Taber shooter in same type of facility he escaped from

Taber killer back in T.O.:

The Taber, Alberta school shooter is back in an open-custody facility in the Toronto, Ontario area. The shooter who is unnamed by the Canadian media, but we know as Todd Cameron Smith, previously escaped from such a facility back in August. He was allowed to go to a halfway house even though Canadian authorities still believed he posed a threat to the public. At that time of his escape, Smith vowed that he would not be taken alive. Luckily he was recaptured without incident. So what do Canadian authorities do? Put him back in the same kind of facility he escaped from before. Was there no additional punishment at all for his first escape? Oh, I’m sorry, he received a suspended sentence for his escape or as they call it being unlawfully at large. What would they have done if he killed someone while he was unlawfully at large? If Canadian authorities still believe that he poses a threat to the public then he needs to be put in a secure facility.

William Freund

3 fatal shootings, zero explanations: (Log in info)

I caught this story over the weekend while on vacation. 19-year-old William Freund donned a cape and paintball helmet and went on a killing spree with a shotgun in his Aliso Viejo neighborhood in California…

Freund is believed to have entered the Smith home through an unlocked door, and then shot and killed Vernon Smith, 45, and daughter Christina Smith, 22, Amormino said. A son, whom neighbors identified as Brandon Smith, 20, escaped from the home without being injured, he said. Vernon Smith’s wife, Denise, was at work at the time of the shooting.

Freund then turned the weapon himself.

No motive has been given as of yet but neighbors have described him as “the quiet type” and “a loner”.

Scott Dyleski Round Up

I’m technically still on vacation but I’m on some downtime right now so I thought I’d post updates on the Scott Dyleski situation. One report states that Scott Dyleski went to his girlfriend’s to have sex after the murder. So if he did commit the murder of Pam Vitale that would go along way in showing his callousness towards the crime.

Then Scott Dyleski’s mother, Esther Fielding, was arrested on accessory to murder charges. Then the charges were dropped after Fielding agreed to testify against her son. Which leads me to believe that there must be something to the charges against Dyleski since his own mother has agreed to truthfully testify against him.

Another report states that one of Esther Fielding’s acquaintances, Kim Curiel, says that Scott Dyleski committed the murder because Dyleski’s 13-year-old border collie was struck and killed by a driver in the area and that Dyleski may have mistaken Pam Vitale for the driver that killed his dog. Even if that is true that’s even worse than the marijuana equipment/stolen credit card allegations prosecutors are using. A mistaken identity revenge killing over a dog makes him an even more mentally disturbed and dangerous individual than the original accusation.

Evidence Found at Scott Dyleski's home


I know I’m supposed to be on vacation but I thought this was important…

Detectives found a blood-stained glove in a vehicle parked in front of the home of Scott Dyleski, the 16-year-old charged with murder, court documents say.

The county crime lab determined Oct. 17 that Vitale was stabbed and bludgeoned by somebody wearing gloves. Investigators found the glove after Dyleski’s arrest Oct. 19.

The warrants say investigators also found clothes soaked in “red-tinted” water in the home of a neighbor, Gerald Wheeler. He and another neighbor, Joseph Lynch, gave investigators samples of their hair.

Pity the Nazi?

Victim called suspect ‘Nazi’:

This is more information on the trial of Eric Schorling who is accused of stabbing Nicole Lambert in the back in the halls of Romeo High School in Michigan.

This seriously can’t be the strategy the defense is using…

A girl who was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend inside Romeo High School had teased him by calling him a “Nazi” due to his swastika tattoo.

“You knew it bothered him, that’s why you called him a name, isn’t it?” said attorney Arthur Garton, who is representing Eric Schorling in his attempted-murder trial, to the victim, Nicole Lambert, on the stand in Macomb Circuit Court.

“Yes,” Lambert, 17, testified.

“(I) just teased him,” she replied to another question. “People knew he had a swastika tattoo.”

So we’re supposed to feel sorry for him because Nicole Lambert called him a Nazi when he has a swastika tattoo. If the jackboot fits.

First off if you do consider yourself a Nazi you’re one of the lowest forms of scum on the face of the planet and you deserve any and all abuse that you get. Secondly, it’s still no reason to plunge a knife into the back of a girl you dated.

Eric Schorling is obviously a dangerous and deranged individual and needs to be put away for the longest time before he hurts somebody else. And here’s why…

A male Romeo High student said he saw Schorling “rapidly” move past him in the hallway and said, “Dude, I just f—— stabbed Nicole. I f—— stabbed Nicole. I stabbed her. I gotta go. I gotta get out of here.”

If this jury doesn’t find Schorling guilty of attempted murder then they’re f—— stupid.

Jourdain trial set for Nov. 14th

Red Lake shooting suspect’s trial will begin Nov. 14:

This is basically an article about how Louis Jourdain’s trial will start on November 14th. He was arrested in conjunction with the Red Lake High School shootings where Jeff Weise killed 7 people at the school after killing his grandfather and his grandfather’s girlfriend. As usual, not too many details are being released because Jourdain is being tried as a juvenile but popular opinion says he’s being tried for conspiracy to commit murder.

Prosecutors are alleging that Jourdain and Weise had worked on a plan for more than a year via e-mail and instant messages to kill Weise’s grandfather, steal his weapons and kill people at the school.

Since Jourdain was at the school at the time of the shooting I don’t know if this makes him an accomplice or if he had prior knowledge that the attack was coming. That’s just my opinion based on what the media is reporting. The truth may be entirely different and we may never know.

Eric Schorling trial starts

Trial’s focus is teen’s intent in Romeo stabbing:

Eric Schorling’s trial started yesterday. He is accused of stabbing Nicole Lambert in the back at Romeo High School in Michigan. Schorling’s attorney, Arthur Garton, is arguing that Schorling did not intend to kill Nicole…

“He never had intent to kill her,” Schorling’s attorney, Arthur Garton, told the jury. “We’re conceding great bodily harm. He did everything he could to avoid this. (But) he acted impulsively. He thinks like a kid. He acts like a kid. And he reacted like a kid.”

So let me get this straight. By plunging a kitchen knife in almost the dead center of her back meant he wasn’t trying to kill her? In what universe? Is this the best Mr. Garton could come up with? I hope they’re not paying him much. Let’s not forget that he escaped from juvenile detention in order to allegedly finish what he started. But I guess that was just to not kill her some more.

Scott Dyleski questions

I have some questions in regard to Scott Dyleski…

  1. For those of you who say I’m condemning Scott Dyleski because he’s “different” then why are you defending him just because he’s “different”?
  2. More than one angst-ridden teen killer that I’ve discussed (Esmie Tseng, Jeff Weise, etc.) have had LiveJournals. I know that there was a fake MySpace attributed to Scott Dyleski but I wonder if he had a LiveJournal. If anyone knows if he did please let me know. I wouldn’t mind the URL to the fake MySpace either.