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McLaughlin Found Guilty In Rocori School Shootings:

John Jason McLaughlin has been found guilty in the shooting deaths of Aaron Rollins and Seth Bartell, but it’s not over yet. According to Minnesota law, the second phase of the trial will determine whether or not McLaughlin was mentally ill at the time of the shootings. If he is found mentally ill he could be found not guilty by reason of insanity but could be committed to the state mental hospital. If he is found to be competent then he’s looking at life in prison without the possibility for parole. Minnesota does not have the death penalty.

29 thoughts on “McLaughlin found guilty

  1. Suzie says:

    THe economics of the situation shows that the death penalty actually costs the state more than life in prison! Once a ward of the state, the appeals court costs are paid by the state. Putting this one derranged boy in prison does not stop the problem of
    bullying. Unfortuneatly in our media rich world, it just gives more boys ideas.


  2. jim says:

    “THe economics of the situation shows that the death penalty actually costs the state more than life in prison!”

    That’s because they live long happy lives before they are put to death. If they were killed right away the cost would be substantially lower.


  3. Trench says:

    Yeah, and people with life sentences never file appeals they just happily serve out their sentence with a smile in their hearts. And putting this kid in jail is not supposed to solve the nullying problem. It’s to punish a killer.


  4. Rocori Mom says:

    As Suzie stated: “Putting this one derranged boy in prison does not stop the problem of bullying.” If you follow the case, even the psychiatrist herself said that Jason quite possibly made it up that Seth was “bullying” him. Fact is, Seth never teased him to begin with!! 🙄


  5. kungfunurse says:

    Life in prison without parole. Pfft. Dollars to donuts, this kid will be on the streets in ten years on some “rehab” program sponsored by the state. By then he’ll have learned all about how to commit bigger, better crimes from his buddies on the inside. He will have had hate and fear drummed so thoroughly into him that he will never be fit for human interaction again.

    Not that he is now, mind you.

    OTOH, stats show that violent and hate crimes spike whenever a state sponsored execution occurs. Punishment, justice, vengance, whatever you call it. It’s not gonna stop this from happening again.

    Wake up parents!!! Teach your kids some morals for God’s sake! Hug them once in a while! And for all our sakes, lock up your god-damned guns.


  6. jaci says:

    i think that if you guys are not personally involved in the situation that you should mind your own business before you pass judgement. NO ONE knows what really happened between Seth and Jason and no one will. I just hope that this never happens in your family otherwise all of this awful crap you say about people and families you dont know, you wont have to say to yourself. Remember people for every finger you point there are three more pointing back at you. Most of you make me sick.


  7. Trench says:

    Are you personally involved Jaci?


  8. Suzie says:

    I disagree, schools continuously look the other way while verbal bullying goes on. Schools put the onus on the victim of bullying
    to prove what has happened. Schools/parents expect the student
    to stand up for himself. When the victims act out they get in
    trouble. Kids lie to protect themselves and their friends. We worked all
    year to expel a student who was physically and psychologically
    bullying another student. It took that long to get the evidence
    necessary. But, the main victim had to endure getting punched in
    the face, hit in the head with rocks, choked etc. as well as the
    verbal attacks.


  9. Bunny says:

    Who do you guys think you are to judge someone you don’t know? And why does everyone keep trying to place the blame on the parents? I know many wonderful parents who have wonderful children and occasionally one bad seed. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good or bad the parenting is. If you are a parent you should know that you don’t have total control of what your kids are going to do. Also some of the worst parents have the most exceptional kids. So how are you people going to place blame on any of the parents. Do you think Seth would have told his parents that he was picking on some kid at school? No. Do you think it would have helped Jason feel any better if he had to tell his parents that he was hearing voices? Probably not he was probably scared of being more of an outcast.


