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Camden, N.J., Is Most Dangerous City:

In your face Detroit! Go, Camden. Go, Camden. Beating out Atlanta, St. Louis, Gary, Ind. and last year’s champ and everyone’s perennial favorite Detroit, Camden, NJ is the county’s most dangerous city. For those of us who have lived anywhere near the area can tell you this is no surprise and we’ve been saying it for years. How many Mischief Nights (Or Devil’s Night) have we watched Camden in flames? And yet this is the city that the state decided to put The New Jersey State Aquarium. We used to joke that when they built the aquarium they built it around the fish in the Delaware River. Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the State Aquarium in a beach resort town like Wildwood or Atlantic City or even the Island Republic of Brigantine? I mean Brigantine already has the Marine Mammal Stranding Center. Instead, the state decided to put it in a crime-infested cesspool like Camden. Since it’s on the river they call it “The Waterfront” now. Like the Delaware River off of Camden is something to be romanticized. You can probably walk across it and it may be flammable. They even put the major regional outdoor concert arena on “The Waterfront”. It’s changed corporate sponsorship at least 3 times since it’s been open. Camden’s attempted revitalization is like putting a rose on top of a trash heap. Way to make New Jersey proud.

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