Zero Hour

I just finished watching a documentary called Zero Hour: Massacre at Columbine High on the History Channel. If you’ve ever had any question to whether or not the two scumbags Harris and Klebold were psychopaths then you should watch this documentary. It recreated step by step April 20th, 1999 at Columbine High. Even though it was recreated by actors it was kind of disturbing to watch how nonchalantly they carried out their killings. However what really struck me is that the words “bullying” and “harassment” were never mentioned. The one word that was mentioned was “exclusion”. The documentary said that Eric Harris said in his journals that he was pissed for being excluded. Which leads me to my newest theory. Eric Harris didn’t hate the “jocks” because of bullying he hated them because of jealousy. He wanted to be them. He wanted to be one of the kids wearing a white baseball cap. He wanted to be popular. But when you’re a psychopathic anti-social little fuck that makes it kind of hard.

The documentary also said that Eric Harris had multiple hiding places in his room for the various weapons. The more hiding places you have the more chances there are to be found out. That is if Eric Harris’ parents actually did their job and checked up on him. As a matter of fact, when word of the shootings got back to Wayne Harris he called 911 saying that he believed his son was one of the shooters. If he knew something like this could have happened why didn’t he do anything to stop it. Then again he’s already shown what kind of parent he is.

It’s on again tonight on the History Channel at Midnight EDT if you want to see it

Kyle Hulbert

Almost 4 years ago I told you the story of Kyle Hulbert. Kyle killed biophysicist Robert M. Schwartz. At the time I chastised the media for calling in a “ritual” killing. Later I had heard from a friend of Kyle’s telling me more of Kyle’s situation that Kyle suffered from mental illness, was taken off his meds by a social worker, and that the killing was orchestrated by Schwartz’s daughter, Clara Jane Schwartz. Clara had convinced Kyle that her father was abusing her and killing him would protect her. As it turned out Clara was in line for a rather large inheritance if her father died. Clara was sentenced to 48 years, Kyle was sent away for life without the possibility of parole. Sentencing seems kind of lopsided doesn’t it? Recently I received an e-mail from another friend of Kyle’s. She told me of Kyle’s website which documents what has happened to him since the murder. He does not deny killing Dr. Schwartz and feels that he does deserve some of the responsibility in Dr. Schwartz death. However, he does feel that his sentencing was unjust since the mastermind behind the murder is serving a lesser sentence. I happen to concur. But you don’t have to believe me. Go to Save Kyle and judge for yourself.

Columbine Study Halted By Killers' Parents

Study of ’99 shootings in limbo as killers’ parents end cooperation:

How fitting is it that on the sixth anniversary of their sons killing 13 innocent people that he parents of the killer scumbags Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold have declined to participate further in a study on the Columbine shootings backed by the Attorney General’s office? I wonder why they stopped participating? Since they felt like they did nothing wrong then what do they have to hide? Maybe the study was getting a little too close to the truth. Maybe the study was going to find possible criminal charges against the parents? I guess we’ll never know now because God forbid these parents should face up to their responsibilities.

Free The Zombies

The other day I was checking the usual news sites and I stumbled across this article on The article is titled “Is Writing About a School Shooting a Crime?” and goes on to detail the antics of one William Poole from Winchester Kentucky. For those of you who may not remember who Mr. Poole is he is the high school student who was arrested for terroristic threats against his school His defense was he was just writing an English assignment about zombies taking over his school. Of course first amendment rights groups were horrified at the treatment Mr. Poole had been subjected to. How dare they arrest someone for just writing a story? Well, It turned out that it was no an English assignment and the story had nothing to do with zombies. And now according to the article, there is a movement gaining ground to “Free William Poole”. Which is all well and good. I am a huge proponent of the First Amendment when it’s interpreted correctly. However, all these do-gooders are overlooking one item reported by law enforcement. Mr. Poole tried to recruit several of his fellow students. One first amendment group even posted Mr. Poole’s bond. What did they get for their troubles? The bond was forfeited because Mr. Poole violated the terms of his release by being on school grounds. I believe that trying to recruit other students trumps all free speech concerns. But hey, why let facts get in your way?

Red Lake Press Conference

More Red Lake Details Released:

But not many. Basically, the only details released at the press conference were things that most of us already knew. They gave a little more detail in how Weise exchanged gunfire with police…

At 2:57 p.m. Weise encountered armed Red Lake officers and exchanged gunfire with them. Investigators believe Weise was struck three times from police gunfire: once in the lower back, once in the leg and once in the right arm.

