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Death Of Pensions? by Mumia Abu-Jamal:

This is an essay by convicted cop killing scumbag Mumia Abu Jamal (real name Wesley Cook). For those of you who may not know Jamal was convicted over 20 years ago for killing Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. He was given the death sentence. Now he’s revered by the radical left as some kind of freedom fighter.

This essay is about the pensions of United Airlines workers and along the way he has the nerve to call President Bush’s plan for Social Security a “social obscenity”. What I find to be a social obscenity is that they haven’t fried your ass yet. What I find socially obscene is the fact that you made Maureen Faulkner a widow with no regret. What I find socially obscene is that the radical left hangs on your every word like it came from God’s lips himself when you’re nothing more than a thug. What I find socially obscene is the number of people from the Hollywood elite who would dare champion your cause yet they pay no attention to the family of Daniel Faulkner. What I find socially obscene is the fact that you’re still breathing and a good cop isn’t.

I normally don’t literally celebrate someone’s death but when they finally strap you to the gurney I will dance a merry jig.

See you in hell.

For the truth go to

9 thoughts on “Social Obscenity

  1. Joker says:

    If you take life, yours in turn should be forfeit.


  2. Ogre says:

    I cannot understand why I have been paying to keep this scum alive for 20 years.


  3. DaneBramage says:

    Who gives a rat’s asshole what “mummia” thinks. He is a murderer who has bamboozled a number of folks into believing he is something special.

    “Buddy, I think you’re scum.”—Robocop


  4. jim says:

    wasnt he the same cop killer that Rage Against The Machine were supporting some time ago ?


  5. Trench says:

    That’s the one. 👿


  6. Joker says:

    That band always annoyed me, and it wasn’t just their music.


  7. jim says:

    I actually liked their first album… I just can not support a group of people who support a cop killer. I have a lot of family and friends who are cops… so fuck Rage 👿


  8. morpheus says:

    I’m hate that Rage support Mumia Abu-Jamal when the evidence is so overwhelmingly against him, but I do like some of their other points they make in their music.


  9. jim says:

    I hate when celebs think their statis in the media makes them an important voice at all. Didnt that dumb C*NT, Rosie O’Donnel support a muderer too ?


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