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Nee trial set to start in March:

The last time I heard anything out of Marshfield it was the fact that Joe Nee’s attorney, the ever-humorous Thomas Drechsler, was trying to get a change of venue for his client. According to the article that request was denied on January 3rd.

Assistant District Attorney John McLaughlin dismissed the need for a change of venue, saying that the media is something that comes along with any court case.

“I personally do not see a great prejudice here,” McLaughlin said. “The media is just something we have to deal with.”

Dreschler argued that due to the local media coverage his client could not receive a fair trial.

For those of you just joining us here is the lowdown on Joe Nee…

Nee was arrested Oct. 18, 2004, a month after fellow Marshfield High School student Tobin “Toby” Kerns was taken into custody and charged with promotion of anarchy, conspiracy to commit murder and threatened use of a deadly weapon after police learned of a Columbine-like attack the two allegedly planned at Marshfield High School.

Dreschler also tried getting the promotion of anarchy dismissed. That request has been shot down as well.

Dreschler also has a problem with the media’s focus on Joe Nee’s father Thomas Nee who happens to be head of the Boston Police union.

Drechsler also said that the media has maintained too strong a focus on Thomas Nee, Joseph’s father who is president of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association. He said Nee has been frequently referred to as “the son of a powerful police patrolman.”

“He’s (Nee) an extremely visual person for reasons completely unrelated to this case,” Drechsler said. “He has no relation to this case other than that of a concerned parent.”

Concerned parent my ass. For once I agree with the media and Thomas Nee should be looked at. Joe Nee was the one who went to police to implicate Toby Kerns. Joe Nee wasn’t arrested until a month later. I think it needs to be known if Joe Nee received any special treatment or if there was any impropriety because of his dad’s position.

Dreschler, as usual, has a problem with Toby Kerns’ dad, Ben Kerns, going to the media. If my son was arrested but innocent I would be telling anybody who listened. It almost seems like that someone is afraid of the truth.

Anyway, the trail has been set for a March 23rd start date. I hope a jury can see through Mr. Dreschler’s chicanery.

12 thoughts on “Joe Nee’s trial date set

  1. The Count says:

    I didn’t even know promotion of anarchy was a punishable offence. Who hasn’t wanted to set something on fire just to “stick it to the man”?


  2. Magnolia says:

    uh…raising hand…not me?


  3. Florida Bill says:

    I am with the Count. I thought anarchy was even promoted at one time? Such is the 21st Century me thinx.


  4. The Count says:

    Well your name is magnolia. That’s a flower so you don’t count.


  5. Alyric says:

    Ah, what I wouldn’t give for enlightened anarchy. As long as it wasn’t in a society of technophobes. I still have nightmares about waking up to find myself Amish. *shudder*


  6. Stalker says:

    I am Good friend of joes, we work togeher He is a Hard working kid, and Very involved with his recreational hobbies,(music, and Skateboarding). and i also know that joes father doesnt try to baby him about this stuff. joes father is hard on him like any other parentwould be.


  7. Trench says:

    Nee should have thought of his recreational activities before he got arrested. He should have taken to those activities before he wore a t-shirt with a picture of the Columbine killers that said “Remember the Heroes”. He should have thought of that before he dressed up as Eric Harris for Halloween. And he damn well should have thought of it before he set up Tobin Kerns. Maybe his dad should have been harder on him.

    And like I’m going to take the word from someone in a crappy death metal band.

    You wouldn’t know good metal if it kicked your ass.


  8. Stalker says:

    Well, im gonna go back to my life of creating “crappy” death metal. and you can go back to your obsession of my friend joe. and cartoons.


  9. Trench says:

    It’s funny you should mention cartoons. I was just listening to a band that’s 1000 times better than yours and they’re not even real.

    Your ‘friend’ Joe is a criminal and should be put away for a long time but every one knows he won’t because of his daddy.


  10. Stalker says:

    Step out of the shadows. The light is a great sanitizer.


  11. Trench says:

    That’s almost ironic.


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