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I dare…nay…I defy one person to tell me that this scumbag doesn’t absolutely deserve the death penalty. Alejandro Avila was convicted of kidnapping, raping, and murdering Samantha Runnion…

Some details from the case…

Samantha was abducted, kicking and screaming, from outside her home in Stanton on July 15, 2002. Her nude body was found the following day in mountains some 50 miles away, left on the ground as if it had been posed.

Samantha’s DNA was found on the inside of the door of Avila’s car. That evidence came from a small amount of clear liquid that the prosecution said was consistent with tears or mucous.

Avila, of Lake Elsinore, had been acquitted of molesting two girls in 2001 in neighboring Riverside County, and authorities said they believe he killed Samantha to avoid another such trial.

Try and tell me that this assclown doesn’t deserve to be removed from society in the most vicious and excruciating way possible.

I defy you.

10 thoughts on “Alejandro Avila

  1. Matt says:

    I would have given anything to have beenthere to save that kid. I would shove a .45 in his face.This scumbag prays on a defensless little girl like the sick chickenshit coward that he is. I would have beaten this asshole to the ground then broke bothof this arms and legs then call the medics and cops and tellthem I was pulling a sick, lowlife piece of shit cowardly fuck offa little girl. I really hate when I see this shit in the news aboutscumbags like this targeting little kids cause they were beaten bytheir dad,or raped by their uncle and their mommy did’nt pay themenough attention when they were a kid. The man needs to die andburn in hell forever. Their lawyers are just as low to defend sucha monster.


  2. jim says:

    Tony… while I hate this guy too, you seem to have anger issues. and whats up with the astrology-bigitry ? I know plenty of good people who happen to be pisces. Your kind of fucking weird. 🙄


  3. jim says:

    Well Im backing off this one. I dont want to touch this train wreck. 😆


  4. TONY REX says:

    sorry trench, but i was relly mad, that’s all i have to say. oh and thanx for keeping my comment


  5. TONY REX says:

    i’m just too blunt when i express myself freedom of speech homes.


  6. the transexual says:

    tengo una verga bien grande


  7. sasha karapetianscha says:

    ooops i farted:mad:


  8. jim says:

    you would think being a easy to find website would be a good thing… then you get these people 🙄


  9. tu madre pinche guey says:

    a ber kien me chupa la pinche verga este hijodeputa malparido:mrgreen:


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