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No murder charge in fire deaths:

(Log in info) Remember when I told you about Daniel Brough, the Philadelphia pot grower who ended up killing two firefighters when the faulty wiring on his pot growing lights caught fire? Well, the third-degree murder charges didn’t stick but he still faces two counts of involuntary manslaughter. He should be put in jail for incredible amounts of stupidity too. Not only was he growing pot in his basement with high-intensity lights with faulty wiring, but he was also growing them in a wood closet. Here’s a little science lesson for you. WOOD BURNS!!!

Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney Ed Cameron says that Daniel Brough knew what kind of fire hazard he was creating…

Cameron argued that Brough, who had nine marijuana plants growing under a 950-watt light in his Belgrade Street basement, was aware of the fire hazard he had created. In a notebook taken from his home by detectives, Brough made “constant references” to the high heat near the plants, Cameron said.

“There are multiple references in this to the fact that it was getting too hot in the closet,” Cameron said, rattling off dated entries such as, “plants touching glass,” “glass too hot” and “buds are burning.”

Did I mention that they were in a wood closet? The defense attorney smarmily (is that a word?) takes a different view…

Defense attorney Bill Cannon said Brough had no expectation whatsoever that his plants would ignite a fire that would kill two “brave” firefighters.

“These events could not possibly be anticipated by Mr. Brough,” Cannon said.

Hot lights + flammable plant + wood closet + faulty wiring = house fire. I think the probability of a house fire was very high.

Speaking of high, so this guy risked the lives of his family just so he could either get high or sell drugs. Then the ensuing fire kills two Philly firemen, yet all this guy gets is manslaughter charges. My grandfather, who was a Philadelphia Fire Battalion Chief, must be shedding a tear over the loss of two lives just because of some stoner.

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