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Pregnant Philadelphia woman missing for 9 days:

Please take the time to read the accompanying article and look at the picture…

Police in Philadelphia are searching for a 24-year-old pregnant woman who has been missing for more than a week. Latoyia Figueroa was last seen on the afternoon of July 18 in the area of 59th and Walton.

Figueroa, a 5-foot-2 African American, is five months pregnant and has a 7-year-old child. She has long, dark brown hair and brown eyes and two tattoos — an angel on her right wrist and her daughter’s name on her left arm.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Philadelphia Southwest detective division at 215-686-3183.

The Philadelphia Citizens Crime Commission has established a reward fund for information about the whereabouts of Figueroa. Santo Montecalvo, vice president of the crime commission, said that as of Wednesday morning the fund was up to $10,000.

63 thoughts on “Latoyia Figueroa

  1. Mike says:

    Although this case has been bullied onto the national news to prove a point about race and media by political opportunists like Richard Cranium, it never was a case about a missing woman and is not national news. There is nothing particularly unusual about this case. She is an inner-city African-American/Latino woman, living a more than unconventional lifestyle in a high crime area, and now she’s missing–big surprise. Furthermore, this story is hurtful to minorities because it has done nothing other than to reinfornce negative stereotypes: (1) LaToyia’s father and other relatives are barely literate (2) LaToyia’s best friend said: “She coulda been snatched up by anybody, or one of her baby’s fathas, or some guy she’s messin wit” (rolling eyes) and (3) rather than save up more money, LaToyia and Baby Fatha No. 2 took their money and bought fried seafood rather than pay the $35 co-pay for prenatal care. The Natalee Holloway case is national news. She is a beautiful young woman, with a full scholarship to the University of Alabama, who disappears on what would otherwise be a dream vacation to an island resort with the lowest crime rate in the world. Big, big difference, in every respect. I hope LaToyia returns home safely, although I doubt it. In the end, however, we should not have to have our national news littered with this story. I assure you the end result will only cause more embarassment and humiliation, and it’s clear that national news anchors are annoyed by having to cover this story because they too, of course, realize it’s not national news. Wise up Cranium, this isn’t about you and your outdated political agenda.


  2. Trench says:

    My don’t your comments sound overtly racist.


  3. Mike says:

    If the comments are racist, that’s quite a commentary on your personal views of race. What exactly is racist? Let’s see how you associate things little guy.


  4. Trench says:

    Why are you going to argue sematics and debate the definiton of race?


  5. Mike says:

    The word is “semantics” and your post is otherwise unintelligible. The point here is that this woman was reckless and selfish. Rather than save extra money to make the co-pay for prenatal care, her and so-called “Baby Fatha No. 2” apparently spent it on fried seafood and a pack of Newports. This story is ugly, and a worse martyr couldn’t have been chosen to make the point about race and media. This was a case of blatant favoritism with her cousin the city councilman and uncle detective. More money has been spent on her than any missing person in Philadelphia history.


  6. Trench says:

    What is your source on the “pack of newports”?


  7. Mike says:

    I overheard several people speaking about it hence, “apparently” to the extent it matters. The fried seafood is equally as frivolous and harmful. This story is very, very ugly.


  8. Trench says:

    You overheard people? You wouldn’t happen to be from Philly would you?


  9. Mike says:

    Nope, from California.


  10. Trench says:

    Then who are these people you overheard?


  11. Mike says:

    People who seemed well-informed who were discussing the issue. Where are you from? What street do you live on?


  12. Trench says:

    Then it just sounds like nothing more than rumor to me.


  13. Jennifer says:

    Mike is an idiot…period. How can you say such negative things about this victim and her family. First, her family is not illiterate, they are hispanic and speak with hispanic accents. Secondly, how did you “hear” this information from reliable sources, when you reside in California? Why is the Natalee Holloway case national news, but not this case? The Natalee Holloway case is vey ugly too, because it says that a young woman about to enter college on a full scholarship did not have enough common sense not to get into a vehicle with men she had never laid eyes on. That too is embarassing because it shows her lack of judgment. She should not have been allowed to go to the corner store for a loaf of bread, let alone to an island resort, without supervision. Latoyia Figueroa has just as much chance of returning home as Natalee Holloway.


