The Trench Reynolds Report

Without truth there is no justice

Almost 4 years ago I told you the story of Kyle Hulbert. Kyle killed biophysicist Robert M. Schwartz. At the time I chastised the media for calling in a “ritual” killing. Later I had heard from a friend of Kyle’s telling me more of Kyle’s situation that Kyle suffered from mental illness, was taken off his meds by a social worker, and that the killing was orchestrated by Schwartz’s daughter, Clara Jane Schwartz. Clara had convinced Kyle that her father was abusing her and killing him would protect her. As it turned out Clara was in line for a rather large inheritance if her father died. Clara was sentenced to 48 years, Kyle was sent away for life without the possibility of parole. Sentencing seems kind of lopsided doesn’t it? Recently I received an e-mail from another friend of Kyle’s. She told me of Kyle’s website which documents what has happened to him since the murder. He does not deny killing Dr. Schwartz and feels that he does deserve some of the responsibility in Dr. Schwartz death. However, he does feel that his sentencing was unjust since the mastermind behind the murder is serving a lesser sentence. I happen to concur. But you don’t have to believe me. Go to Save Kyle and judge for yourself.

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