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Teen accused of plotting massacre at high school said he was bullied:

According to this Associated Press article Andrew Osantowski claims he was bullied in his IM chat with Celia McGinty. In the partial chat transcript that’s been released the only thing he says about bullying is…

nazi_bot_sadistic:(expletive) bullied…made fun of….pushed….people can get away with murder

So I call bullshit on the Associated Press. Not to mention the fact that Andrew Osantowski attended Chippewa Valley High School for 10 days before he was arrested. How you can you have so much hatred for a school in such a small amount of time. I doubt he got the idea to shoot up a school in just 10 days. This is more telling as why he wanted to shoot up a school…

“I’m going to bring nightmares back to everyone, roam the land as a ghost still killing people,” Osantowski wrote. “I’ll have followers. I’ll be famous too.”

Just another mutant.

Celia McGinty was supposed to have testified today against Osantowski but…

“She really doesn’t want to see (Osantowski) face-to-face,” assistant Macomb County prosecutor Steve Kaplan said.

Can you blame her?

Her father, Sgt. George McGinty a Washington State University policeman, did testify saying that…

…his daughter left a printout of Osantowski’s messages with him while he was sleeping. He said he took it to work, read it and asked co-workers to follow-up with Michigan authorities.

3 thoughts on “Osantowski claims bullying. I claim bullshit

  1. jim says:

    cracking my knuckels and waiting for the trolls to come.(actually) I just made it so I will get all the future posts to this entry :mrgreen:


  2. KuJoe says:

    LoL, you have issues jim… glad you’re in Florida where your behavior is accepted and apparently abundent… 😛


  3. jim says:

    not so much issues… just dont have anything better to do till Jackie comes back 😎


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