  14. Lynn says:

    Thank You JEN,

    Mike is beyond an IDIOT he is a complete FOOL that is RACIST TO NO-END. Mike did you ever take into consideration that what you may have overheard was FALSE and that you should not RUSH to JUDGMENT! Laytoia because she is African American/Latino, living in the ghetto her life and the life of her unborn child is NOT as valuable as Natlee Holloway Huh! Mike you know what, what is Ugly and Embarrassing is YOU – JERK! I feel for both families white or black their PAIN is the SAME their tears are the SAME, that gnawing pain in their stomachs is the SAME


  15. Shun says:

    Man, this is awful. Mike, I was taught to believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. I see two very beautiful women who have vanished. I also see society for what it is…society is not color blind nor are we. It just goes to show that black and white does make a difference. The only thing we should be worrying about now is the safe return of both parties. Pointing the finger and name calling is not going to resolve either issue. So to all who were lashing out at Mike…we are entitled to our own opinions, unfortunately for him, his are dumb as hell. Nonetheless, keep these two families in your hearts and in your prayers.:lol:


  16. T says:

    😀 Amen Trench,Jennifer,Lynn &amp Shun!!! People like to pass on rumors, its like the game
    telephone we played as children once the phrase gets to the end its a whole new phrase!
    So just think Mike your “reliable source” in Sunny California just may have been the last person
    in the circle which managed to traveled almost 3000 miles, what if that person is wrong and being
    that you ‘overheard’ this means they were not speaking to you at all you were just being nosy
    and could have gotten your facts wrong maybe they were actually talking about your neighbor.:idea:



  17. Steve says:

    What Shun said, yo. I frankly think the approach the allspinzone bloggers took was a little disrespectful of the person, Latoyia Figueroa, who didn’t want, probably, anything but to have her baby in peace. She didn’t ask for them to turn her into “symbol.” She’s a missing PERSON. Still, whatever allspinzone’s motivation, they essentially are doing the right thing.

    Essentially what Shun said.


  18. Mike says:

    In furtherance of my previous commments on this “story,” this case presents a miserable failure by left-wing, radical bloggers to bully a barely local news story onto the national news scene. As I’ve said repeatedly, this is not national news by any measure, and thankfully the national news broadcasts have dropped the story after just one or two days. This woman led a selfish, irresponsible, and dangerous life, just as her mother did, and she is now likely suffering for it in the same way. During the one or two days that this was on the news, the Natalee Holloway story did not receive quite as much attention as it usually had, but it is now back in the limelight once again because it is national news that people care about. No one cares about the LaToyia Figueroa case because it has nothing to do with the lives of 88 percent of the American public. Instead, the LaToyia Figueroa case is a clear and vivid reminder to the large majority of American families about how not to raise your children. LaToyia, who didn’t have even $35 between her and Baby Fatha No. 2 for the insurance co-pay for prenatal care, turned around and went out with Baby Fatha No. 2 and bought fried seafood platters. This, in spite of claims that she was “hard working.” This sort of behavior is more indicative of animals or savages than human beings. Let’s get our focus back people, and concentrate our efforts on Natalee and other deserving people and let God’s will take over the LaToyia case. The LaToyia case has been a huge embarassment to minorities and society as a whole–let’s drop it. It has reinforced every negative stereotype and now has nearly everyone saying: “Stereotypes are the rule–let’s not be confused by rare exceptions.”


  19. Trench says:

    What size white hood do you wear Mike? You have yet to address my accusation that everything you claim to be fact is just rumor.


