Richard Edgar Henderson Jr.

Family bludgeoned to death:

Earlier today I read the story of Richard Edgar Harrison Jr., the 20-year-old accused of bludgeoning his family to death on Thanksgiving. If you haven’t heard the story yet here are the details…

Police say Henderson told them he killed his 11-year-old brother Jake first in a bedroom.

Then he went to his 82-year-old grandmother’s bedroom, asked her to fetch something from a drawer and killed her.

He lured his father, Richard, 48, into the living room to play video games, and killed him there before beating his mother, Jeaneane, 42, as she sat playing poker on a computer in her bedroom.

“Henderson said he put the pipe in his bedroom, took a shower, wrote a note and spent the rest of the night lying in his parents’ bed staring at the ceiling,” a detective’s report said.

“Henderson said that he killed his family because they wouldn’t let him leave.

“He said that he was not angry at his family and that after he had hit his brother, he had to kill everyone.

“Henderson planned to collect money to buy enough drugs or poison to kill himself,” according to the report.

Henderson was arrested on Sunday night walking along a busy road and charged with murder.

But here’s the part that caught my attention…

In 2001, Henderson was part of a Columbine-style murder-suicide plan that was to have taken place at a local high school but was foiled by police, sheriff’s officials said.

Henderson, who was 16 at the time, was among four to six students involved in the plot, and was arrested on concealed weapons charges.

I couldn’t find anything else on the web about this without knowing the name of the school. And since Henderson was a minor at the time I doubt his name would have been mentioned in the press. If anyone has any information about this alleged plot from back in 2001 please let me know.

In the meantime maybe they’ll start dealing out harsher sentences for would be school shooters in order to avoid another situation like this.

Dr. Broom Fallout

McGill receives sanctions for hazing incident:

McGill University, the Canadian university that is home to the hazing ritual known as Dr. Broom, has had the hammer dropped on them by the Quebec Student Sport Federation in wake of the aforementioned Dr, Broom hazing scandal. To refresh your memory about the good doctor…

An 18-year-old rookie alleged he was sexually assaulted with a broomstick by a veteran player while others looked on and cheered. The rookie filed a complaint and left the university shortly afterwards.

Anyway, Mcgill has been fined $30,000, its team has been banned from having any home games televised in 2006 or 2007, they’ve been banned from hosting a Quebec conference playoff game in 2006, and the team will be on probation for a year.

I don’t know how McGill ranks within Canadian college football programs but if this were to happen in the states the NCAA would probably not even bat an eyelash.

Wrongful death suit in Red Lake?

Mother of Jeff Weise seeks to be appointed trustee:

The mother of Red Lake school gunman Jeff Weise has asked to be appointed as trustee for her son’s next of kin – a move that could be a precursor to a wrongful-death suit.

According to the article being appointed trustee would also allow access to information such as medical records or investigative reports.

For those of you who may not remember the circumstances regarding Jeff Weise’s mother…

Joanne Weise is still recovering from a brain injury suffered 6 1/2 years ago when she survived a traffic accident that killed the driver of the car she was in.

Now its just speculation at this point but if she is going to file a wrongful death I wonder who she could possibly sue. Has anyone seen Jack Thompson in the Minnesota area?

Red Lake families file motion to attend trial

Red Lake victims’ families seek access to Louis Jourdain’s trial:

Families of Red Lake school shooting victims filed a motion in federal court Wednesday seeking access to the trial of a juvenile arrested in the case, according to sources familiar with the case.

The government has filed a similar motion seeking to allow the families into the trial, one of the sources said.

So hopefully the victims’ families will be able to attend. And the media will be shut out.

No justice for slain firemen

Man Convicted in Pa. Fire That Killed Two:

This is a follow-up to last year’s story of firefighters John Taylor, 53, and Rey Rubio, 42, who were killed trying to put out a fire that was started when pot growing lights inside a wooden closet set fire to the house. Well, the pot growing and dealing Daniel Brough was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Here’s what kills me…

Brough, 37, faces three to 12 months in prison on each of two counts when he is sentenced Nov. 28. The jury rejected charges of third-degree murder, which would have carried six to 20 years each.

So two members of Philadelphia’s Fire Department are dead and the most this scumbag can get is 12 months? You can argue with me all you want that pot should be legal but the fact remains that it’s not legal. Therefore these two firemen basically died during a commission of a crime.

It’s a travesty and a grave injustice to the memories of John Taylor and Rey Rubio that Daniel Brough will be a free man once again in less than two years. Daniel Brough will get to go home to his family. John Taylor and Rey Rubio won’t.

Your winner and STILL Champion…

Group ranks most dangerous U.S. cities Camden, New Jersey, named at top of list:

For the second year in a row the cesspool on the Delaware known as Camden, NJ has been named the most dangerous city in the U.S. Camden beat out Detroit for the second year in a row. Damn Detroit. Can’t you win at anything? All kidding aside I’m actually pissed about this. Camden is much deserving of this tag. It makes New Jersey look like a horrible state. I grew up in New Jersey and I’m damn proud I grew up there. Unfortunately, cities like Camden and Newark give the rest of the state a bad name. Cities that are just across rivers from Philly and New York make people think that all of New Jersey is like that when in reality New Jersey is a very beautiful state filled with beaches, farm country, and very nice communities. So thanks again Camden for making my home state look like crap to the rest of the country.

