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Steve Huff is at it again. Shining the light of justice into the darkest corners of the internet. Man did that sound cheesy. I kind of sounded like The Tick just then. Anyway, Steve has discovered some more blogs run by pedophiles. This time from the host Blogsome. Here’s a snippet from the blog in question…

Boylove is about unselfishness, our own feelings come after our young friend’s feelings and we are there to help them, to give them somebody to talk to, a mature and responsible figure to admire and look up to. Many boylovers participate in mentoring programs and such because we only want to help. We would not want to do anything detrimental to a boy’s health, but rather aid his development. The common myth that a boylover is a man lurking around the playground with pockets full of candy is wrong. There are more boylovers out there than you think: teachers, doctors, lawyers, politicians…

Of course, I’m not going to link to the actual blog but trust me, I’ve seen it and it disgusted me. The guy even has pictures of little boys in bathing suits on his blog.

Hopefully, since Blogsome is based in Ireland they actually will take steps to do something about it because I know the Irish people have a low tolerance for this kind of thing.

Still no word from Xanga.

7 thoughts on “Diary of a Pedophile Hater

  1. jim says:

    sick sick fucks


  2. Steve says:

    Get ready. I found the ultimate sick fuck’s blog today, and I’m linking that bastard… since he’s already in jail. Only nowadays do we get the opportunity to compare and contrast blogs by one man accused of serial child murder and the most heinous form of child rape and another dude who is alleged to have raped a BABY. Oh, this is a strange, troubling world in which we live, y’all.


  3. Trench says:

    Considering I don’t think I’ve ever seen Steve use profanity this must be really bad.


  4. Alyric says:

    I honestly don’t want to know. At least the bastard’s in jail.

    As an aside, I haven’t heard from Xanga yet, either.


  5. Em's Mom says:

    Now if only the government would put these sick bastards in jail and leave them there!


  6. angeldrughead says:

    im irish and the irish do have a low tolerance of this stuff. granted we dont have too many sickos in irelandas nearly everyone are farmers and spent their lives living in the very cottages they were born in, ” yes i live here and it is as sad as that sounds, but lets not get me into that topic or well be here 4eva.”
    Anyway that site sounds evil and wrong and that mentally twisted jerk should be hung up by his testicles, presuming he has any seeing as hes such a feak


  7. jim says:

    I know Ireland has its problems… but no one likes the place they live. Considering how things have been going here in the states, Ireland doesn’t sound so bad (even in Belfast)


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