  20. Mike says:

    Read the news little guy. It’s on the web for you to see. Additionally, your blog wouldn’t be receiving any attention if my well thought out comments were not here to view.


  21. Trench says:

    Care to provide any links smart guy?


  22. Denise says:

    The only reason Natalee Holloway’s case was such “big news” and received so much press, was not because she is going to college, her family is well spoken, she is white… The primary (re: ONLY) reason was because it was a story about a poor little white girl taken by these big, scary BLACK men. That’s it. Doesn’t any one find it a bit funny that as soon as the black men were ruled out as suspects, CNN just let the story fade? Actually, they fully DROPPED it.

    Also, MIKE, who care’s that LaToyia’s father doesn’t meet your standards in regards to English? Who the hell are you to talk about her “baby’s father”? So, because of these reasons, she doen’t deserve every chance of returning home safely to her daugter as Lacy Peterson and that other retarded chick that ran off? I am so disappointed in CNN, but they are fueled by people like you.


  23. Julie Dene says:

    I’m a white girl! And Mike you embarrass me. Go to another place to rap your crap.

    Now to what’s important:

    It is a shame when anyone goes missing. No matter where they are from or what their color of skin is. We all bleed red. Here in California, I hope that we do not have that problem. But, the nice thing is, we have the web. If the Media is not going to report things, don’t let that stop you from getting the news out. There are many other ways to get the ball rolling to find our missing Loved Ones. It is such a horrific feeling for someone to have to go to bed and not know where their child is. Horrific.
    When I come across items such as these, I’m compelled to copy the information with the pictures and start Forwarding them to my friends and then, they send them to their friends and so on.
    But, hopefully the Media gets involved in the story.
    As for “LaToyia’s best friend said: “She coulda been snatched up by anybody, or one of her baby’s fathas, or some guy she’s messin wit”
    That should not matter. No one has the right to take anyone away.

    My prayers are with the family and her little girl. I am angry for you.


  24. Leeza says:

    Mike you are really crazy. The bottom line is that two women who have every right to be here are missing. it doesn’t matter when where or how they spend money, how many men fathered their children, if any or where they come from. It doesn’t matter what their judgement was, from leaving with total strangers to catching a bus in an urban high crime area. You are a racist pig and you should pray that your attitude towards Latoyia doesn’t create bad karma for you and allow the same thing to happen to you. If you were abducted, should it be national news or should the importance that you went missing be based upon how educated you are or where you came up missing be a factor?


  25. Ahni says:

    For starters..i would like to address this mike person.
    In one of your post, You stated that Latoyia’s Father and other Relatives are barely “literate”. Before you point your finger at anyone, take a close look at yourself because you seem to keep using the word “baby fatha” its FATHER U DUMB BASTARD !Like trench asked, what size is your white hood? you still burn crosses in “Blacks” yards as well??. This is a serious case. We Have 2 young females missing and both families are in grief, because they have no clue if these two are dead and alive. Latoyia has a child at home who ask for her mother everyday and all you can do is talk down about have no clue what type of person Latoyia was. How can you judge her because she has 2 different baby FATHERS and she doesnt live in Mr. Rogers Neighbor. Do that mean she deserve to be missing? And how could you bring up the fact about her deceased mother who was murdered? Do you realize how many INNOCENT people who get killed for no reason at all and you have the nerve to bring that up, if i had one wish it would be to meet you face to face and spit in your face and knee you in your tiny nuts. It’s self centered bastards like YOU who makes this world a ugly place. i pray that God will bring Latoyia and her unborn child home safely.. and mike i even pray that God will have mercy on your black heart !



  26. Mike says:

    First, to this last loser, the reference to “Baby Fatha” is how LaToyia’s family and friends were pronouncing “father.” Do you mean to tell me that this reference, placed in “quotes,” didn’t tip you off? Are you even educated? Naturally, moron, if you read my work you can clearly see that I’m brilliant and live by Strunk &amp White. However, may I suggest a copy for you because your grammar is deplorable. I’ve never seen such a poor job of writing by an adult. Where are you from–Compton?

