Michelle Dohm Transcript

Thanks to L. from Lost in Lima Ohio I now have the transcript of Michelle Dohm appearing on MSNBC. For those of you just joining us, Michelle Dohm is a Maryland teacher accused of stalking and threatening some of her own students. The transcript itself can be found here.

She really didn’t say anything of consequence but I do have to take her and her lawyer to task for two quotes from the transcript. First from her lawyer…

MORROW: Well, I think the explanation is probably a lot simpler than it would appear. I think that if you look at the rather juvenile nature of a lot of these notes, it would appear to be someone who is in the 6th-grade range. The fact of the matter is that it was probably something that was intended initially as a practical joke and unfortunately has been blown out of proportion. I think that’s what we may find when all of the dust settles in this case.

I think the odds of the notes being written by a 6th grader are slim to none and slim just left. Usually, 6th graders are usually around 12 years old. I really don’t think a 12-year-old would write a threat like “Tick-tock, tick-tock, is it a bomb or is it a clock? You ignored my note on the van. Now I will carry out my plan.” They would sooner write something like “Im gona kil yew”. More than likely these notes were written by an adult. Now, remember, some of the notes were traced back to Dohm’s printer. Now whether or not the notes were written by another teacher or other school employee remains to be seen.

And Ms. Dohm had this to say about herself…

DOHM: In all the years that I’ve been teaching, I’ve been the kind of teacher where a lot of kids like me. Parents like me. I have a lot of friends in the community, people who are really supportive of me, even right now. And I really can’t think of anybody in particular. All I can think is that it’s somebody who—maybe there’s jealousy involved with the boys and with me. I really don’t know.

Not according to the comments I’ve been receiving from people in the Thurmont community. The opinion is from the comments I’ve received is that she’s a very pushy and overprotective parent and these threats are the result of some kind of social ostracizing against her son by members of the little league team.

That’s all I have for now. More details to follow as they become available.

More on Michelle Dohm

Md. Teacher Denies Threatening Students:

This is a follow-up to the story of Michelle Dohm, the Maryland teacher accused of threatening and stalking some of her students.

According to the article she appeared on MSNBC last night to defend herself. I checked the MSNBC website but couldn’t find any mention of her. So if anyone saw the program she was on could you let me know what she had to say because this article is severely lacking in details. Basically, the article says, “she was framed”. The article doesn’t say by whom though. Well, she did say that there is no connection to her son not making the school baseball team.

It seems we have means and motive but again I’d like to hear about more of the evidence besides some of the threatening notes came from her printer. However, the notes themselves seem too literate to be from your typical teen who usually uses all caps, no caps, and internet shorthand in their actual writings.

Md. teacher threatens to blow up students

Middle School Teacher Arrested On Bomb Threats, Stalking:

I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a teacher threatening to attack a school. A teacher by the name of Michelle Dohm, formerly of Thurmont Middle School in Maryland, has been charged with nine felony counts of threatening to explode a destructive device and two misdemeanor counts of stalking. She could get 100 years and be fined $100K. What did she do?…

Dohm is accused of leaving or delivering threatening notes on at least five occasions from Sept. 28 through Nov. 21. The last note, found in the boy’s bathroom, prompted an evacuation of the school. It read: “Tick-tock, Tick-tock, now you’ll know it’s a bomb and not a clock. At 12 o’clock you’ll know I wasn’t kidding,” Rolle said.

The messages targeted four male students, two of them repeatedly, Rolle said.

In the first incident, on Sept. 28, Dohm is alleged to have given school administrators a note that she told them she got from a parent. It named two school baseball players and claimed they had been bullying the writer’s son, Rolle said. He said the note also suggested searching their lockers for a knife.

Attached to the note was a message made of letters cut from magazines that spelled the words “suffer,” “bound,” “tied” and “die,” Rolle said.

The next day, the boys named in the note reported to the school office that they’d found a knife and bottles of beer in one of their lockers, Rolle said.

A week later, a student’s father found a threatening note on his van: “Play No. 20 and 24 and die,” Rolle said. Those were the uniform numbers of the baseball players mentioned in the earlier note, he said.

On Oct. 17, Rolle said, four students found typed notes on their lockers, reading: “Tick-tock, tick-tock, is it a bomb or is it a clock? You ignored my note on the van. Now I will carry out my plan.” Investigators learned that the notes had been printed from Dohm’s school computer, Rolle said.

On Nov. 1, custodians found folded-and-stapled notes stuck in two school lockers, followed by the discovery the next day of virtually identical notes in two other lockers, Rolle said. He said each of the computer-written notes was titled “Hit list,” and contained the names of at least two students, some teachers and the words, “Boom. Boom. Kill.”

