Loner No More

Red Lake Shooter, Alleged Accomplice Were Members Of Clique Called ‘The Darkers’:

Well, well, well. It turns out that Jeff Weise wasn’t the loner that everyone has made him out to be. It turns out that Weise, the recently arrested Louis Jourdain, and three others were part of a clique that called themselves “The Darkers”…

The crew wore black clothes, listened to heavy metal and dyed or spiked their hair, with Weise opting for devil’s horns in his school picture from last year. Though initial reports painted Weise as a lone wolf whose life was lived mainly online with a group of confidants that included Nazi sympathizers and fellow fans of dark fiction, students told the Star-Tribune that Jourdain and Weise constantly hung out together.

Red Lake junior Rick Barrett told the paper that the Darkers shunned students who listened to rap and country music, and that Weise tried to pick a fight with him last year over Barrett’s fondness for hip-hop.

Doesn’t sound too much like Weise was the one being bullied now does it?

Jourdain allegedly also recognized Weise as the shooter before anyone else…

An eyewitness told MTV News that before anyone knew Weise was attacking the school, Jourdain shouted out his friend’s name and ran toward Weise.

“At first he pushed over the librarian’s desk and he was like ‘F— … Jeff, it’s Jeff!’ and he ran out,” said Joe Good, 17, of Jourdain’s reaction to the sound of gunfire. Good also mentioned that another male student, who was hiding in the library when the rampage began, shouted out Weise’s name before anyone had seen him. That teen’s name has come up in a number of postings from Weise on various Web sites, according to the Pioneer Press.

It also seems that Jourdain isn’t the good kid that everyone is making him out to be…

The son of Red Lake tribe leader Floyd “Buck” Jourdain reportedly helped plan the deadly attack that claimed 10 lives on March 21, including that of 16-year-old shooter Weise. According to the Star-Tribune, the two boys exchanged numerous e-mails and instant messages beginning last year describing their plot to murder Weise’s grandfather — a police officer — steal his guns and use them to kill people at Red Lake High School.

An unidentified source told the paper that Jourdain even said at one point that he would be angry if the shooting spree happened without him.

Emphasis mine.

The article also states that three other teens who are suspected of discussing the plot with Weise have been questioned and could also face charges. I can only assume they are the three other members of “The Darkers”.

Curiouser and curiouser.

3/30/05: From The Mail Sack

Let’s catch up on some of my hate mail, shall we…

First up is from my entry on Panzerfaust Records going out of business…

Danko Petrovic Says:

Defeat Never,

Victory Forever!

Sieg Heil, John!

Death to the Traitors!

Thursday Mar 24, 2005 @ 7:00 am

I guess I’ll just keep quoting GWAR when I get these comments and say straight from Hitler’s ass it’s a Nazi.

This next one is from my entry on the Open Letter to Jeff Weise. Now remember kids, I didn’t write the letter, I just provided a link to it. I still agree with it though…

navejo nation Says:

It seems like everybody has an “expert” opinion, on Jeff Weise, now that he is dead. So self righteous of your people. Such bullshit. Instead of concentrating all your hard earned writing abilities onto a dead 16 year old boy, do the decent thing and question the ethical policies of your nations leaders. I do not understand why American citizens are more concerned about the actions of a young misguided Chippewa boy, clearly in need of help, rather than raising objections about how your country is being governed by serial-killing-corrupt Politicians like George Bush. All throughout history your people have been responsible for the Wholescale murder, destruction, and systematic exploitation of “third world” citizens. But I guess that doesn’t take precedence over the Jeff Weise story does it? You wouldn’t know about the tales of rape, pillage and inhumane massacre of the indigenous Native American tribes, whenever you sit down and eat turkeys for Thanksgiving would you? Yet you have the audacity and arrogance to demonise and judge individuals like Jeff Weise, regardless of the fact you never met the boy. Who are the sick fucks now?

Monday Mar 28, 2005 @ 6:01 pm

First of all, I tried to make the fact that Jeff Weise was an American Indian a non-issue. Not once did I bring the matter of race up outside of the fact that he lived on a reservation but since you wanted to bring it up here we go. You talk about the different tribes of the American Indians. And I bet if I were to confuse the Lumbee with the Lenape or worse lump them all together you would consider me a racist. So I guess white people can’t have “tribes” but yet we do in a manner of speaking. You know where my “tribe” was when you say that American Indians were being massacred? They were too busy in Ireland being starved to death by the British. Do I hate the British now because of what they did to my ancestors? Hell no. You know why? Because it’s ancient history. So instead of whining about your ancestors why don’t you set an example and succeed in spite of what happened to your ancestors? And for your information I fucking hate Thanksgiving.

