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September 11th is not a good day in American history. Not only was it the day of the deadliest attack on American soil but 24 years ago today one of the Columbine gunmen Dylan Klebold was vomited forth from his mother’s womb. And like I presented to you last Friday the mutant worshippers of this cowardly scumbag had birthday wishes for him…


Hey Dylan!
Congrats on NBK man! I know it didnt go the way you wanted it but it was closeSo 24? Big man! To bad your dead! Youd be one hott mofo!! Hell! you were when you were alive!! Anyway I wanted to wish you a happy b-day, and tell you that Ill be celebrating by turning 16! Haha your only 8 years older than me… nadda lot! haha

Happy BDay Sexy!

Because as we all know mass murderers are sexy. πŸ™„ Are today’s kids really this stupid? I hope this mutant is just an annoying minority.


Man, i wish we could have met before you did your mission with Reb, then we could fuck the world up together. I swear, on day, it will be fucking HELL ON EARTH! 24 years old, hum, you might don’t even give a fuck now, and i hope for you that you are not burning in hell… No… i guess you are nowhere, exept in some memories. Be patient

Mission? No. It was nothing more than a killing spree. Missions are for soldiers, not cowards. At least this mutant realizes that his hero is burning in hell.


Your a very special person to many. I hope somehow you know this wherever you may be. I can’t even begin to express, how much you’ve helped me in my life. You will forever be cherished.
Happy Birthday VoDkA!!<3

If a mass murdering scumbag helped your life then it must be really fucked up. You might want to get some real help instead.



I’m glad you’ve finally found your ‘wam place’. You’ve done so much for me, and for many others as well. I hope your family, and you as well, have a day filled with good memories and the kindest smiles for you. You’ll be in our thoughts- know that many people care about you.

Happy, Happy Birthday, Dylan.

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀


He might not have found a “wam place” but we all know where his “warm place” is. Could it be…HELL!!!


Dear Dylan,

I want to wish you a happy 24th birthday today. You were a very special person to all of your family and friends, and I know that they are all keeping you in their hearts today. All of us are also keeping you in our hearts, and we wish you the best birthday ever.

Webmaster of (some mutant website)

Ok, I added that last part because I’m not about to give free advertisements for mutants. Klebold was not a special person. He was just a cowardly killing psychopath. What about the family and friends of the true 13 victims? I bet they’re not celebrating this cowardly scumbag’s birthday.

And like I said before if these were all just teenage kids it might be dismissed as just a phase. But some of these people are adults. Are your lives so unfulfilled that you have to live your lives through mass murderers? Do you still hold on to high school even though it’s years behind you? You should have dropped the “woe is me” attitude the day they handed you the diploma. Or the day you dropped out.

And parents, any one of these could be your kids. Do you want to be the next parent that’s being reviled in the media? No? Then do something about it.

19 thoughts on “Birthday in Hell II

  1. Erin Monahan says:

    Mind blowing. I’d understand, to a certain limited degree, if these were notes from family – but this is utterly unbelievable.


  2. jim says:

    Didnt even bother reading them… just posting to keep an eye on this thread.


  3. UziQ says:

    I always thought that after you were DEAD that BIRTHdays kind of went out the window!!
    Death does end the aging process, dumbasses.


  4. Sassy says:

    What the? This whole attraction that people have to killers is simply mind blowing to me. I will bever EVER understand!


  5. SueJ says:

    It is un-flippin-believable!! Oh yeah, they both sure did find their “warm place”!!


  6. GreatMahoo says:

    This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the generation to which I belong is full of pretentious assheads.


  7. Manglehand says:

    Did you ever read something so incredibly stupid, that you just lose all hope. It’s good to know that these girls who love the decay of western society will end up with a wife beater. Nothing would be better then knowing a fan of dylan and eric is stuck in a never ending, abusive relationship. I wish i could record the sound of the slaps rolling off of you’re face. I would loop and listen for motivation. Most fans of these wastes of good air are young braindead drones, who are trying to justify not commiting suicide by latching on to another braindead drones cause. If you can honestly say you wanted anything but death for these cowards and everyone like them, you are nothing more then a trainable retard, and you should wear a helmet, constantly. You wouldnt want to knock anymore dumb into yourself. People like you will only exist until they learn to detect you’re condition in the womb.


  8. Manglehand says:

    Oh yeah, OPIE AND ANTHONY ARE ALIVE AND WELL ON XM SATELLITE RADIO.:shock::shock::shock: Also, the opening of this page refers to the birth of scum bag#2 as being “vomited forth from his mothers womb” This is so exact that i had to mention it again. Also very funny. Thank you trench.


  9. jim says:

    O &amp A PARTY ROCK !! :mrgreen:

    Ok, now that you have quoted little jimmy… whats your real opinion ? πŸ˜†

    BTW… I dont think this counts as an assault on the media πŸ˜†


  10. Manglehand says:

    I had to. Fit the subject


  11. jim says:

    LOL, is it little Jimmy’s birthday again ? πŸ˜†


  12. Manglehand says:

    LOL Krinkle Krinkle:wink::wink:


  13. Manglehand says:

    It’ll be a pat battle for supremacy:grin:


  14. jim says:

    you just get into them with XM or did you listen to them on WNEW ?


  15. Manglehand says:

    Since WNEW. WYSP In Philly. It was a tragic day when they got “canceled”. They replaced them with tom likus for a few weeks there, which blew. It was great during the don and mike battle. I just got lil jimmy’s signed poster from He really does have a horrible chin.:lol::lol::mrgreen:


  16. Manglehand says:



  17. jim says:

    its ok, I have that in my bookmarks anyway. That,,, I am a member of wackbag… you could call me a fan :mrgreen:


  18. Manglehand says:

    Yeah, i could tell.I just recently got online. I am brain dead when it comes to computers. I just got on whackbag, but i forgot my password. Horrible.:grin:


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