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Fighting Power Helps Red Lake Shooting Victim:

I’ve done entries before about Steven Cobenais. He is one of the surviving victims of the Red Lake shootings. Gunman Jeff Weise asked Steven Cobenais if he believed in God. When Cobenais said yes Weise shot him in the face. Steven Cobenais ended up losing an eye and having a severe brain injury.

Last summer, Cobenais suffered a major seizure. For a while, he wore a helmet to protect him from falls. He is back at Red Lake High School now, where he struggles with short-term memory loss.

During his recovery, his father, Llewellyn Thunder, spent weeks at his son’s bedside and lost his job because of it. During that time their home was vandalized and robbed leaving in uninhabitable. Now they live in subsidized housing that is only guaranteed through next month.

And again I say how can anyone in their right mind call Jeff Weise a victim?

The Thunders said they were grateful to people who contributed to a community fund set up in their son’s name.

Donations are accepted at the Steven Cobenais Fund, Deerwood Bank, P.O. Box 1278, Bemidji, MN 56601.

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