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Coaches Fired Over Hazing Scandal:

This is a follow up to the Donna, Texas hazing scandal I previously told you about where once again high school athletes sexually assaulted a younger teammate. Now it turns out that three coaches have been fired over the incident. What makes matters worse is that this may not have been an isolated incident…

In all eight underclassmen have come forward making similar claims of being assaulted.

Sources tell Action 4 News the locker room may not have been the only place where freshmen boys were attacked.

Officers are now looking into an overnight baseball trip where some students may have allegedly been sexually assaulted.

Could we have another Mepham on our hands? It’s entirely possible.

What gets me though is in what universe do these kids think its ok to insert something into another kid’s ass? And why do coaches continue to try and cover it up? All in the name of a game.

I still have yet to have any athlete or coach or parent come forward and defend this kind of behavior.

And to the kids who perpetrated this, I hope it was worth ruining your lives over.

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