  10. jaci says:

    bunny you are so right. what 15 yr kid wants to tell someone that they hear voices? i sure wouldnt that would just make it more obvious that i was different. i wouldnt want to tell are also right about the parenting. i know that there are many things that i have done that was against what i was taught but that happens with all kids. some of the most exceptioanl kids become some of the biggest druggies. it is not a matter of parenting this is a matter of a mentally disturbed child that very obviously needs treatment not prison which will corrupt his mind even more. just stop to think what if this happened in your family. would you still say send him to prison let him rot. woul


  11. Trench says:

    You still haven’t answered my question Jaci.


  12. jaci says:



  13. Rocori Mom says:

    Telling your parents something is wrong is not telling the whole community–therefore, you wouldn’t be considered an outcast by telling your parents you may have a problem. The parents, after three years of this “emerging” mental problem never noticed anything? How sad.

    And, Jaci, our whole community is personally involved. I was there that day waiting for hours outside that school to see if my own son was alive or not. My living room was full of senior kids waiting and wondering what happened with Aaron immediately after the kids were let go, too. Yes, there are three families horrifically changed by this one series of events unfortunately, our justice system may never have the right answers for what to do with Jason that would please all. Even more unfortunate is the fact that Seth’s and Aaron’s parents don’t have a choice in the matter of their sons. 😥


  14. Bunny says:

    Yeah, so you think that Jason’s parents have a choice in the matter of their son??


  15. jim says:

    Who are we to judge a asshole who murders for any reason ??? we are Americans who have every right to our opinion. This was a crime second only to child rape in utter disgust. And I would pay for tickets to see this kid shot in his town square (if there is one.. I’ll settle for pay-per-view though)

    speaking of opinions…
    So Jaci and Bunny ? have either of you considered suicide ? its all the craze and it helps stop the stupid people from using up our air :mrgreen:


  16. robin says:

    And Jim sounds like you might be one of the stupid people using the air. Really But i don’t see you following your suggestion.I suppose stupidity like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder? you have taken things beyond the subject and should step back and review where you are taking things.


  17. jim says:

    I know where I stand, and I know that your argument in both blog threads continues to get more and more idiotic. I can only hope to offend you enough that you crawl back under whatever rock you originally came from.
    I have lost all hope that anything could make you bright enough for everyday activities (e.g. thinking, chewing gum, etc)
    But hey !! look on the bright side… the driver of the short bus thinks you’re special.


  18. Bunny says:

    You Are A fucking retard you fucking Troll, I hope all those fucking goats on the other side of that bridge come and tear a brand new fucking hole in your ass!! Fuck the chewing on cans, they’re coming to get you troll!!!


  19. Tonic says:

    From what I have read the people who should be locked up are all those who pass judgement and resort to calling others “stupid”. Not only is that immature but not any different from what Jaosn did. Yes Jason sinned but so does everyone everyday. No sin is any greater than the other. The only difference is Jason is mentally disturbed and you are not.


  20. Trench says:

    It’s funny how Bunny and Tonic both posted from the same e-mail address. I’m sorry but some sins are greater than others. There’s a huge difference between say child molestation and shoplifting. Just like there’s a difference btween voicing one’s opinion and shooting someone almost between the eyes. The only mental disturbance Jason has is that he’s a sociopathic liar.


  21. shos says:

    okay you guy kinda’ got off track don’t you think? back to the facts, Jason claims Seth “teased” him, there are no witnesses, in fact it has been stated by their teachers that on a few occasions Seth went out of his way to encourage Jason in gym class ,ect. secondly everyone has been so quick to claim sympothy for Jason cuz he was “teased” get over it everybody !! Even if Jason was teased it does not give him the right to take the lives of two young men!! does nobody get that?! And who has stated that Jason dosen’t need help? thats pretty much a given, no normal person is going to into a school with the obvios intent to kill at least one person. everyone knows this screwed up kid needs help, but that dosen’t meen he dose’t have to face some consequences for what he has done.


