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Cruise ‘not welcome’ in Paris:

Normally I save the Scientology bashing for another blog but this time I have yet another bone to pick with French government…

THE Paris city hall has pledged not to make US actor Tom Cruise an honorary citizen – because of his membership of the Church of Scientology.

In a debate late yesterday, the Socialist-controlled municipal assembly approved a resolution “never to welcome the actor Tom Cruise, spokesman for Scientology and self-declared militant for this organisation”.

But do you know who is an honorary citizen of Paris? Convicted cop killing scumbag Mumia Abu Jamal.

While I agree with them that Tom Cruise is nothing more than a cult recruiter it makes no sense to reject him as an honorary citizen but it’s fine to make a cop killer one.

You can’t be an honorary citizen if you have wacky religious beliefs but kill all the cops you want. Nice message you’re sending. Then again maybe they were afraid that Tom Cruise would ascend on Paris with an army of Scientologists and they’d have no choice except to surrender.

TOF to Stig Mata.

2 thoughts on “Scientology: Bad. Cop Killing: OK.

  1. GrumpyBunny says:

    Surrendering is their only choice. Ever.


  2. Alyric says:

    He wouldn’t need an army, he’d need a rusty fork and three chickens.

    Anyway, scientology is creepy. Fortunately it’s still illegal most places in Europe (at least, last time I bothered to check), but they’ve managed to expand into Canada, and they actually successfully intimidated the FBI into stopping their investigation.

    Someone seriously needs to put this cult out of commission. With extreme prejudice.


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