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Man Gets Death for Killing Three in Ala.:

Devin Moore, the 18-year-old who was convicted for killing two police officers and a dispatcher, was sentenced to death. If you remember Moore’s attorneys tried blaming his actions on Grand Theft Auto. But the defense attorneys are already looking to appeal on the grounds that the video game “evidence” was excluded and the fact that the jury was all white while Moore is black. 🙄 An all plaid jury would have convicted him. He killed three cops. He deserves to die.

Take that Jack Thompson.

5 thoughts on “Devin Moore Sentenced to Death

  1. Alyric says:


    You kill a cop (or three), you get the death penalty. End of story.


  2. Alyric says:

    As a side note, it does seem odd that they’d use an all-white jury. You can’t honestly tell me that they couldn’t foresee the defense using it as grounds for appeal.

    I wonder if his attorney didn’t press the matter before the trial because he knew he had no case, and wanted the extra time (and money?) the appeal would take.


  3. Joy says:

    That’s what I think….going to make it about race,not what’s right and wrong.I really,really hate when

    that happens.


  4. Alyric says:

    You’d think the race card would have played itself out by now.

    I’m not saying racially motivated crimes don’t happen, but please, to try saying the jury only convicted him because he was black is not only weak, it’s cliche.

    Oh… and while we’re on the Jack Thompson subject…



  5. Brandy says:

    Okay for one ya’ll don’t
    know devin okay so dont go
    judging him… you know the
    bible says thou shall not judge
    Another thing yes I know what
    he was wrong but that doesn’t
    mean he should die because it is no
    one’s place except the god’s to
    tell us when our time is to go
    You don’t know what kind of life
    that he lived or anything else
    I am not trying to defend what he
    did or anything like that I just do
    not think that you should be judging
    Him because we all make mistakes


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