    The bottom line is this–despite all of you nitwits and your idealistic rants, this woman was a savage, and you people have failed miserably in your attempt to find her. She was a terrible mother from what I can gather, and simply was not a good person in my opinion. Toward that end, to the other idiot, simply run a Yahoo or Google search on LaToyia and seafood and you will see how she opted to stuff her fat, greasy face with seafood rather than save her money for prenatal care. And, to the other mental midget who was talking about “karma,” it’s fairly clear that LaToyia had really bad karma. Her family must have done quite a few people dirty for her and her mother to both end up dead. It’s God’s will obviously.


  27. Trench says:

    Well Mike, you’ve been a busy little troll haven’t you. I did a Google search for LaToyia and seafood and guess what came up. A bunch of comments on at least 10 other blogs or more made by you. The same comments that you post here. I actually did find an actual quote about the seafood you keep bringing up from here

    Police said Figueroa spent the morning of July 18 with Stephen Pouche, the father of her unborn daughter.

    The two left his redbrick row house and drove to Pennsylvania Hospital for a morning doctor’s appointment to check the health of her fetus.

    Neither of them had the money to pay the $35 insurance co-pay, so they left the hospital and drove back to southwest Philadelphia, police said.

    Before heading back to his place, the pair stopped off for some fried food at a seafood-takeout restaurant.

    Since you’ve obviously never been to Philly you can get seafood takeout in Philly for $5. They didn’t blow off the doctor visit because they wanted seafood. They couldn’t afford it. And you know what Mike. I let your racist ass prattle on long enough.

    Welcome to Bansville, population: You.


  28. Trench says:

    What’s that Mike? I can’t hear you over the ban. 😆


  29. Denise says:

    So MIKE we meet up again. Just to let everyone know, this MIKE fellow has been posting his SAME COMMENT on a lot of other blogs word for word. Firstly, his comments are more indicative of cracker jack racists than God fearing American. He is more interested in skin colour then a potentially life and death situation, not only jeopardizing a young mother, but also her innocent unborn child. The whole CITY of Philly is thinking about and searching for this woman, and truth of the matter is that every day Asian, Spanish, Black… women of all races go missing, but according to people like this MIKE fellow, they are not deserving of media coverage. They are not all vulnerable like LaToyia, some have jobs, are in college, are getting or are married, but the are excluded from the news, because some white girl that is not even IN the nation (her ass is far, far away and as good as dead) is “missing”. While everyone else is thinking “too bad her parents didn’t teach her not to go sexing a bunch of strange men while on some far away island”, Nancy Grace is making her a martyr. A reminder of herself perhaps? Before I get off the subject, the bottom line is that stories a lot less worthy than LaToyia Figueroa’s were given national coverage, even when they were not even legitimate, and there was nothing any one in America or Canada could do for these women. My heart goes out to LaToyia Figueroa, and all the others who stay missing from the news, and I know that crackerjack up there does not represent all of you good people in the U.S. God Bless.
    This has been an ORIGINAL thought.


  30. Trench says:

    Now that Mike has been banned could we not polticize this please.


  31. Ahni says:

    Trench thankyou so much for sending “Mike” to Bansville.
    I just hope we don’t end up w/anymore dummies like “mike”
    my prayers still go out to Latoyia and Family

    God Bless


  32. Alyric says:

    I haven’t really been following this, I just now noticed the long list of comments. I hope she’s found unharmed, but I’d be lying if I said I was optimistic about the chances.

    Oh, and just for good measure…

    *hands Mike a swastika and white hood*

    Go burn some books or something.


  33. Ahni says:

    so question for EVERYONE…do anyone think that latoyia boyfriend and his girlfriend has anything to do with her disapparence..since he isn’t trying to help find her and since his girfriend on the side attacked latoyia just months before her disapparence?

    and also have anyone heard any updates on latoyia ?


