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Student Shot By Deputies Clinically Brain Dead:

The 15-year-old boy shot by police while brandishing a pellet gun in his middle school was clinically brain dead Saturday but was being kept alive to harvest his organs, his family’s attorney said.

Christopher Penley was expected to die Saturday night or Sunday, family attorney Mark Nation said.

A little more on the motive behind Christopher Penley’s actions…

Friends also said Penley was suicidal – unhappy and bullied by several kids at school. He had run away from home several times, Kelly Swofford said.

“He said he had something planned,” her 11-year-old son Jeffery Swofford said.

Jeffery said Penley told him at breakfast Friday morning, “I hope I die today because I don’t really like my life.”

My thoughts and prayers are with the Penley family at this time.

10 thoughts on “8th Grader Shot By Police is Brain Dead

  1. Holly says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time also Trench!
    I still hope your message will help the next teen who brings a gun to school.
    Also I hope it will educate the school officials about violence in our schools.
    God Bless Holly


  2. MachinistScott says:

    A prime example of jack booted SWAT thugs that cant wait to use their toys.
    What ever happened to “Less than lethal”.


  3. Trench says:

    Whatever happened to not bringing a gun to school?


  4. MachinistScott says:

    Point taken, Trench.
    I’m certainly not defending the boys actions.
    Far be it from me to 2nd Guess our heroic SWAT officers.
    However, might I suggest some tear gas, stun grenades or a tazzer(there all the rage) next time SWAT is called to subdue a 15 year old child. Especially when no shots were fired and no one had been injured.
    How about letting the kids father try to talk to him?
    Are you, by chance, a COP?


  5. Trench says:

    Are you by chance a criminal?

    He raised his gun and pointed it at the officer. The cop had no way of knowing if the gun was real or not. I’m pretty sure the officer didn’t want to shoot the kid but since in his mind his life was being threatened he had no option but to fire.


  6. MachinistScott says:

    No, im not a criminal.
    I follow a simple rule. Do unto others as I would have them do unto me.
    I work for a defense contractor and had to pass a vigorous background check.
    sorry to disappoint.
    But hey, by all means, avoid the actual point of my statement.
    Take it easy officer.


  7. Alyric says:

    Trolls. 🙄


  8. MachinistScott says:

    Good post Alyric.
    What exactly is your definition of “Troll”?
    Or is that what you say when you disagree and have no valid point to make.
    Blog snob’s:roll:


  9. Alyric says:

    Thank you for proving my point so effectively.


  10. The Count says:

    Sounds like a case a police assisted suicide. The kid wanted to die, if the cops didn’t do it, he would have found another way. I’m not saying it was right, or that its not a sad thing, but he was almost literally asking for it. He planned to die that day.


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