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Without truth there is no justice

I’m technically still on vacation but I’m on some downtime right now so I thought I’d post updates on the Scott Dyleski situation. One report states that Scott Dyleski went to his girlfriend’s to have sex after the murder. So if he did commit the murder of Pam Vitale that would go along way in showing his callousness towards the crime.

Then Scott Dyleski’s mother, Esther Fielding, was arrested on accessory to murder charges. Then the charges were dropped after Fielding agreed to testify against her son. Which leads me to believe that there must be something to the charges against Dyleski since his own mother has agreed to truthfully testify against him.

Another report states that one of Esther Fielding’s acquaintances, Kim Curiel, says that Scott Dyleski committed the murder because Dyleski’s 13-year-old border collie was struck and killed by a driver in the area and that Dyleski may have mistaken Pam Vitale for the driver that killed his dog. Even if that is true that’s even worse than the marijuana equipment/stolen credit card allegations prosecutors are using. A mistaken identity revenge killing over a dog makes him an even more mentally disturbed and dangerous individual than the original accusation.

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