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Without truth there is no justice

Let’s dip into the old mail sack, shall we? Today’s offering is from one of my banned mutants named Edgar…

Enough of the Defense-Attorney bashing

This is from Ed

they’re just doing their job. Besides, there are worse things than a greedy lawyer. Like, how about, a blogger who makes a living by being a cyber-bully? Yeah, I’m talking about you.

I’ll take this in order. First, I’ll stop bashing soulless defense attorneys when they stop trying to get murderers released into the custody of their parents. Secondly, I am hardly making a living doing this. It would be nice if I did but I’m not. I got my first payment from advertisers last week for a whole $19. Considering how much I’ve paid over the years for web hosting and domain names it’s not even close to making a profit. And lastly, how am I cyber-bully? Have I threatened you? No, of course, I haven’t. You’re pissed because I’ve banned you. That’s my prerogative. I own this site. I pay for it so I can do with it what I want. Think of it as any business you might go to during the course of your day. Most businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone they choose within reason. And with some of the comments I’ve received, I’m well within reason. If you don’t like it you can always go somewhere else. Hell, you can even start your own blog and you can ban whomever you want.

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