

Nee’s father, Thomas Nee, president of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association, said his son lived with Kerns’ family for three weeks last spring after Nee and his son had a fight over Joseph coming home drunk.

Outside court, a tearful Thomas Nee said he was “embarrassed by the allegations,” but proud of his son for coming forward.

“I don’t care what kids talk about, as long as they don’t act it out,” he said. “I’m just thankful for one thing, that there’s been no tragedy, there’s been nobody hurt.”

Nee said he would stand by his son, one of nine children.

According to court documents, Nee had told Kerns he knew how to make a Napalm-like explosive. A search of the woods near Kerns’ home found evidence that an explosive had been detonated there, police said.

Halloween Sunday

Halloween on Sunday troubles some Southerners:

Before I get to the heart of the article I just wanted to point out one thing. The headline says “southerners” yet at the very end of the article, they quote a police lieutenant from Michigan. I guess they mean south of Canada.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

Ah yes. It’s that time of year. The leaves are changing colors. There’s a chill in the air. And all the religious nuts have their holy underwear in a bunch over Halloween. Let’s read some quotes…

“It’s a day for the good Lord, not for the devil,” said Barbara Braswell, who plans to send her 4-year-old granddaughter Maliyah out trick-or-treating in a princess costume on Saturday instead.

“You just don’t do it on Sunday,” said Sandra Hulsey of Greenville, Georgia. “That’s Christ’s day. You go to church on Sunday, you don’t go out and celebrate the devil. That’ll confuse a child.”

Come on people. Get over yourselves already. It’s not “the devils day”. If there were any evil connotations to Halloween it’s long been forgotten. It’s a time for kids to get candy. That’s it. Anyone who uses Halloween as an evil holiday is usually a bunch of mutants who think they’re badass or something. Don’t rob your kids of a childhood just because you’re an overzealous wingnut. I’m sure the stories will get more interesting as we get closer to Halloween.

Something is Rotten in the State of Mass.

You know since I’ve reconsidered my stance on the Tobin Kerns incident I’ve been wondering why the police have yet to move on the friend that lived with the Kerns. Well, a commenter tipped me off to the fact that the friend in question is the son of the president of the Boston police union, the Boston Police Patrolman’s Association. Draw your own conclusions.

If Tobin Kerns turns out to be innocent I’ll be one of the first ones calling for his release.