  34. Octa says:

    yes Ahni, they are kinda suspect, but just because they had a confrontation with her, and they don’t care about her doesn’t necessarily make them suspects. If that was the case Mike would be a suspect too. No updates, every one is sooo caught up in the media (or lack of it) aspect. Can I just remind everyone that “media attention” has not helped ANY young ladies come home safely lately??


  35. Ahni says:

    Thankyou Octa for answering my questions and also pointing out some things to me. I also notice that the media attention is slacking when it comes helping young missing women return home safely. I also notice when a missing woman is found dead, the media seems to run the story to the ground. I’m here in Cincinnati Ohio and they are still running stories on Laci Peterson. Instead of Latoyia. I really feel that her story should be ran across the country just in case she was kidnapped and kidnappers took her into another state. It happens !


  36. Mike says:

    I’ve struck hard on the Daily Pepper today.


  37. Trench says:

    Back to the cornfield with you.


  38. Ahni says:

    Ugh…how did mike make his way back here?:neutral:


  39. ronin44x says:

    Hey Mike, as you were describing how beautiful and promising Natalee is you forgot to talk about how drunk she was how she was all over a man she just met and the fact that she wasn’t 21 and she was drunk. I am not saying she deserves anything bad but as I read what you wrote and how you put down the other seems to be a huge difference


  40. Ahni says:

    ronin44x THANKYOU for pointing that out to him…i agree w/u about she dont deserve anything bad to happen to her. but i do agree w/u could he put down Latoyia for missing for an unknown reason but give natalee the highest praise..when she entered a car with not only a man but MEN she didn’t even know from tom, dick, or harry. either way it goes its a sad case. but i feel more for Latoyia because she’s pregnant and also have a 7yr old daughter at home waiting to see her mother.


  41. ronin44x says:

    I can’t believe that some one can justify harm to another person as he did. Neither person raped, murdered or molested anyone, as far as we know, so they don’t deserve any harm to them. I wish the best for them and their family and a special prayer for her little girl


  42. MadMailer says:

    Boycott the news stations for 72 hours!!! Let’s see what happens!!! The only time we are the focus of news reports is when we are being chased, commited a crime and when were being killed!!! I bet our persence will be felt in the ratings!!!In case you are wondering…I AM DEAD SERIOUS!!!!!


  43. Mike says:

    Finally, it’s over!!! Thank God. I told you people. This woman’s dangerous lifestyle finally catches up to her just as her mother’s did. If you people worked harder, she wouldn’t have ended up dead. Read all of my posts and learn from them. Also, the next time you USE a missing woman for one of your political causes, actually do something to help find her. You people, and your lack of REAL effort, have LaToyia’s blood on your hands. When you go through your day today, and every time you look into the sky for the rest of your life, think of me, think of LaToyia, and think about what little you really did to save her.


  44. Mike says:

    Time to get a new cause–losers.


  45. Trench says:

    You’re a sick son of a bitch Mike. I hope you rot in hell.


  46. jade says:

    Mike – i hope you burn in hell and i hope someone sends you there really soon. then we can blame it on your lifestyle. you stupid fuck.


  47. jade says:

    excuse me…you stupid racist fuck. i forgot that part. my bad.


