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If tried as adult, daughter “doomed”: (Log in info)

Kind of a fitting headline don’t you think? Anyway, Esmie Tseng’s father has spoken out against his daughter being tried as an adult…

“If my daughter is tried and penalized with hardened criminals and recidivists, she will be doomed,” Tao Tseng said in the statement. “I have already been deprived of my wife. I am afraid I will not survive the loss of my daughter, a more devastating blow.”
Tao Tseng released the statement after a group that had organized to support his daughter asked him to comment, said Robin Scully, Tao Tseng”s attorney. The group, Concerned Citizens for Esmie, has a Web site at .

“He is obviously very, very concerned about his daughter,” Scully said of Tao Tseng. Scully said he was providing Tao Tseng with legal guidance and keeping him updated on the case. “He wants the best for her and wants her to be tried in juvenile court.”

In the statement, Tao Tseng said he was deeply saddened by the tragedy, but that he continued to love and care for his daughter and will do so for the rest of his life.

“If Esmie becomes a part of the adult criminal system, it will simply be another tragedy because her wonderful gifts and talents will without question be forever lost,” he said. “She has far too much to give to the world for that to happen.

“My duty as a husband has been abruptly terminated. I am hanging on only because my duty as a father has yet to be performed.”


Esmie Tseng was due in court today. A ruling on whether or not she will be tried as an adult may not be for another two to three months.

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