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McGill cancels football season after investigation confirms hazing:

McGill University has canceled the remainder of its football season in the wake of a report that confirmed hazing had indeed occurred after a rookie player alleged that he was anally probed in a hazing ritual known as Dr. Broom…

The university said its investigation concluded that “serious hazing including threats and intimidation, by comments and actions and by the use of demeaning, stereotyped epithets” did occur during Rookie Night on Aug. 27.

Interim provost Anthony Masi said contrary to some reports, there was no evidence of sodomy. But the university said the investigation “shows that the event did involve nudity, degrading positions and behaviours, gagging, touching in inappropriate manners with a broomstick, as well as verbal and physical intimidation of rookies by a large portion of the team.”

“This behaviour of the football team has stained the reputation of the McGill Redmen, McGill Athletics, and the university,” the university said in a release Tuesday.

The University also said that they would be taking disciplinary actions against certain unnamed individuals.

I applaud the University for canceling the rest of the season but when the team has a 1-5 record it would almost be punishment enough to make them play out the rest of season.

No word yet on if criminal charges will be filed.

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