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About a month ago I re-told you the story of Kyle Hulbert. If you want the whole story you can go here, here, and here. Long story short Kyle was not in his right mind when he took part in a murder and the mastermind behind it received a lighter sentence than Kyle. Kyle puts it better in his own words. Anyway, Kyle wanted to correspond with me through regular mail. Unfortunately for privacy reasons I don’t correspond with anyone via the mail, nothing against Kyle. Today I received a message from him through a friend of his…


Greetings; I understand you desire not to correspond via regular mail all too well, and I respect it. I just wish to extend my thanks to you for the “follow up” you posted on your site. I’m sure it will be of some help and I can use all that I can get. Again, thank you, and when the day comes (not if) that I am again roaming the Night, your site will be one I plan to frequent. Intelligence is rare in this world and must be appreciated. I appreciate yours, and I appreciate your help.


Kyle Hulbert

Like I said before I think at the time Kyle was just an instrument in the murder, like a gun. It was Clara Jane Schwartz that pulled the trigger. And also like I said before Kyle freely admits of the killing and believes that he does deserve punishment. He just believes that the punishment he received was not equitable in relation to the sentence of Clara Schwartz who would have gained the most from the murder, and I agree. You know I’m not the type that wants the system to coddle criminals but if I believe that a sentence was unjust then maybe there’s some validity to the claim. And again like I’ve said before don’t believe me, see it Kyle’s own words.

One thought on “A message from Kyle Hulbert

  1. lisa says:

    He was my foster brother and I think its so sad that she took advantage of him cause he was disturbed but he was so sweet and kind but she misled him


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