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McGill footballers apologize to rookie for hazing: (Log in info)

Members of the McGill University Redmen football team, including indefinitely suspended member James Poston and 20 team veterans, have sent a formal letter of apology to the unnamed victim of the “Dr. Broom” hazing ritual…

“It was never mine or the team’s intention to humiliate or ostracize any member of our team brotherhood,” the letter from Mr. Poston says. “The long-standing ritual is designed to be a team bonding experience which all members of the team underwent, it is not designed to be a hazing ritual driving new team members away.

There’s a long-standing ritual of anally probing someone with a broomstick? How is that designed to be a team bonding experience? I guess along the lines of “We all share this horrible shame and let’s never speak of it again.” kind of bonding experience. They say it’s not designed to be hazing. Right. And Jack the Ripper’s knife was designed to cut the crust off of bread. The letter continues…

“However, we fully [accept] that the emotional and psychological stress it induces may not be the best way to forge relationships with new team members.”


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