A question for Danielle

Murders in Myakka: ‘I knew he would snap someday’:

Right off the top, my site was mentioned in this article…sort of. As of the time I’m typing this they called it trenchcoat.com. Which is all well and good but as most of you know this (used to be -2018 Trench) thetrenchcoat.com. Trenchcoat.com, if I’m not mistaken, is a porn site, so the joke’s on The Herald. Anyway, the article basically states that those closest to Richard Henderson Jr. had no idea that he would bludgeon his own family to death…

Zach Anderson said he always thought Richard E. Henderson Jr. was crazy, but he never thought he would kill members of his own family.

“I figured he’d be a 35-year-old serial killer, going state to state,” said Anderson, 21, a long-time friend of Henderson’s. “He’s been crazy ever since I knew him. He’s always been out there.”

The crime has since become a hot topic in cyberspace, with everyone from strangers weighing in on sites such as trenchcoat.com, to Henderson’s most recent girlfriend writing on her personal Web site.

In her blog, Henderson’s girlfriend, Danielle Kelvin, said the young man was “broken.”

“All I want you to know is I loved him and he loved me, and I had no idea or help in this,” Kelvin wrote. “I don’t believe in any way what he did was right. He was completely wrong . . . He was a good person with a good heart, he was just broken and I couldn’t change him.”

In addition to the blog on Kelvin’s Web site, there is also a collage of pictures of Kelvin and Henderson, both alone and together. One shows Henderson’s bare back, covered in a marijuana leaf tattoo.

Kelvin recently began dating Henderson and spent the weekend in an Ellenton hotel room with him before he was arrested. She had no idea he had killed his family, according to an investigator’s reports.

“I knew he would snap someday, but why the people that cared about you – the only people in the world who truly care about you. None of us saw this coming. Rich did love his parents. I wish I could have warned his parents,” Anderson said.

I think the girl mentioned in the article has been leaving comments here since a lot of the phrases she posted on her blog match almost exactly to what someone posting as “ex-girlfriend” left on mine. If anybody has the address to her blog let me know, please. I’m not going to harass her or anything I just want to take a look at it. And since I believe Ms. Kelvin is posting here I have a question for her if she would be so kind as to indulge me. Did you know of Henderson’s previous criminal record before you started dating? And if yes why did you date him? And I’m calling off the dogs for this too. I will keep my commenters in check while awaiting your answer. And to my commenters please be polite and let’s keep the insults non-existent in this thread.

I await your reply.

A huge nod to T-Rock.

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