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Without truth there is no justice

Capt. Fantastic over at The Cellar found a plethora of information about Patrick Armstrong, the 14-year-old accused of killing Marlee Johnston.

CF found a LiveJournal by an alleged friend of Patrick Armstrong. It seems like they were writing some kind of zombie story together. Sound familiar?

Anyway, check out this entry that was allegedly written by Patrick Armstrong…

This is also by Patrick.

There would be no heroic moment for (name removed, see update below). She did not get a chance to fight the good fight against the zombies. For the zombie of Patrick had laid in wait in their pond, until the moment was just right, at which point he thrust out one hand, grabbed (name removed) by the ankle, and pulled her into the water. She died a soggy death, and was quickly forgotten.

Kind of eerily prophetic considering Marlee Johnston’s body was found in a pond.

CF also found that Patrick Armstrong’s LiveJournal used the screen name “saintmaggot”. The LJ has since been deleted but CF was able to find Armstrong’s interests through LJVIZ where some of his interests listed are Columbine, Satanism, serial killers, Anton Lavey, deviant behavior, and shotguns. And this is the kid that his defense attorney says is well-adjusted.

If you want to see more of the “zombie story” you can go here, here, here, and here.

Again a huge TOF to Capt. Fantastic.

UPDATE: I had to remove the name of one of the characters in the zombie because it turns out it’s the name of an actual person. Thanks again to CF for the info. Both CF and I are now thinking could it have been possible that he was planning on killing this other person instead of Marlee?

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