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HOODWINKED: The Mumia Syndrome:

I normally don’t like to use World Net Daily as a source but this is worth reading. It’s actually a pretty good article about how the liberal left has taken stone cold guilty cop killing scumbag Mumia Abu Jamal and made him a social and political icon.

My favorite quote is this one…

The noise soon reached the sensitive ears of the international left, culminating in a visit to Mumia’s remote Pennsylvania prison cell by one Danielle Mitterand, the former first lady of the dependably gullible France. Indeed, in a defining moment of international tomfoolery, the city of Paris officially named Mumia “Citizen of Honor,” the first such honoree since artist Pablo Picasso 30 years prior.

It’s hard to take a country seriously when their most famous city names a cop killer a “Citizen of Honor”.

But it just goes to show you that the left doesn’t care anything about these little pesky things called facts. Like the eyewitness accounts that said Jamal shot Daniel Faulkner. Or the fact that the bullets from Jamal’s gun were found in Officer Faulkner and one of office Faulkner’s bullets was found in Jamal. No, the left would rather cry racism or conspiracy then let a cop killing scumbag be sentenced to death.

So the next time you see some liberal assclown saying “Free Mumia” remind him that at least he was afforded the luxury of a trial. Officer Daniel Faulkner was not. He was executed on the spot for committing no crime.

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