  48. Bobbie says:

    Listen all, i am here today after finding out that LaToyia has been founda and passed i hope that you all see that we should not be angry at mike for him being so small minded. God sees everything and he can see him. Mike is obviously trying to get a rise out of everyone, some people were never important in life and in order to be noticed they have to fight or argue or even sound plum cruel. Mike doesnt go to be at night wishing that this page would end, i am sure he gets on every morning in hopes of someones comment striking a match. Mike you may speak well but you are not smart. The people writing on this page are not dumb, they are far wiser than you. You feel big you feel mean and tough with all of this the blood is in your hands crap but you know you are weak, so weak that you use a womans dissapearance as a game of who oyu can make the maddest. what if the tables were turned? what if you were her brother? what if your sister or mother or daughter were kidnapped and killed.? WOULD YOU WANT SOMEONE TO TALK LIKE YOU ? We dont know your life we dont even know that you dont live the same lifestyle. so what if they call there babys fathers baby fatha # 2, does a person not deserve empathy because of how they were raised, i am not saying that you are racist and i am not saying your not but you have never been in her shoes or her friends so judging them because of of their grammer is not very smart so try to refrain from clainming you are. I am very smart, i am a 20yr white woman i work for a very large loan company i am attending college and my daughter is biracial, her family on her fathers side is the same as the victim and i can tell you if she said babys fatha that would not lower her intellect, her value in this country and if you said one of the things about her that you have said about the poor womans whos daughter is now without a mother and could possibly read what you have written some day , i would hunt you down and put you through the same thing this girl went through, but mind you no one woulkd care about your dissapearance either


  49. michelle says:

    :lol:I don’t understand this Mike guy @ all.. My sister Niqui McCown has been missing for four years and she worked for the state of Ohio ,student studying criminal justice, aspiring to be a FBI agent mother,bride to be becamea missng per on July 22’2001Niqui protected this country and now the justice system has let her down.. Laytoyia family is lucky after the police found my sister truck three months later and said foul play was involed that was basicly it for my sister .. We have tried to get her story nationaly and was lucky to geget unsolve mysteries to do a story.. But Rita cosby nancy Grace john wash have all turn us down we wonder why.. My sister even has a illness and still nothing.. But one thing as we know she isnt preg I guess you have to be preg. white , or rich to get help.. My sister daughter finally speaks out now she is thirteen and tell all parents to kiss ther kids every night for it may be thew last time.. Why cant we get the help all the others have got after all my sister helped protect thi country as a corecctional officer for four years and has much time andexperience in the crimnal justice .. Well thats my story and I hope someone can read this andd help my family. mechellemccownluster@yahoo.come God bless you all


  50. michelle says:

    I hope mike can see no media should be a tool for all families not just some four years later nothing for my missing sister.. The media helped Laytoyia familyb a moth later she found.. My families still lives with know kind of closure just hopes we will fine her alive..My heart goes out to her family


  51. ahni says:

    Tragic again has struck and took away another young woman. my prayers go out to her family and friends and also her daughter. i cant image what her father is going through to lose his babygirl and his unborn grandchild. as for Latoyia’s supporters, just ignore this mike person. he is a sick person who is crying out for help and attention and just as bobbie said, he uses this site to get the attention that he is crying for. he is basically a waste of time so ppl please don’t use your energy on this loser when your energy can be used for something worth using it for, trust me…he wouldnt be good enough.
    as for michelle…my prayers also go out to you and your family as well in the search of your missing sister. i reside in cincinnati ohio. do you guys have a site posted where her picture can be seen?..


  52. Trench says:

    Yes Bobbie, if you’d like to share the information I will post it on my site as well and I’ll contact Steve Huff to see if he’ll do the same.


  53. meme says:

    Man I wonder how Mike would feel if that arm that washed up on Venezuelas coast ended up being Natalee’s
    What have you done to save her Mike?


  54. meme says:

    If thats her arm, would you say that her dangerous lifestyle caught up with her??
    Im dying to hear what your response would be if that was the case.
    Mike, you really need prayer, all you seem to focus on is Latoyia’s lifestyle but your in denial about Nataless’s lifestyle, heck you wont even admit to what she was doing the night she disappeared.
    So take your comments elsewhere because its self centered and arrogant.
    A family is without a daughter, sister, cousin and losing a loved one is a terrible thing to go through. God bless you Mike, because you need prayer and God’s everlasting mercy on you..