Other than that the press conference was a bitchfest aimed at the media

“A significant amount of what has been published and broadcast in this case is simply false,” he said. “The publishing of this false information and rumors has hindered the investigation, endangered the rights of individuals, and worst of all, harmed in a further way the people of Red Lake, by creating an atmosphere of fear and suspicion, hindering the community’s ability to heal, interfering with the return of students to the Red Lake High School, and violating the privacy rights of individual tribal members.”

Heffelfinger declined to say which reports had been wrong. He said his office was looking into news leaks for possible prosecution of the sources for obstruction of justice.

So basically, it was a non-event.

Red Lake Press Conference Scheduled

Press conference scheduled regarding Red Lake High School shooting:

I’ll just quote…

U.S. Attorney Tom Heffelfinger and FBI special agent Michael Tabman will hold a press conference today regarding the shootings at Red Lake Indian Reservation last month.

I’ll keep you informed if I hear anything else.

Myth in Miami

Can Columbine happen here?:

When I read the headline I thought “Finally someone who gets it.” Well after reading the article I was only half-right. The author of the article is Kathy Hersh who is co-chair of the Miami-Dade Community Task Force to Eliminate Bullying. While she admits that school shootings can happen anywhere her reasoning is questionable. While trying to eliminate bullying is indeed a noble cause she’s guilty of perpetuating the myths that bullying led to Columbine and Red Lake…

A Miami-Dade County grand jury convened last year to answer that question. The jury studied 37 deadly incidents in schools across the nation, hoping to find a common characteristic among the perpetrators that could be used to profile potential killers and possibly prevent a similar tragedy. The only common factor that it could identify was that all the killers had been the victims of persistent bullying, victimized to the breaking point.


The same day that we visited Arza to try to persuade him to support the bill, a boy in Red Lake Reserve, Minn., shot his grandfather and his companion, then went to school and killed 10 classmates before turning the gun on himself. Michael Weise had been a frequent target of bullies, and he couldn’t take it anymore.

First off it was Jeff Weise not Michael and he was a bully, not the bullied. Secondly, I’d like to know which incidents they studied because I can name several where bullying was not a factor. The fact that a legitimate organization that aims to end bullying does not have their facts straight is scary. Not only that but since they buy into the bullying myth it just lends legitimacy to would be school shooters who think they are justified in what they are doing.

And the three things that students asked for to help with the bullying problem don’t sound like things that students would request. I mean did students really request an “active peer-mediation programs”. That sounds like something feel good adults who forgot what school was like came up with. If a victim were to engage a bully in an active peer-mediation program it would just lead to more bullying. The only thing that can be done to stop bullying is to catch bullies in the act. If you don’t, bullying will remain the age-old problem of the victim’s word against the bully’s.

And the myth just continues to perpetuate.

4/15/05: From The Mail Sack

Since I don’t have anything to write about so far today let’s take a dip into the mail sack shall we?

This one is from my entry on the Eric Harris worship site

TrEv46 Says:

I tHiNk ErIc HaRrIs aNd DyLaN KlEBoLd Are F***ing GoDs.:twisted:WhOeVeR ThiNkS ThErE CrAZy ArE F***ing ReTaRdEd.ThEy PlAnNeD iT So PeRfEcTLy.:!:ThEy hAd A PoInT, NoOnE DeSeRvEd WhAt ThEy GoT aT ScHoOl. KiCk-StArT ThE ReVoLuTiOn.:twisted::twisted::twisted:

Tuesday Apr 12, 2005 @ 4:30 pm

It’s amazing that people still actually type like that. “TrEv46” is a “1337 hax0r” isn’t he? I advised him to learn to type like a human as it will help get along better in life. They had a point? What point did they have? That they were psychopathic and mentally deficient in their reasoning? Yeah, we got that point. The only gods Harris and Klebold are the gods of cowards and scumbags. What revolution will you be kickstarting? The one on typing skills or social skills? You’re in for a rude awakening Junior once you enter the real world.

This next one is from my entry on (what else?) the Eric Harris Journal which is a response to this comment.

