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Deputy Shoots Eighth-Grader:

An eighth grader from Milwee Middle School near Longwood Florida was shot by local law enforcement during a standoff at the school.

Investigators said students at Milwee Middle School on 1341 South Ronald Regan Blvd., near Longwood, Fla., noticed a Beretta gun in a backpack of a student at about 9:30 a.m. Friday.

The two students confronted the boy and a fight broke out, officers said. The two students then told a resource officer.

When the officer confronted the boy about the gun, he fled and was eventually cornered near a bathroom on campus.

“During the situation the student said he was going to kill himself or die, one way or another,” Seminole County Don Eslinger said. “Deputies attempted to establish dialog. He raised a firearm and lethal force was used by the sheriff’s office.”

The student was transported to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. Several reports indicated that the boy had died from his injuries but those reports were not confirmed.

According to this article, the student pulled the gun in class and held another student hostage.

2 thoughts on “Eighth Grader Shot In Standoff

  1. Jeff says:

    Damn, you’re fast. I just read this on Yahoo News and emailed a link to you about this.


  2. CB says:

    Yeah I saw it on the Verizon news front page, and emailed you, too.


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