  22. robin says:

    not anyone has said Jason doesn’t need consequences to fit the crime. All the debate is over the harsh words of Jim. I think we just want Jason to get help. Never has anyone one of these comments said they didn’t agree it was wrong that Jason shot them. All we are saying is it doesn’t help to do more bad, help the boy, when he,or if he is helped then he will realize what he did and know he needs to pay the penalty. Forgiveness doesn’t mean it is ok, it means I love you, or I understand,lets help to make it not happen again. If Jason had always made trouble or was always in trouble then maybe I would think there wasn’t alot of hope, but that is not the case.Everyone feels for the victim families, but I am a firm believer that things happen for a reasn, not maybe ever fully know the why’s of the reason, but none the less for a reason. Some accidents make no sense but they still happen and you learn something about yourself when it does. life isn’t perfect, but it is what you make of it that counts, and i ccan’t see hating someone so much that i want them harmed in a revengful mode. Justice will happen, it always does. Things just happen to come back around, it may take longer than some others but it will. In other words, don’t try to make it your vendetta, it is not your fight.Jason will pay for all he has done and so will you and I.


  23. jim says:

    harsh words ? Harsh doesn’t even begin to describe my words for this little fuck. I have no nice words for murderers… I have no nice words for people of such an evil caliber and I have no nice words for sympathetic ass clowns like yourself.
    ohhh lets feel sorry for the killer, he’s human too. His feelings were hurt when someone picked on his pimples or height… or the way he runs, the way his hair is combed, his grades… what the fuck ever.
    He has diminished his humanity and relinquished his rights as a citizen of this world. His life should be taken because he took lives. I offer no pity, no remorse, no kindness. My heart does not bleed for this prick and I think your a pile of shit for feeling that way.
    You have said in other comments “what if Jason was your kid… how would you feel” My answer… I would feel exactly as I feel now. But look at the other side of the coin you deranged bitch… what if that was your kid that took a bullet in the face. how the fuck would you feel then ? would you still want Jason to be coddled in a mental institution ? or would you want him dead ?
    While I don’t now… I will have kids someday. If my kid was one of the kids killed that day, I would have delivered justice myself. If my kid was at that school, I would be with state representatives right now making sure that the little fucker died, and that this couldn’t ever happen again.
    He can not be helped and should not be helped. to pamper him and coddle him in a nice cozy room with lots of good meds is utterly ridiculous.

    and what in the blue hell does this mean ?
    “Some accidents make no sense but they still happen and you learn something about yourself when it does”

    are you trying to refer to this as an accident ? please say I am misinterpreting that sentence.


  24. Rocori Mom says:

    Regarding Post #14 from Bunny… Yes, Jason’s parents have a choice in the matter of their son.. they can visit him.. they can see him live &amp breathe!!! sheesh


  25. robin says:

    ok Jim, You are really off.No way did i say this was an accident.I was refering to the many senseless accidents that do happen and they make no sense to anyone.We don’t know why they happen or what purpose they serve. And I would hope that if it was my child that got killed in any form that i would be trying very hard to think my child wasa in heavena nd would want me to forgive hima nd let God deal with him. I think it would be hard but i sure wouldn’t want to ruin my relationship with my Father by filling it wiht hate and revenge. So that is what i hope i would do, can’t say i could because it hasn’t happend to me,but I sure would try like heck to set an example, have tried to do that all my life so..say what you will, but don’t expect me to hammer the foul exchanges back at you. Get over yourself.


  26. jim says:

    DO NOT fill me with your phony sudo-christian forgiveness rhetoric. Its too easy to be forgiving when the person murdered has nothing to do with your life what so ever. If that were my child, and you tried to feed me crap about the bible, I’d shove a bible up your ass.
    You can refer to god all you want… but, hmmm. lets see what the bible says about murder.

    commandment #7 YOU SHALL NOT MURDER !!!! exodus 20:13

    Nuff said.


  27. robin says:

    obviously your not being filled Jim, but thisis for opinions, you have mine, get over it


  28. jim says:

    “Get over it” what a finale… Is that how you lose an argument ?


  29. robin says:

    don’t think i lost, everyone has opinions, yours is just bigger and uglier.sorry its bigger than you since you can’t get over it.


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