Dohm was removed from the classroom after those notes. In her exit interview with Superintendent Linda D. Burgee, Dohm said that if another note were found, it would prove she wasn’t to blame. The last note was found in the boy’s bathroom a week later, Rolle said.

If all they’re basing this on is the notes came from Dohm’s school computer printer then that’s pretty flimsy evidence. However, there could be more than they are letting on too. So I will be watching this one with interest.

Quartz Hill suspects' MySpaces

I just received a comment by a reader name Zack who says these are the URL’s of the MySpace accounts for both suspects in the Quartz Hill High plot.

One calls himself Hydra. The other calls himself God of Fuck.

This is who Hydra has listed as his heroes…


Here’s who GoF has listed as his…

Marilyn Manson, John 5, Twiggy, Charles Manson, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Timmothy Mcveigh, The Nicholes Brothers, Lee Harvey Oswald, Gene Simons, Ace Frehly, Paul Stanley, Peter Chris, Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, Brandon Lee, Alice Cooper

And he has serial killer listed as his occupation.

The ages on the MySpace accounts don’t match the ages of the suspects reported in the media but that could just be kids lying on the internet.

And what I’d like to know is which came first. Were these kids allegedly bullied because they worshiped serial killers and mass murderers or did they start that after they were bullied? Because if you go around talking about how cool serial killers are you’re inviting abuse on yourself. Not that I can muster up any sympathy for them if it was the other way.

And again…Parents?

Jourdain sentencing postponed

Sentencing for Jourdain postponed, no new date set:

The headline pretty much says it all. Louis Jourdain, the alleged co-conspirator in the Red Lake shootings, had his sentencing postponed. If you remember Jourdain pleaded guilty threatening interstate communications and charges of conspiracy to commit murder, and conspiracy to commit offenses against the United States were dropped. No new date has been set. The threatening interstate communications charge carries a maximum five-year sentence.

Change of venue requested in one of the Marshfield trials

Nee trial is going through motions:

The ever-humorous attorney of Joseph Nee, Thomas Dreschler, appeared in court today with his client in an attempt to get the venue changed. He complains that media scrutiny has been too intense against his client. I’ll have to take his word for that since I’m not there. However, I do have to take issue with this statement made by Mr. Dreschler…

Drechsler also said that the media has maintained too strong a focus on Thomas Nee, Joseph’s father who is president of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association. He said Nee has been frequently referred to as “the son of a powerful police patrolman.”

“He’s (Nee) an extremely visual person for reasons completely unrelated to this case,” Drechsler said. “He has no relation to this case other than that of a concerned parent.”

I disagree Mr. Dreschler. I think he has a lot of relation to this case actually. Well, at least the fact that he’s not only a Boston cop but also the head of the Patrolmen’s Association is very relative to the case. Mr. Dreschler keeps saying how Tobin Kerns has a criminal record but Joe Nee does not. Yet I’ve heard rumors of alleged criminal behavior that was swept under the rug due to people in a position of authority. I’m sure it has been but if it hasn’t it needs to be investigated to see if Joe Nee ever received special treatment by law enforcement because of his father’s position.

No date has been given on when the judge will decide.

Quartz Hill suspects plead not guilty

Columbine-Style Massacre Planned:

The two teenage suspects who were arrested for planning an attack against their school appeared in court today. Guess what they pleaded. That’s right. Not guilty. One of the kids confessed and they found bomb-making materials in one of the kid’s house and they pleaded not guilty. I get the feeling hilarity is going to ensue from the defense attorney.

Their next court appearance will be at the beginning of January to see whether or not they should be tried as adults. I think you already know my opinion the matter. Considering they were planning to commit mass murder than kill themselves I think it’s obvious that they should be tried as adults. They’re charged with conspiracy to commit murder not conspiracy to egg someone’s house. You plan to do a big boy crime you should plan to do big boy time.

And for those of you who say these kids need “help” and not prison, would you still be saying that if it was your daughter they planned to dismember?

Plot thwarted at Quartz Hill High in California

Arrests cited in Columbine-style attack plot:

A Major Columbine-like plot has been thwarted in California. Two teens ages 15 and 17 were arrested on Thursday for planning an attack on Quartz Hill High School in California. The plot was scheduled for Valentine’s Day 2006 because, according to the article, a song by Marilyn Manson. The kids were allegedly teased for their “goth” appearance. As we know the media has yet to get the description of “goth” right but back to the matter at hand. Both teens had attended Quartz Rock High but were transferred to other schools for discipline problems. One of those problems may have been this…

The boys, ages 15 and 17, had been on probation in connection with a 2003 assault in which a 14-year-old boy was sodomized with a metal rod.

So you know we’re dealing with well-adjusted individuals here.

Here’s how the plot was uncovered…

The purported plot came to light Wednesday when a girl contacted a Quartz Hill High vice principal and reported that the teens were planning a Columbine-type attack on the school.

