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Parents of Columbine killer sell home:

A little bit less than a year ago I did an entry about the house of Eric Harris was up for sale. Well, the house has been finally sold. What I found funny about the article is that it states that realtors did not have to reveal that Eric Harris lived there, or that he stored his guns and bombs there before launching the Columbine massacre. Yet the article mentions the name of the people who bought the house. If they didn’t know before I’m sure they know now. I was hoping someone would bulldoze the house after they bought it but I guess that’s not going to happen.

3 thoughts on “Harris House Sold

  1. myself says:

    dude its just a house


  2. Jodi O says:

    It’s not like he killed people in the house. Get a grip.


    1. Yeah, it’s just where he built the bombs and stored his guns that he used to kill people. No big deal right?


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