Violent Videogames 2004

How gory is that game?:

Just in time for the fucking holidays, we get yet another “why won’t someone think about the children?” group who has their panties in a wad over violent video games. Of course, they’re naming the usual suspects of GTA: San Andreas, Halo 2, Doom 3 and Half-Life 2. All pretty violent games. All games that are Rated M you dumbasses. It’s the video game equivalent of an “R” rating. You can blame the game companies for making such games. You can even blame the game retailers for being lax in their enforcement of the ratings. But here’s a thought how about laying blame on THE PARENTS who buy these games for their kids. The rating is clearly marked on the packaging and it even states why the gamed received that rating. The fact that “parents” keep buying these games for their underage kids means one of two things. They’re either oblivious to the ratings or they just don’t care.

Knife Attack in Indiana High School

Student Slashes Five Classmates in Indiana:

I waited to do anything on this story because it happened the day before Thanksgiving and I wanted to wait until a possible motive was discussed but something else has happened to make me comment on this. For those of you that had not heard 15-year-old, James Lewerke attacked 5 students at Valparaiso High School with a machete and a tree saw. Luckily none of the injuries were that serious and all those injured have been treated and released. So far the only thing the media in Indiana covering this story has talked about was security concerns at Valparaiso High School. I have yet to find one story that tries to address the problem of why James Lewerke did what he did. This also comes after a kid brought a gun to school that was used in a suicide. While security is a great concern in these issues why isn’t the reasons behind these incidents being addressed? Apparently, it’s a question that the local school board needs to address.

A Special Trench Reynolds Thanksgiving

If I could be serious for a moment.

(Lights dim, soft piano music plays)

We here at The Trench Reynolds Charity Foundation are always looking for ways to help better our community and our country and this Thanksgiving should be no different. While many of us are scrambling at the last minute to try to get a turkey for our families and coming up empty-handed I say that we should no longer terrorize the poor turkey.

As we all know the turkey would have been our national symbol if Ben Franklin had his way. That makes the turkey an also-ran. A runner-up. A loser. Not to mention that the turkey is a bird so stupid that it will drown if it looks up in a rainstorm. As Americans, is this how we want our holiday feasts to be looked at? Feasting on a sub-par, sub-intelligent, too stupid to live, ugly bird? No, of course not. We’re Americans, we’re all about being the best that we can be. We’re all about being #1. So why would we want to eat an also-ran bird? That’s why my friends I am imploring you as a proud American to start a new Thanksgiving tradition. A tradition where we feast on the noblest and proudest of all birds and PETA be damned…

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Michael Moore Causes Shooting

School shooter pleads guilty:

This is actually the first I’ve heard of this one. Long story short, Jon W. Romano, took a shotgun to school fired several times but luckily no one was seriously injured. One of the teachers took a bullet to the calf but that’s the extent of the damage.

What I found interesting was this…

The district attorney’s office also made public for the first time copies of a letter written by Romano before the shooting that was found in his room. In it, Romano talked about watching the Michael Moore documentary “Bowling for Columbine,” which was about teenagers who shot and killed students and teachers at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colo.

Romano stated in the letter he was not a “monster.” He said he liked comedies and “to laugh,” and wondered how he was different from the two teenagers, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, who went on the Columbine shooting rampage in 1999 that left 13 students and a teacher dead and injured 23 others. The pair finally turned the guns on themselves, ending their lives.

Now it’s obvious that Romano had other mental issues but this is the second school shooting that I’ve heard about where the gunman had watched “Bowling For Columbine”. Now I say this with tongue partially planted in cheek but if we can blame school shootings on Doom, Marilyn Manson, GTA, and The Basketball Diaries, then why can’t the knee-jerkers blame Michael Moore for inspiring children to kill? His movie deals with an actual school shooting rather than peripheral subjects like the previous materials mentioned. Why is there no call to have his movie banned before someone tries to kill again?

Just a thought.

Idaho Teen Honored in Michigan

Idaho teen honored for helping avert Detroit-area school attack:

Celia McGinty is the Idaho teen who tipped off authorities to Andrew Osantowski’s school shooting plot after online chats that they had. The school and community where the shooting was to take place are now honoring her. She should be. A lot of kids don’t have the courage that she did or would just dismiss it as idle talk. However, one person is not too happy about the celebration. Andrew Osantowski’s lawyer Brian Legghio. He had this to say…

“I’m absolutely appalled at the rashness of the Macomb County law enforcement community,” Brian Legghio told The Detroit News. “Their conduct taints the judicial process.”

“By glamorizing this young lady and claiming that she prevented some tragedy is to convict my client in the press and to deny him a fair trial by impartial jurors,” Legghio said.

Translation: There’s no way in hell I can win this case so I wish people would stop talking about it.

Mr. Legghio, I think, would best serve his client by doing his talking in court and not in the media. Then again I didn’t go to no fancy lawyerin’ school.

It will be interesting, to say the least, to see what Mr. Legghio’s defense strategy is going to be.

