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Once again I’m late to the party but hey I run three websites so sue me. Anyway, it appears that Esmie Tseng is still updating her LiveJournal through a friend of her’s on the outside. Here is a copy of her friends only entry dated 9/2/05…

Hey, Kids—
Missing you all lots. If you could, Lex, pass this on to the rest of the BVN masses…

How much drama am I missing out on? If at all possible, fill me in a little…

The basics are here. Food is great—the JDC is sure to keep our appetites filled to the top.

A substitute for love? Humans are simple creatures…am I wrong?

Walls are so bare. No color here, and you know I love those colors…

The staff is pretty cool. Like mommies and daddies. I’m at a sleep over. I get my own room.

The nice thing is that there is such a variety of people. I can hear and feel the heart and soul, and I just want to grab each one for a typical philosophical discussion.

Court is September 13, 2005. There are so many weird and basic restrictions here. Toilet paper, lights, individual voice are all so oppressed…

I have never been one to complain but it’s almost as though we’re considered less human in the bland walls of the JDC. Humans need to feel to accomplish any of their potential, and if taking that away/limiting that right is called justice, then…? I don’t understand how one can ever assert that what we call punishment is as productive as society has so strongly established.

Do we become better people after a sentence? How many of us truly learn from our mistakes? Can we really justify assigning the same punishment to two different offenders, so easily and obviously different in history, mindset, loves, habits, intelligence, physique, hindsight, reasoning, Etc.?

I just don’t understand how society has so easily dumped on its own. All of which are so unique and deserving of any opportunity in such a vast world into such a blue and basic bucket? It seems redemption is an aspect impossible to achieve, no matter which end of the spectrum of extremity that the crime is on. We all have such varying degrees of motive and passion and such, but it just seems that diversity has been ignored.

I hope I’m blind and only have seen some of this world’s existence. I hope.

❤ Esmie

This does not sound like someone who either stabbed their mom to death or someone who is incarcerated. Not that I’m a professional or anything but this seems very sociopathic to me.

Nod to The Cellar for the tip.

4 thoughts on “Esmie Tseng Still Blogging

  1. Marz says:

    Yeah, well sociopathic she migh seem, she’s enjoying life in the free world again.

    (Removed social media links)


    1. That’s more than her mom can say.

      BTW, I removed your links because posting social media links to someone who has been in jail for murder can lead to harassment.


  2. Marz says:

    Rightfully so and thank you. I did not know.

    Reading up on you other posts concerning this subject I gather she was under immense pressure. Still no justification for murder but I guess she did the time and we better shut up about it and leave her be.


    1. Which is why I haven’t blogged about her in 12 years.


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