Rampage is Racist

Reader’s Representative: Sorrowful news held extra challenges:

(Log in info) It seems that Kate Parry, the “Reader Representative” of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, has an issue with the way the Red Lake shootings were reported…

Like anyone, journalists make mistakes, especially when working fast and under difficult conditions. There have been mistakes in the Red Lake coverage, which we’ve corrected. One that can’t really be corrected but warrants discussion is the headline used on the first day of coverage. In large type it read: “Rampage at Red Lake.”

While the technical definition of “rampage” would accurately describe a shooting that leaves 10 dead, it was a poorly chosen word to describe a catastrophe on an Indian reservation. Portrayals of “rampaging Indians” fed hateful stereotypes in books and movies for many years. Yet I’ve seen the word used in many media around the country to describe the Red Lake shooting.


Here in Minnesota, where so many neighbors are Native American, we have the opportunity to be better informed about native issues and sensitive to language. Someone should have stopped that headline before it saw print.

Emphasis mine.

So the word “rampage” is racist because Jeff Weise was an American Indian. Well, what word or phrase would you have preferred? That he went on a “merry jaunt”? That he “cavorted with bullets”? That he went on a “lead filled excursion”? The kid went on a fucking rampage. But if he was white, or black, or Hispanic, or Asian, then rampage would have been ok? It’s not like the headline read “Him go on warpath after he smoke ’em peace pipe”. Instead of trying to be politically correct how about reporting this thing called the truth. And sometimes the truth hurts. Deal with it.

Link via Tongue Tied.

More on the Louis Jourdain Arrest

Teen Held In Red Lake Rampage:

According to the article, federal investigators have seized computer records from Louis Jourdain that allegedly show he had advance knowledge of the attack…

But The Washington Post, citing two unidentified law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation, reported Tuesday that the teenager was suspected of helping Weise plan the assault and had expected to take part.

In addition to Louis Jourdain, another red lake student and close friend of Weiss was questioned extensively over the weekend, as were two to three other young people authorities also consider may have been involved, Murphy reports.

U.S. Attorney Tom Heffelfinger told The Minneapolis Star Tribune that he couldn’t “confirm or deny” that the shootings by Weise were part of a larger attack planned on the high school. He added that the investigation is ongoing in Red Lake and the Twin Cities.

God help this kid if he had prior knowledge of the attack and chose not to do anything about it.

Arrest Made in Red Lake Shooting

Son of Tribal Leader Arrested:

The son of tribal chairman Floyd Jourdain Jr., Louis Jourdain, was arrested Sunday in connection with an investigation into a potentially wider plot in connection with the Red Lake High School shootings.

From the article…

NBC’s Justice Department reporter Pete Williams was told that investigators are looking into whether there was a conspiracy, involving more than just Jeff Weise himself. There are some suggestions; the officials say that the original plan may have called for a bigger attack on the school involving more than just a single student.

More arrests may be forthcoming.

President offers condolences

Bush Offers Condolences for Monday’s School Shooting:

President Bush offered his condolences to the victims of the Red Lake shooting today…

WACO, Texas — President George W. Bush (search) on Friday expressed condolences to the leader of the Minnesota Indian reservation where 10 people died Monday in the second-worst school shooting in U.S. history.

Bush talked to Floyd Jourdain Jr., chairman of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa (search), for five minutes Friday morning, offering his sympathy for the victims of a teen-ager’s shooting rampage and for the entire Red Lake community. He pledged to provide federal assistance, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said.

Of course, nothing the President does is without controversy…

Some American Indians have complained that Bush did not respond publicly to the shooting for four days. Just hours after the shootings at Colorado’s Columbine High School that left 15 dead, then-President Bill Clinton publicly expressed his condolences.

I’m a little pissed about it myself but the American Indians shouldn’t take it personally. It doesn’t have anything to do with the American Indian people but because the federal government has their priorities screwed up right now. They’re more worried about Terry Schiavo then nine dead victims. It’s disheartening at best, pathetic at its worst.

Dispelling A Myth

Victim recalls shooter’s ‘mean’ look before rampage:

I’ve always heard from the mutants say that if more people tried to be friends with people like Harris and Klebold and now Jeff Weise that they wouldn’t have committed their crimes. I’ve always disputed that belief. Listen to the story of Cody Thunder. He tried to befriend Jeff Weise…

Before that day, Thunder said he had talked to Weise several times, even attempting to befriend him.

“He seemed like a loner, and I just felt like it would be good to go talk to him,” Thunder said.

But Weise “talked about nothing but guns and shooting people,” he said, and the attempt to reach out didn’t result in friendship.

Cody was rewarded with his attempt of friendship by being shot in the hip by Weise. Doctors have decided to leave a bullet lodged in his hip.

To all the mutants who think that the victims deserved what they got please tell me what Cody Thunder did to deserve being shot.