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McGill won’t act until hazing investigation over:

No real news out of McGill University in Canada. Just that the administration is saying that no further disciplinary action will be taken until their internal investigation is completed. What I found interesting was this quote from team captain Matt Connell…

The captain of the McGill Redmen, quarterback Matt Connell, called the player’s allegation a “complete lie,” although he did say rookies were taken to the squash courts.

Connell told the Montreal Gazette he feels it’s unfair to scapegoat one player.

“(The initiation) was a team event, 98 per cent of the team was there and everyone was partaking. What we’ve been reading in the media has been one-sided, allegations from one individual, guarantee we’ve learned a hard lesson and have paid a big enough price already.”

Connell said the headlines have taken a toll on the team.

“Personally, I’ve been one of the people targeted and I haven’t been able to make one class this week,” he said.

“I’ve been dealing with the press non-stop. It’s been difficult, but at least with football, it’s a few hours to clear our minds.”

Saying that the rookies were taken to the squash court and nothing happened is kind of like Jeffrey Dahmer saying “I lured those men back to my house but I have no idea how they ended up in my fridge.” And the allegations may be from one individual but how many more over the years have been too afraid to come forward. I mean we’ve already heard previously how the victim was even warned about “Dr. Broom”. And boo freakin’ hoo that you haven’t been able to make it to class. The poor rookie has dropped out of McGill because if what your team allegedly did.

You know I wonder if Mr. Connell had to endure any probing from Dr. Broom when he was a rookie.

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