Gas Panic

This is the first time and last time you’ll see me talking about gas prices unless to tell you what some assclown did because of it.

Now I’m sure this is going on all over the south tonight but I specifically want to address the people of Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas who rushed to the gas pumps today because of the downed pipelines of Louisiana…


You’re all a bunch of fucking idiots.

You all panicked thinking the area was going to run out of gas. So what do you do? You rush to the gas pumps to quicken the depletion. Did you ever think to conserve gas? How about driving less? Maybe not using your car’s air conditioner. No, you didn’t. You bought into the fucking hype. And I really wonder how many of you had an actual urgent need for gas and how many of you still had 3/4 of a tank.

If Charlotte runs out of gas it’s your fault.


Marvin Osantowski pleads guilty

Father of teen in Chippewa Valley High threats convicted:

Andrew Osantowski’s father, Marvin Osantowski, pleaded guilty to one count of receiving and concealing stolen property worth $1,000 to $20,000. This was in reference to a golf cart that Andrew Osantowski stole. What gets me is that even though he won’t likely face any jail time he’s looking at a max of 5 years. Meanwhile, his son who was stockpiling weapons to shoot up his school only got 4 1/2 years. If by some bizarre chance Osantowski the elder gets sentenced to more time than his son then there is something seriously screwed up in the state of Michigan.

McLaughlin gets consecutive sentences

Rocori shooter gets consecutive sentences: (Log in info)

From the article…

Rocori High School shooter Jason McLaughlin was sentenced in St. Cloud today to a life sentence and a 12-year prison term for killing two classmates in September 2003.

McLaughlin, 17, must serve at least 30 years of the life sentence he received for the first-degree murder of Seth Bartell, 14. He also must serve at least eight years of the 12-year sentence for the second-degree murder of Aaron Rollins, 17.

38 years minimum. For those of you who think that’s too harsh for a 17-year-old just remember, Seth Bartell and Aaron Rollins were given death sentences and they committed no crime.

Kim Bartell Addresses Shooter

Mother of Rocori victim calls for long prison term :

Families of the John Jason McLaughlin’s victims, Seth Bartell and Aaron Rollins, addressed McLaughlin today. Here are some quotes from the article…

Asked what he would do differently if he could relive Sept. 24, 2003, Rocori High School gunman John Jason McLaughlin said recently he’d simply get closer to one victim before he shot him.

But I guess he still would have shot him?

Kim Bartell’s voice rose in anger as she referred to the statement McLaughlin gave to corrections officials after his conviction in July in the deaths of her son, Seth Bartell, 14, and Aaron Rollins, 17.

McLaughlin has no remorse for what he did, she said. McLaughlin, she added “would have carried it out better, meaning to me he would have come out better. Not Aaron. Not Seth.”

And Aaron Rollin’s family…

Aaron Rollins’s mother, sister, and father also took the stand. At one point, Aaron’s father, Tom, held up a large family portrait taken before Aaron died.

“Jason handed us all a life sentence without parole, and he should get the same,” said Sherry Rollins, Aaron’s mother.

And some info about the sentencing…

At issue is whether McLaughlin will serve his sentences consecutively or concurrently, and whether Kirk will give him a harsher sentence for the second-degree conviction in Rollins’s death.

McLaughlin already faces life in prison on the first-degree conviction for Bartell’s death, though he can be considered for parole in 30 years.

Sentencing guidelines call for 12 1/2 years for the second-degree murder conviction.

Let’s hope the word of the day is consecutive.

John Jason McLaughlin's sentencing today

Victims’ families to have their say:

John Jason McLaughlin, the kid who shot and killed Seth Bartell and Aaron Rollins at Rocori High in Minnesota, is scheduled to be sentenced later today. Under Minnesota law family members of the victims have the right to address McLaughlin to describe the emotional, social or economic harm they’ve suffered. Tom Rollins, his wife Sherry, and his daughter Rachel plan to address McLaughlin as does Seth Bartell’s mother Kim. I’ll have news on the sentencing as soon as I can but you may want to keep your eye on this thread as someone may post the sentence here.

Louis Jourdain to be tried as juvenile

Jourdain to be tried as juvenile:

Louis Jourdain was the 16-year-old kid who was arrested in connection with the Red Lake school shooting. The charge was never announced since he is a juvenile. Now according to family members of Jourdain, he is going to be tried as a juvenile. So we may never know what Louis Jourdain is being accused of.

The Blacklist: Pedophile Haters Unite

I haven’t done a Blacklist entry in a long time. They were mostly political. Ever since I’ve been focused on the “crime blogging” I’ve been shying away from politics. However, Steve Huff did an entry today about a pedophiles’ webring over at Xanga. Let me give you a taste of what Steve had to say…

I’ve been debating even writing this blog entry because there are two sides to the idea of linking anything to do with these blogs, none of them all that obvious as to what their owners are at first. I decided that to link individual blogs wouldn’t be a good idea, but I was so disturbed by the following that I felt I had to at least make the reader aware — particularly if you are a parent to a child who might be old enough to show an interest in blogging. Until yesterday I had no idea such a thing could even exist — pedophile blogrings.

Steve goes on to give a vivid description of some of the members’ blogs. Rather than rehash that here I suggest you read his entry. What sickens me most about this is that Xanga, for the most part, is used by kids and teens. And while Steve did a great entry about this cancer that exists on the internet I’m going to try to do him one better. The Blacklist isn’t about talk. It’s about action. I am going to contact Xanga to see if they are aware of these blogrings and if they’re man enough to do anything about it.

I’ll let you know if I get any response. You can contact Xanga about abuse here.

Esmie Tseng's website

I originally told you about Esmie Tseng here. She was the 16-year-old girl from Kansas who allegedly stabbed her mother, Shu Yi Zhang, to death. At that time I asked if anybody knew what her website was. I got an e-mail giving me a link to her Livejournal which according to the e-mail was shut down by a friend of her’s that knew the password. I did a little more digging and I found a Google cached version of her Xanga site. Nothing of any great note. Nothing that would lead you to believe the crime she’s been accused of committing.

Insanity plea for James Lewerke

Lewerke enters insanity plea:

For those of you who don’t remember James Lewerke was the kid from Valparaiso High School in Indiana who slashed five of his classmates with a machete and a tree saw. Luckily none of the injuries were serious and no one died. As of now, he is being tried as an adult. However, defense attorneys have entered an insanity plea for Lewerke. You might think I’m going to jump all over the defense attorneys on this one but you’re wrong. I think that this time it’s more than likely a legitimate defense. The reason I think that is first off I’ve heard no real motive come out of this case. No excuses made by the defense or otherwise. No bullying. No rejections. No previous behavioral problems. The only thing I’ve heard so far is some rumblings that he allegedly heard “voices from God”. So I think for once we may have a legitimate case of insanity. I’m not saying that’s 100% true but with the facts that I have at hand, I don’t doubt it at this time. Also, defense attorneys are trying to get the case moved back to juvenile court.

Andrew Osantowski: Addendum

Just some tidbits about Andrew Osantowski.

Here is his profile with the Michigan Department of Corrections.

And here is his Yahoo Profile where he still is linked to my site. It looks like he still has net access because that picture has changed. It used to be this picture…

Anybody else recognize the shirt he’s wearing? That’s right it’s a t-shirt from now-defunct white supremacist record label Panzerfaust Records. And if he still does have net access which it appears he does and he still has links to white supremacist sites and the like then it seems like he hasn’t learned his lesson.