Deputies said the girl reported being told by friends that the 15-year-old did not like her and was planning to kidnap and torture her and cut off her arms and legs.

Here’s what was found at each of their homes…

A search of the 17-year-old’s house in Lancaster turned up ammunition, a knife and puzzles about murder and suicide, among other items, deputies said.

Deputies recovered at the 15-year-old’s Quartz Hill residence a gas mask, carbon dioxide canisters, and pictures of Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, Oklahoma City bombers Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, Charles Manson, and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Deputies also found knives, anti-government and hate literature and printed instructions downloaded from the Internet on how to make bombs.

And before anyone starts claiming they were framed and are just misunderstood boys they basically confessed to the plot…

The 15-year-old told detectives that the pair had been experimenting with _and had exploded – carbon-dioxide canister bombs, Molotov cocktails and light-bulb bombs.

The boy showed investigators an injury, the result of a “propane-type pipe bomb” prematurely detonating and sending a screw through a finger.

The boy said he was going to get guns through an unidentified friend from a pawn shop, detectives said.

All because they were teased. Boo hoo…

The boys, who dressed in the Goth style, characterized by black clothing, black makeup and nail polish and piercings, said they felt ostracized at Quartz Hill High, deputies said.

“They were called names,” Detective Steve Owen said. “They didn’t like it and wanted to retaliate against them by killing them.”

You know I wish that people, especially high school kids, were tolerant of people who are different from themselves but we can’t just wave a magic wand and make it change overnight. And intolerance is not against the law. Plotting mass murder and torture is.

And again the age-old question needs to be asked. Where were the parents?

Now some odds and ends…

According to this article from the LA Times the 15-year-old had the word “hate” carved into his arm.

I’m sure this is just a coincidence but Quartz Hill High School’s sports teams are known as The Rebels. The same as Columbine High School.

Here are the lyrics to Marilyn Manson’s Valentine’s Day. Of course, I’m not blaming Marilyn Manson except for being a no talent hack that’s stealing Alice Cooper’s and Ozzy’s old gimmicks.

More on this as soon as more details become available.

Eric Schorling sentenced

Judge hands Romeo teen who stabbed ex-girlfriend stiff sentence:

Eric Schorling, the teen who was convicted of stabbing Nicole Lambert in the back at Romeo High in Michigan, was sentenced yesterday to 10-15 years in adult prison…

“In one respect you are fortunate,” Maceroni said. “Either one centimeter up or down or to either side, and Nicole wouldn’t be here today and you, young man, would have spent the rest of your life in the Michigan Department of Corrections. That’s how lucky you are.”

You have to love a judge who tells it like it is.

Of course, we had some humorous shenanigans from the defense attorney during the trial…

During the trial, Garton tried to introduce evidence about the differences between the brains of adolescents and adults. He also sought to include testimony that the bullying Schorling received after he broke up with Lambert helped lead to the attack.

“This didn’t happen in a vacuum,” Garton said of the stabbing. “If they had just separated and gone their own ways, and there wasn’t this name-calling, this never would have happened.”

You know what the name calling was? “Nazi”. Eric Schorling had a swastika tattoo. It’s hard to muster up any sympathy a Nazi psychopath.

At least the prosecuting attorney has some sense…

Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith disagreed.

“Sorry if I appear harsh,” Smith said. “But this girl almost died. Kids are teased every day, but they don’t go out and try to kill someone.”

Now, where have I heard that before?

However, the 10-15 years is not the only sentence Schorling will receive…

Schorling still faces an additional charge relating to his escape from Macomb County’s Juvenile Justice Center. Schorling, now 17, had already pleaded guilty and was slated to be sentenced to less than seven years in prison, but that plea was withdrawn after the escape.

You should have taken the plea Einstein but I’m so glad you didn’t.

When Dio Meets Mindcrime

Ronnie James Dio is Dr. X!:

I honestly can’t believe this. The metal gods are surely smiling on me today. The greatest songwriter and frontman of all time, Ronnie James Dio, will be appearing vocally on the sequel to the greatest album of all time, Queensryche’s Operation: Mindcrime, as the villain Dr. X. The announcement itself from Queensryche.com…


History is about ready to repeat itself, and in a big way. Today queensryche.com is happy to announce who the mysterious Dr. X is! It’s none other than legendary rock/metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio! These above photos, taken just yesterday, came at the conclusion of Ronnie’s vocals and thus puts the wraps on the recording of Mindcrime II.


But will the sequel live up to the original? That remains to be seen. My fear is that this will be a thinly veiled political attack. While the original did have liberal leanings it focused more on the story than the politics. If Mindcrime II focuses more on the politics then I don’t think even the metal god himself could help this album.


All hail his name \m/