The Winner and NEW Champion

Camden, N.J., Is Most Dangerous City:

In your face Detroit! Go, Camden. Go, Camden. Beating out Atlanta, St. Louis, Gary, Ind. and last year’s champ and everyone’s perennial favorite Detroit, Camden, NJ is the county’s most dangerous city. For those of us who have lived anywhere near the area can tell you this is no surprise and we’ve been saying it for years. How many Mischief Nights (Or Devil’s Night) have we watched Camden in flames? And yet this is the city that the state decided to put The New Jersey State Aquarium. We used to joke that when they built the aquarium they built it around the fish in the Delaware River. Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the State Aquarium in a beach resort town like Wildwood or Atlantic City or even the Island Republic of Brigantine? I mean Brigantine already has the Marine Mammal Stranding Center. Instead, the state decided to put it in a crime-infested cesspool like Camden. Since it’s on the river they call it “The Waterfront” now. Like the Delaware River off of Camden is something to be romanticized. You can probably walk across it and it may be flammable. They even put the major regional outdoor concert arena on “The Waterfront”. It’s changed corporate sponsorship at least 3 times since it’s been open. Camden’s attempted revitalization is like putting a rose on top of a trash heap. Way to make New Jersey proud.

Teacher Suspended for Showing Assclown Movie

Teacher shows ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’, gets rebuked:

Log in Info. So an instructor at local Rowan-Cabarrus Community College by the name of Davis March got yanked from his class for showing the King of All Assclown’s propaganda piece Fahrenheit 9/11 the week before the election. Of course, all the so-called protectors of free speech have their panties in a wad. However, the school had previously issued two memos reminding staff members of the school’s policy to remain nonpartisan during the Election season. Wow, a school that actually tries to be politically neutral. What a concept. As usual everyone and their grandmother is saying his rights to free speech were violated…

But the instructor said the administration’s actions are restricting freedom of thought. And a spokesman for a national professors’ group called the move an affront to faculty and students and a threat to academic freedom.

He said he has a responsibility to present controversial material to get his students to think and take positions.

Before he returned from the suspension, March agreed not to show the film again. But he said he now fears an overall “chilling effect” on freedom of thought in the classroom.

Stopping March midway through his English composition class was “extraordinary” and an affront to the faculty member and to students and a threat to academic freedom, said Jonathan Knight, director of the American Association of University Professors’ program on academic freedom and tenure. The association has 45,000 members at four-year and two-year institutions.

March said college officials didn’t ask him why he was showing the movie. And he said he shouldn’t have to show the “other side” to balance anything.

Emphasis mine.

This is not an issue of free speech but an issue of not following your employer’s procedures and guidelines. If your job instituted a business only dress code and you came in dressed in leather chaps a plaid thong and a pink feather boa don’t you think you would be reprimanded?

It’s not like the school didn’t give fair warning. Not one but two memos were issued to faculty on the subject and Mr. March obviously chose to ignore them. If he wanted his students to discuss the movie so bad why couldn’t he have waited until the day after the election? It’s obvious to me that Mr. March was trying to influence his students into voting a certain way.

I for one applaud Rowan-Cabarrus Community College for taking such a stance. If only more colleges in our country were interested in educating their students rather than force-feeding them a political agenda.

A Question About Sarin


Stig Mata sent me a link to the above picture.  Anyway, it’s suspected to be Sarin gas found in Fallujah. Sarin is a biological weapon in case you didn’t know. Stig posed the question to me why isn’t a bigger deal being made out of this in the mainstream media. Why isn’t this proof enough of WMD? That’s when it occurred to me. You could park a nuclear bomb covered with Sarin stamped with Property of Saddam Hussein while Osama Bin Laden danced the hully gully on it on Michael Moore’s lawn and people would still bitch about it.

Blood at the Shell

DVD Shows Gruesome Violence in Middle East:

Producers of a DVD called “Buried in the Sand” say that their movie is intended to be a counterpoint to King of All Assclowns Michael Moore’s propaganda film “Fahrenheit 9/11”. The film shows graphic footage of Iraqis being tortured and executed by Saddam Hussein’s regime. I can almost see their point so people who think Iraq was better under Saddam’s control can see what actually went on. However, the DVD also contains the beheadings of Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg, and Paul Johnson. No indication has been made if permission was sought from their respective families. While the producers claim the DVD will build support for American troops and for democracy in the Middle East I only have one thing to say…



This is nothing more than a snuff film disguised as patriotism. For those mutants who didn’t get enough of the beheading videos now, you can get it in DVD quality. Rob Cartee, you are just as bad if not worse than Michael Moore making blood money off of tragedy by catering to the death mutants who get off on these videos. Not only do I think that the Pearl, Berg, and Johnson families do not appreciate the footage of their loved one’s beheadings being shown but I’m also sure that the families of the Iraqi victims wouldn’t appreciate it either. Like I’ve said before, to me these snuff videos are just as bad as child pornography. So Mr.Cartee that makes you no better than a pedophile in my eyes. May God have mercy on your soul. Besides, it just goes to show what kind of audience you’re trying to cater to by selling your DVD at a gas station.