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Computer games train players to be violent?:

I guess it’s not just Americans who harp on the alleged links between video games and violence. Now we have a study coming out of Germany from the “Stuff that we pulled out of our ass Department” at the University of Aachen from renowned German scientist Klaus Mathiak which says that video games are training people to be violent. Mein Gott, here we go again…

Klaus Mathiak, of the University of Aachen, maintains he has discovered for the first time what goes on in players’ heads as a killer character lies in wait on a computer screen.

Their brains react as if they are treating the encounter as real, says the academic.

According to Dr Mathiak, when players know violence is coming, the cognitive parts of the brain become more active and during a fight its emotional parts shut down.

How did Herr Doktor measure these activities?

According to New Scientist, Dr Mathiak recruited 13 young men who played video games for two hours daily. He asked them to play the game while having their brains scanned using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Dr Mathiak studied how brain activity changed during violent interactions.

I’d be more inclined to believe him if he then dropped the subjects into an actual scenario of impending violence like Iraq or any violent big city neighborhood then compared findings. Most of these kids would probably crap their pants if they were in a real situation of violence.

At least the British are thinking clearly…

Last night, Mike McClure, director of public education at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said there were individuals who were susceptible to suggestions inherent in video games. But he added: “You would have to say it is a small minority. Most people can distinguish between them as a game and what they would be doing in reality.”

And that small minority has something wrong with them to begin with.

And as an added bonus a follow-up to Rep. Chuck Schumer’s snit over the game “25 to Life”.

According to the guys at Penny Arcade you can also play as the police. Notice that Chucky boy doesn’t mention that part.

Instead of worrying about the games themselves maybe scientists and politicians should worry about the parents that are letting these games into their houses for underage kids to play.

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