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Adult court trial sought for boys accused of planning school attack:

Sorry about the lack of posting lately but news in my part of the crime world has been slow. I guess that’s a good thing. However today we have an update on the Quartz Hill High suspects. They will be returning to court in February where prosecutors will be seeking to have them tried as adults.

The boys, whose names were not released because of their age, appeared in Sylmar Juvenile Court on Wednesday, but setting the date for the so-called fitness hearing was put over to Feb. 9 because more reports were needed, Felker said.

At a fitness hearing, the judge will consider reports prepared by a probation officer on the boys’ past behavior and social history.

The judge will decide whether or not the teens would be “amenable to the care, treatment, and training program available through” the juvenile system based on five criteria.

They are the degree of criminal sophistication exhibited by the minors; whether the minors can be rehabilitated prior to the expiration of the Juvenile Court’s jurisdiction; the minors’ previous delinquent history; success of previous attempts by the Juvenile Court to rehabilitate the minors; and the circumstances and gravity of the offenses alleged to have been committed by the minors.

Now before everyone gets “but they’re only children” on me let me restate some facts about the case. The first is they were previously in trouble with the law for a 2003 assault in which a 14-year-old boy was sodomized with a metal rod, which in real-world terms is known as rape. Secondly, they were found with bomb-making materials and had detonated bombs in the desert as a practice run. And lastly, they allegedly were going to kidnap a 15-year-old girl and dismember her. This does not sound like “minors that can be rehabilitated prior to the expiration of the Juvenile Court’s jurisdiction”.

More on this as information becomes available.

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