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Friends pack courtroom for teenager accused of killing mother: (log in info)

Esmie Tseng, the 16-year-old girl who is accused of stabbing her mother to death appeared in court today. I’m amazed and confused at the amount of support she is receiving. Is there something more to this story that the media isn’t reporting? I’d like to hear from someone who is closer to this than I am. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

Anyway, Ms. Tseng stated that she was not getting along with her court-appointed attorney, Robb Edmonds, and may want a new lawyer. Her father disagreed…

Her father, Tao Tseng, who sat directly behind her during the hearing, told the judge that he communicated very well with Edmonds.

I trust him, Tao Tseng said.

He said he also was concerned about advice his daughter may be getting from others. He did not elaborate and did not speak to reporters when he left the courthouse.

The judge advised her to rethink her position on her lawyer because she doesn’t know anyone better she could assign.

Getting back to what her father said I wonder what advice his daughter could be getting and from who. I have an idea but it’s pure speculation on my part. Teenagers think they know everything. I should know. I was like that when I was a teen too. She could be getting advice from friends that fancy themselves better lawyers than those who actually went to law school. I’ve seen this happen in court before where teenagers thought they knew more about the law than the judge. That didn’t help them any.

The father is an enigma to me. I’m getting two impressions from him. Either he’s got a really good head on his shoulders and wants to do what’s right for his daughter or that he could be a controlling type.

Esmie’s attorney gave notice that he may be filing a mental health defense which is almost becoming standard in teen trials.

The next court appearance for Esmie is scheduled for Oct 12th.

2 thoughts on “Esmie Tseng In Court

  1. vasilisa says:

    im working on a famous kansans project and I need info about Esmie could you please help me


    1. The last I had heard she was working for some sort of anti-death penalty advocacy group.


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