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Web site urges that teenager be tried as juvenile in slaying: (log in info)

According to the article friends and supporters of Esmie Tseng, the Kansas teen accused of stabbing her mother to death, have set up a website in support of her at According to the site, their goal is to keep the case in the juvenile courts while prosecutors want to try her as an adult. Or as they put it in their words…

If Esmie is convicted in the juvenile court system she can get the care and help she needs and 7 years from now could move on with a normal life. If her case is moved to the adult system, the likely penalty for this 16-year-old child will be life in prison. Read Esmie’s bio, and what those who know Esmie have to say, and you will understand that sending this kid to jail for life would constitute not one but two terrible tragedies resulting from that August 19th afternoon.

Personally, I think they’re jumping the gun here a little bit. By their own admission details about what happened that day are almost nonexistent. Saying that she needs help and care and letting her move on with her life is a bit premature. If it turns out that this was nothing more than a cold-blooded killing then she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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