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A few months ago I wondered if Andrew Osantowski had internet access in prison since his Yahoo profile had changed since he was sentenced. I received an e-mail today from someone in the know who said that he does not have net access in prison but he has someone on the outside maintaining his internet presence. I was also sent a link to Osantowski’s MySpace account. Of course, I’m not going to link it but here’s a screenshot…


What smacks you in the face first? Why the swastika claiming white power of course. And like most MySpace sites the background makes it totally unreadable but that’s ok, I’ll translate…

Andrew’s Interests
General Neo-Naziism, spray painting swastikas, fertilizer bombs
Books The Threat of the Hitler Cult, Adolf Hitler, The Neo-Nazis This profile was edited with Thomas’ myspace editor™ V2.5
Heroes Adolf Hitler, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold

And if that wasn’t enough…

Andrew’s Blurbs

About me:
i’m 18 and am pretty anti social, i am very interested in Hitler and the Nazi’s. a while back i got in some major trouble but im back now and im ready to get my life back on track. if you want im me sometime my sn is nazibotsadistic

Who I’d like to meet:

What’s scary is that he has 100 MySpace friends. Do the MySpace drones just add anyone indiscriminately?

What’s even scarier is that when he says he wants to meet the McGinty’s he means Celia McGinty, the Idaho teenage girl who turned him in, and Celia’s father Sgt. George McGinty, who is a policeman in Washington who first alerted authorities to Osantowski’s plot to shoot up his school. Does that sound like a thinly veiled threat to anyone else?

For someone who is still obsessed with Nazism and the scumbags Harris and Klebold it doesn’t sound like someone who said this at his sentencing

“I am truly sorry for the things I have done. My family never raised me like this.”

“Whichever path leads to normalcy and freedom is the one I want to take,”

Just think, this unrepentant ball of hate will be out of jail when he’s 22.

UPDATE: The site is possibly a fake.

3 thoughts on “Andrew Osantowski's MySpace

  1. Alyric says:


    Hopefully the McGintys are aware of this. Is there any way to contact them, even indirectly, to make sure?


  2. Trench says:

    I’m sure all the persons involved know.


  3. SueJ says:

    Of course the path to normalcy and freedom is the one he wants to take! His version of normalcy is whacked though, to say the least.


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