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I received an e-mail from someone in the Thurmont Md. community about Michelle Dohm which gives us a little backstory on Ms. Dohm herself. The e-mail has been edited slightly to protect the sender’s identity…

In Sept. one boy found 2 knives and beer in his locker in the morning. He went to the office to tell and Michelle was there turning in a note she stated a woman in a white van with a blonde ponytail gave her. It stated 2 boys were bullying her son and had knives in their locker. Surprise, surprise. Michelle, known as nice but a busy body who has taught there and lived in Thurmont (a small town) for about 15 years did not know the woman or ask any questions. No signature on the letter either. People in town started asking why her? Why couldn’t she give a better description? She is personal friends with both families and emailed the one mom about the knives in her son’s locker before the administration could call them. As time goes on more letters…and then she starts insinuating a 12 year old boy wrote the letters. A friend of all the boys. He is then targeted by other the students. His locker was even vandalized with graffiti. All because this teacher stated he did it. Then that seemed to calm down and I assume the school started to suspect her and did their own investigation. The rest everyone knows. She was removed from the school and so on. We hear there is a lot more to come out and that is frightening in itself. What more could there be? Someone had to know the boys combination to place those things in there, including the letters. The school stated teachers could get access to those combinations which are kept on file in the school. Plus you would need to know where all the lockers were located. Come on, if it is not her then someone else in the school? She is the only one with ties to all 4 boys. Two others listed as getting letters were the janitors…men who claim to have seen her when school was out and then noticed letters sticking out of lockers after she went down the hall. Surprise…who would know that but her? Then they get threatening letters? Too weird for those of us hearing all the rumors. Which they all may be. Everyone needs to draw their own conclusions. We will all have to wait until Jan. 23 when they present all their evidence.

Like the sender said, draw your own conclusions and I guess we’ll find out more om the 23rd.

3 thoughts on “Michelle Dohm backstory

  1. laken says:

    u guyz r stupid!!! ms.dohm is gulity on all charges, and i think i wolud no. i was one of her students u colud always tell she was a lil doffy and or goffy!!! 😳


  2. laken says:

    she was a scarry teacher and was weird how she was always glued to her computter!!! it really really made me start to think what site was she on and ms.dohm wasent exactly any bodys fav teacher i have a buddy name with heled of course that she brived to be her son matts freind in order to git good greans!!!! the hole school sees this at just anther thing to laugh at her for :lol:i mean she hade the hilusly eivle look on her face all the time:evil:like thae lil fake grines that you colud tell wernt reall wernt reall at all:grin:it was pretty funny thinking about all the funny idas :idea:we colud use as pranks now we just thank god that we dident or wed be on her hit list:shock::!::!::!::!:



    ms dohm iz a crazy lady and a rapist….she raped my little brother.


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