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Without truth there is no justice

Sweet taste of vindication, It turns to ashes in your mouth.—Megadeth

I finally got a response from a Blogsome admin. about the pedophile blog, I told you about…


I’m away on vacation and almost didn’t open your mail as it might have been spam. I’m glad I did. While I haven’t looked at the blog you mention below, I have asked my team in Dublin to deal with the matter. Obviously we abhor anything along the lines of paedophilia and will delete such blogs as soon as they come to our attention.

Thanks for your email.

I checked to see if the blog in question is still there but it is not. So it’s a bittersweet victory. On one hand, it’s good that there is one less avenue for a pedophile to engage in his sickening habit. On the other hand, it goes against everything that we’ve been told by Mike Schuler.

At least we know Blogsome cares about kids.

4 thoughts on “Ashes in your mouth

  1. jim says:

    way to go :mrgreen:


  2. Anne Britz says:

    Mike shuler is a fruit loop. He couldn’t tell a FBI
    from, you’ll excuse the term,a monkey in a trench coat.


  3. Trench says:

    You got a grudge Anne?

    Are you a creeper?


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