Christina Says:

to FUX:

you must be a fucking idiot. they were not cowards in any way. a coward is someone who shows fear when they are faced with difficult or painful situations. for one thing they took that difficult situation of being bullied every minute in school, and did something about it. for another thing, they had the fucking guts to actually kill themselves.

suicide is not something that is an “easy way out”. how fucking easy is it to kill yourself? have you tried it? no? maybe your the coward to never go or do anything that might cause you pain.

eric harris and dylan kelbold were now cowards, they were revolutionaries trying to stand up for themselves. i’m not saying i know what they really were, or why they did it. anyone who thinks they know why they did it is just assuming, steriotyping, and being ignorant. what i think they were doing is they were trying to make a stand against everything in their school. i think that since they were shown no compassion by anyone, that they were retaliating, and that they had every right to do so.

Thursday Apr 14, 2005 @ 6:05 pm

What’s scary is that the person who left this comment is a college student. From UMass-Boston to be specific. They must be so proud to see what their fine institution produces.

I love the statement that Harris and Klebold were “bullied every minute”. Were you there? I doubt that you were. In reality, it was Harris that was the bully and Klebold his lackey. But keep buying into the myth like the rest of the mutant herd. Harris and Klebold are cowards because they killed unarmed people who had nothing to do with them. Then in the ultimate act of cowardice rather than face the consequences for their actions they took the easy way out by killing themselves. At least they saved the taxpayers money. They were not revolutionaries. What were they revolting against? The suburban white rich kid spoiled life? They were shown no compassion because they showed no compassion. And you dare say they had the right to take 13 innocent lives and injure dozens of others? How dare you. Your comment is an insult to the families of the real victims of Columbine. You have no right to talk about compassion. Get help. You need it.

And lastly from my entry on the Rampart Range Tape

Katie Jo Says:


Friday Apr 15, 2005 @ 12:50 pm

Behold the intelligence of the mutant throngs. The funny thing is that her IP address traces back to the Commonwealth of Kentucky Dept. of Information Systems. I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate their internet resources being used to give virtual blow jobs to those two scumbag cowards. It would be a shame if someone dropped an e-mail to the administrator at the Dept. of Information Systems. And considering the poster left a link to their personal blog it shouldn’t be too hard to identify them. By the way, by the time you read this, the e-mail will have already been sent. Have a nice day.

Weise's Family Receives Victims' Fund

Tribe Gives Out Victims’ Assistance Money:

Some of the families of the victims of the Red Lake shootings are not happy about Jeff Weise’s family receiving victims’ assistance money from the Red Lake Tribal Council…

Apr. 14, 2005 – Red Lake Tribal Council gave $5,000 to the family of the 16-year-old gunman in last month’s school shootings as part of a victims’ assistance effort, angering those who think the shooter should not be treated as a victim.

The council gave that amount to 15 families Wednesday as the first distribution from a memorial fund that has received more than $200,000 in donations. The council decided Jeff Weise, who committed suicide at the end of the rampage, was a victim and his family should get some assistance.

“Why are they considering him to be a victim when he killed everybody?” asked Victoria Brun, sister of slain guard Derrick Brun. “The people who donated the money have a right to know and question how the money is divided.”

Donna Lewis, mother of victim Dewayne Lewis, 15, stormed out of a council meeting after hearing that members were considering it. “He ain’t no victim in this,” Lewis screamed, as she stood near the makeshift memorial outside the school. “He was a murderer.”

The tribal council explained it this way…

Tribal Secretary Judy Roy said Weise’s family needs help with his funeral expenses, but expects nothing more. “It’s understandable that some people would feel dismayed that his family would have a share in the fund,” she said.

To be honest, as much as I believe that Jeff Weise was in no way a victim I have no problem with this. I mean his closest family member he killed and this will allow his family to bury him and get it over with.

Red Lake Vicim's Family Speaks Out

Jeff Weise ‘ain’t no victim in this’:

One of the families of a Red Lake shooting victim has spoken out. Donna Lewis, the mother of slain victim Dewayne Lewis, had some choice words for the media and I find it hard to disagree with her…

“People are looking at that kid, Jeff Weise, like he’s a victim,” said Donna Lewis of Ponemah, whose son, Dewayne Lewis, 15, died in Weise’s assault on Red Lake Senior High School on March 21.

“He ain’t no victim in this. He’s the one that caused all of this. … He was a murderer. And I don’t even think that his family should even get s— from us. I think they’re the ones to blame, too, because the older people are supposed to watch their kids….

“They knew he was having problems. They should have been on him right away, instead of letting him go through life being a miserable little kid.”

It’s absolutely true. Jeff Weise was not a victim and anyone that believes that is fooling themselves. The article states that some Red Lake residents speak of Weise as part of the community’s shared tragedy. He is not part of the tragedy, he’s the cause of it.