  55. ahni says:

    look at what i ran across:Update, 9AM: According to local news reports, police are now saying that Latoyia’s boyfriend, Stephen Poaches, was caught red handed trying to move her body about 1AM this morning and is in custody. Though he had not been named as a suspect, police had been following his movements.

    Update, 10AM: NBC10 is now confirming that the remains were that of Latoyia, and that Stephen Poaches was caught in the act of ”discarding her body”.
    i pray to god that the system don’t fail Latoyia and her family. i hope this sick bastard die in a slow painful way. i hope he screams for his life as i bet Latoyia did. and i hope his life will be takin away, just as he took away her life and her unborn child life. may he forever rot in hell…i pray that god will NOT show mercy for this sick ass bastard !!


  56. Octa says:

    Wow ahni you were so right (about Latoyia’s boyfriend). I guess nobody wanted to think that he could actually do that to the mother of his unborn child. This story is now very reminiscent of the Laci Peterson case. Well at least know she can be laid to rest, and her familiy can grieve and heal, unlike that other missing woman whose name I can’t recall right now.


  57. michelle says:

    Hello , thanks to all who wrote to me about my missing sister NiquiMcCown ..if anyone wants to read about Niqui and all the hell my family has been threw go to any search engine and type in Niqui McCown .com or Marilyn Niqui McCown.. Niqui has been missng for four years . My father just past away last year on his death but he asked us to keep fighting for his baby.. The stress took him away.. If any know how I can get national help from the media please help it seems cases are handel different when the media helps.. We have tried for four years now Niqui daughter is thirteen.. Someone out there help my family Godbless all Michelle mccown luster a sister fighting back..If you know in good attorney that help fight back with the family please help


  58. ahni says:

    Yeah Octa..his story wasn’t adding up at all to me. i seen his picture for the first time last night on the news…..he made me sick to my stomach..i cant believe he would kill her and THEIR child…i hope they put him in a cell with someone really crazy..a person who would beat the hell out of him EVERYDAY just because they’re bored and after he go through so many beatings..then they need to take his ass str8 to the table and eject him to end his life:mad:


  59. Trench says:

    Sorry Michelle. I have a no phone number policy on my site. It’s just inviting trouble to list your phone number. However I will post an entry on Niqui on the front page tonight.


  60. Marilyn Niqui McCown

    One of my readers on the Latoyia Figueroa thread came forward and said that she too had a missing relative. A commenter by the name of Michelle said that she is the sister of Marilyn Niqui McCown. She has been missing since July 22, 2001 when she disa…


  61. michelle says:

    sorry trench I’m just sceaming for help when it comes to Niqui, With Niqui we dont know if she is dead or alive .. Its just that not knowing .. However the police say foul play is a factor .. But thank you ffor you help Michelle


  62. Trench says:

    It’s the least I could do.


  63. ahni says:

    SHE WANTED the baby and he didn’t.

    Stephen Poaches was so upset that his former lover wouldn’t get rid of their unborn child he strangled her inside his West Philadelphia home, Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson said yesterday.

    Poaches, 25, confessed to police Sunday night to killing LaToyia Figueroa, Johnson said. Just a day before, cops nabbed Poaches in Chester as he went to the site where he had allegedly dumped her body earlier. She’d disappeared more than a month ago.

    “He strangled LaToyia,”

    Do u know this punk confessed of killing this woman and their unborn daughter “Nyla”
    and the only thing that is been done right now is that is he sitting in jail w/o bail..his preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 31….AUGUST 31ST !! a whole week from now…his ass need to be strangled. how can he kill her for wanting the baby…i see his other girlfriend is still living and she just had his baby..i see she gets to see her child grow..while Latoyia’s DAUGHTER will forever mourn the lost of her mother and her baby sister he dont even deserve a PRELIMINARY HEARING…i hope they kill his dumb ass..i never in my life wish death upon a person..but i hope they will send him to hell….i wish they would post pictures of Latoyia all in his cell..where she will be the first person he see when he wakes up and she’ll be the last person he see when he falls asleep


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