A parent who gets it

I’ve said before I don’t do this for the recognition. Every time I get some kind of national recognition it’s usually bad. I don’t do this to become a Higher Being on The Ecosystem. I’m very happy being a Flappy Bird. I do this mostly to get a message out. A message to parents to be mindful of their children’s’ activities, online and in the real world. How many stories have we seen from Columbine to the present day where the parents had absolutely no clue what was going on in their own house? That’s why I switched the site from the black background to the beige background to make it more appealing to parents. Some days I feel like banging my head against the wall after reading story after story where it seems like parents were oblivious to their kids’ activities. But then every once in a while I get an e-mail like this…

I discovered your site after the recent murder of the parents by the 18 yo in PA. I read their online blogs, which I then followed their links to other online blogs and discovered a very frightening world used by todays youth. My only thought is the same i have read several times in your writings…where are their parents? As a parent of young children this has left me feeling a range of mixed emotions from extreme saddness, to anger, to disgust, to utter hopelessness. I have always known these things existed but to read personal diaries and blogs from first hand perspectives of todays youth really brought it front and center for me. I have read things about drug use, girls with eating disorders, sex….you name it. And not only the words….but the images!!! These kids actually have their pics up!!! I would never keep a diary growing up because I KNEW my mom would find it….not “IF”. I am just thankful to have found this now….my kids computer use is still limited to the Jumpstart games thank God! But not knowing is no excuse for parents. This is their JOB as PARENTS!!

I gave up my career to be a full time mom to my kids and after reading this I feel insanely guilty by gambling with their lives everyday that I send them off to school… SCHOOL for crying out loud!! It is not supposed to be this way.

Anyway, my main reason for writing this is to APPLAUD you for what you are doing. People need to be informed and as painful as reading these stories are they need to be read and burned into EVERY parents brain….they certainly are mine.

Thank You!

No Gina. Thank you. Thank you for letting me know what I’m doing is actually making somewhat of a difference and that I’m not doing this in vain. Hopefully, your e-mail can serve as a wake-up call to even more parents.

This time the pleasure was all mine.

Esmie Tseng revisited

Friends argue 16-year-old girl needs help, not prison, following her mother’s murder:

This is another story that I’ve been following here. It’s the story of Esmie Tseng, a 16-year-old Kansas girl who is accused of stabbing her mother, Shu Y. Tseng, to death. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a chance to post the previous entries since The Great Website Meltdown of 2005. What makes this story attention-getting is the support she is getting from friends and strangers alike who do not want her tried as an adult, which is basically what this article is about. I have yet to hear an official motive for the killing but it may be because I haven’t researched too hard. I just post dribs and drabs of what I get through the media. However, Esmie’s mom has been portrayed as this overbearing mother putting way to much pressure to succeed on her daughter…

“Her mom leaves a note on her bed that basically said, ‘If you don’t take the state championship, we’re taking the piano away,'” Horwitz said. “(Esmie) puts in (her journal) a couple times that the only thing that defines her is piano and her escape from life is to sit down and play Bach for a few hours.”

While her mother sounds like a control freak it’s still no reason to stab her repeatedly if that is, in fact, the motive. Unless I hear a better explanation of why she killed her mother I have no problems at all with her being tried as an adult.

Preliminary cause of death for Eddie Guerrero

Past drug use may have killed wrestler:

The cause of Eddie Guerrero’s death hasn’t been officially released as far as I know but his widow Vickie did issue a statement about it…

The widow of World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Eddie Guerrero told the organization Tuesday that preliminary tests show he died of heart failure.

“It was from his past — the drinking and the drug use,” Vickie Guerrero said on “They found signs of heart disease. [The medical examiner] said that the blood vessels were very worn and narrow, and that just showed all the abuse from the scheduling of work and his past.”

If I remember correctly Eddie is being buried today, if he hasn’t been already, in a private ceremony in Arizona.

If you go to they are selling Eddie Guerrero commemorative t-shirts for $20 with all proceeds going to the Guerrero family.

Vaya con Dios Eddie.

Campbell County Victims Update

School shooting victim’s home burglarized:

How bad does this suck? On the day assistant principal, Jim Pierce was shot by Ken Bartley Jr. that night his house was broken into and an ATV, a rifle, an air compressor, and several tools were stolen.

“We have several leads; the detectives have worked extensively ever since that happened, fingerprinted the residence and tracked down many leads,” said Campbell County Sheriff Ron McClellan.

There’s a special place in hell for thieves like that.

Campbell Co. principal released from hospital:

At least we have some better news here. Principal Gary Seale was released from University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville.