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McGill investigates alleged sodomy ritual:

It seems that forced sodomy disguised as boys being boys isn’t limited to American high schools. Now it seems Canadian Colleges have been doing it for years. It turns out that McGill University in Montreal has a nasty little “tradition” known as “Dr. Broom”. An 18-year-old player states that he was assaulted by veteran players of the McGill Redmen football team. Rather than give you a breakdown of the situation I’ll just repost quotes from this article from The Globe and Mail…

On Aug. 27, the last day of training camp, he said all the newcomers were told they had to go to the campus dining hall. Veterans announced they’d be subjected to their “examination” that night.

Toward the end of the meal, he said, one of the veterans entered the room clutching a broom. “The veterans were shouting ‘broom, broom, broom,’” he recalled. Meanwhile, two rookies were singled out to simulate oral sex on one another in their boxer shorts, he said.

After being ordered to take off their shirts, he said, everyone was ordered outside, told to hold hands, and sing as they skipped down to the gym.

“They [the veterans] were taunting us, saying, ‘Look at the fairies. Look at the gays,’” the rookie recalled.

He added that all the rookies were ordered toward the campus’s darkened squash courts and told to hold a penny on the wall with their nose.

“They said, “Drop the penny, and it’s another inch with Dr. Broom,’” the teenager recalled. “Then one by one, they took us out of the room. I was taken out to another room.”

In the second squash court, six football veterans were present while another group was in the stands, pelting him with large exercise balls and jeering. The rookie was told to take off his pants. Three times, he said he refused. Finally, he was threatened.

“One of them said, ‘Do it or we’ll do it for you.’ I said ‘No, I wasn’t raised that way.’ They said it doesn’t matter.”

The rookie said he relented, dropping his pants but keeping on his boxer shorts. He said he was put on his hands and knees and told to bite down on a dog chew toy made of rope. Then they began counting down as they held a broom handle.

“They were poking me on either side of my buttocks cheeks,” he said. “Then, they made contact with my rectum with it. They were kind of pushing back and forth and applying pressure.”

He was not penetrated with the broomstick, but it did hurt, he said.

Could that whole ritual be any more homoerotic? Actually, I take that back because these “rituals” are an insult to homosexuals. But seriously, what is with athlete’s obsession to humiliate their younger teammates with these prison rape fantasy rituals?

And of course, the team captain is denying such allegations…

The captain of the McGill Redmen football team has said although rookies were taken to the squash courts, the allegation is a “complete lie.”

“We would never do anything like that, ever — no alcohol, no one was completely naked, no one ever complained until now,” said Matt Connell.

“Anal probing of any sort happened to absolutely nobody,” Connell told CBC Radio in Montreal on Thursday.

And what did the school do?

Redmen coach Chuck McMann suspended five players for one game and one player indefinitely for breaking team rules.

Do schools actually expel anybody any more?

At the time that the article was printed no charges had been filed yet.

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